Worried about your Website?Learn How to Create Your own Free Website?

Create Your Own Free Website

Do you feel overwhelmed by the growing influence of websites and internet? Wondering how to create your own free website to become more competitive in the marketplace?

Today, the world is only getting more and more depended on websites and internet. No matter if you are an individual, small business or a large company, you need a website to represent you in the online world and help you avail the opportunities that only a website can get you.

With the increasing popularity of websites, now there are technologies that help you create your own free website within just a couple of hours.

Unlike a few years ago, hiring a private website designer or developer or same service providing company is not the only way to get your own website.

People and businesses with lowest budgets can also make their website and improve their chances of success.

One can easily make their website by following the below-given steps for how to create your own free website?

#Choose your service provider.

web hosting

Fortunately, today we have quite a few options available for free online website builders.

However, for the user, this means that they will have to look around, do a little research and find a free website service provider that is most appropriate for them.

What can really help you take the decision of picking your website builder, is to be clear about the purpose of your website and to have a vision for your website.

Different free website builder has different policies and features that may be ideal for a certain kind of a website, for example, one website builder may be ideal and support the online store and one may not be the appropriate pick for an online store.

Hence, make sure research the market-leading website builders and to then choose your service provider according to their features and policies that best fit with your website vision and purpose.

Make sure to check out website builders’ free packages features, as the features and specifics for free and paid packages are different. When you have decided your service provider, sign-up and create your free account.

#Buy domain name for your website.

domain name

Your website’s domain name is like the name of your website in the online world, it is what distinguishes it from other websites.

Just like names, it is the first thing one notices about your website and an interesting, smart and relevant domain name can help you catch your audiences’ attention and make them remember you.

Hence, it is important to give the domain name your website time and attention, as it can change the game for you.

Therefore, while making your free website, ensure if your website builder offers domain name services as well.

A lot of website builders, offer you extra service of buying your domain name from them as well. Some may offer you free domain name services as well.

However, this free domain name would be a subdomain of your website builder. You can choose to get a subdomain name or buy and get your new and unique domain name registered.

#Choose your website template.

This step is one of the most important steps of the complete process, as this step finalizes how your website will end up looking like.

At this step, you already know your website builder, website vision, and purpose, and you have decided on your domain name.

Now is the time to check the range of pre-designed website themes or templates your website builder offers your specific category or industry.

Usually, website builders have a few options available for website templates for common industries. However, some website builders may have number and quality of available options in a certain industry and some for others.

Pick a template that you believe comes closest to your vision for your website.

#Customize your website template.

Customizing your website is definitely a very important step for all, but it holds even more significance for those who have builder their website using services of a free website builder.

website build

Your template is available for everyone to use, hence, it is essential that you try your best to customize your website as much as possible.

Two of the most effective and basic ways to customize your website template is your website content and images.

The images you use on your website can make or break your website’s purpose. Make sure to use images that are not only relevant to your website purpose and your industry but also make sure the color scheme used in the images goes well with your overall website color scheme and style and feel of your template.

The images you use can help you make your website visually strong and a way to catch audience’s attention.

Moreover, content is the tool that can help you sustain your website’s success in the long-run, as once the visual attraction wears off your content is one thing that can make your audience come back for more.

Hence, make sure your content is relevant, interesting, engaging and accurate. Moreover, in long-run make sure you come up with a schedule for publishing new content at regular intervals.

#Time to publish your website.

Finally, we come to the last step in the process. Once you have customized your website, reviewed it and feel like it is complete and ready to be shared with your audience, then it is the time to make your website live and publish it.

However, before you do publish your website, make sure all quality checks and proofreading on content is done.

If everything looks good then publish your website. If you have any other online or offline presence, it is always good to give your website some promotion or a sort of a launch for your followers.

This introduction to your website or announcement of the launch will help you bring in initial website visitors.


Now you know how easy it is to build your own website for free. Your website will open new doors for you and bring all new opportunities your way, all you need to do is to follow the guidelines and steps given above.

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