Why Offshore Hosting Is a Necessity, Not a Commodity ?

Offshore Hosting

Website hosting is the pillar of gaining recognition online for your business. Suffice it to say that everyone who wants to popularize their products or ideas is now looking towards the internet as the perfect medium.

But not all hosting service providers are the same. Anyone who’s ever put their trust in free or at least very cheap hosting service can attest to that. Many were not even able to host the content they wanted.

This is where offshore hosting providers enter the scene. Put simply, offshore hosts are companies whose servers are located outside of one’s country of origin. A good example would be a US-based business that decides to host their website somewhere in Asia.

Now, why would someone opt for an offshore hosting service? One common reason is convenience, especially since it’s incredibly easy to purchase a service anywhere in the world these days.

However, most of the users state that offshore hosting companies provide more anonymity, more flexible content policies, and far better tax benefits. They also allow people from less technologically advanced countries access to better infrastructure.

Onshore hosting services abide by local laws, and in most cases, they aren’t as nearly as lax as regulations in offshore hosting havens such as the Netherlands. Local laws can be very limiting and sometimes downright harsh.

For that reason, we would argue that offshore hosting is not just convenient — it is absolutely necessary.

Why Companies Go Offshore?

In this age of globalization, many companies have opted to take their business offshore. The first and foremost reason for that is simple — increased revenue. Going global means opening up a much larger market and being able to find pricing options suited to one’s business.

But what do websites really get by choosing offshore hosting? There’s more to gain from going offshore than just better prices. Instead, the ability to reach a much larger and more specific audience is the most relevant upside.

Such freedom to target any market in the world is one of the hallmarks of offshore hosting. It also outlines the necessity of going offshore as opposed to staying within the confines of a single country. Moreover, with SEO being as crucial as ever, the physical proximity of servers to the clients matters very much.

Then again, the reason for a company to go offshore might be as simple as wanting to get around restrictive local laws. Other than trying to approach a new customer base, avoiding strict regulations is the most common reason why businesses go offshore.

Plenty of people still see offshore hosts as a breeding ground for illicit activities. But, there is more to it than that. Anonymity is the path to absolute freedom of speech and press.

Offshore VS Onshore Hosting

So what advantages can offshore providers offer that onshore cannot? We have already introduced several key points that we’ll expand on now. Some of the benefits that offshore hosting brings are:

  • Less restrictive regulations.
  • Tax advantages.
  • Anonymous services.

Finding the right jurisdiction for your website is as crucial as advertising your business. You might have the best and most unique idea in the world, but if nobody can see it, it’s like it doesn’t exist. By “right” jurisdiction, we mean specific laws that cater to the nature of your business.

Some website owners come from countries with little to no freedom of speech and even less freedom of the press. WikiLeaks is the perfect example of a website that simply would not survive long onshore — that is, in the USA. Instead, it is hosted offshore in Sweden, a country known for its laws protecting absolute freedom of the press.

Moreover, there are those looking for offshore companies willing to host content that is banned in their countries. We’ll elaborate on the nature of that content later.

Such individuals and businesses benefit the most from working with offshore hosts that offer a flexible content policy, such as AbeloHost.

Making good use of tax advantages is another benefit of the offshore hosts. Some countries have high tax rates that prevent online businesses from being profitable. If you happen to live in such a place, you should know that the Netherlands, Monaco, Switzerland, The Isle of Man, etc., offer amazing tax benefits.

Finally, anonymity is one of the things you’re highly unlikely to find with an onshore hosting company. Some offshore hosts accept payment in cryptocurrencies and don’t require you to reveal your identity. 

Why You Should Give Offshore Hosting a Go

Now you see why offshore hosting is necessary and beneficial to various websites and business ideas. Perhaps you’ve had an idea that you couldn’t realize due to constraints that the government imposed on you. Maybe you were always after more anonymity online or wanted to pay less in taxes.

If any of that sounds familiar, you should give offshore hosting a go and see what it can do for you. This is not where the story ends, though.

Even if you’re not interested in any of the advantages mentioned above, there are other ways you could benefit from this type of hosting.

Another very common reason why website owners opt for offshore hosting is for access to cutting-edge technology. 

Let’s say you’re interested in running a video streaming website. Besides protection from DMCA claims, you’d also need top-of-the-line bandwidth and not a small amount of storage space.

An offshore host can provide all of that and more. And if you really are serious about starting a video streaming service, this guide by Prospected can help you get started.

What Kind of Content Requires Offshore Hosting?

Specifically, adult content and gambling websites such as online casinos require offshore locations. You’ll find that this content is not so popular with the government. That’s why it’s best to host it in a country with less restrictive regulations.

Not all offshore hosting providers have equally liberal content policies yet, so make sure to check what each hosting company allows.


Think about all the needs of your business and determine if there are aspects of it that offshore servers would improve significantly.

Going offshore can grant higher levels of anonymity, better security and increased flexibility in terms of what kind of content you’re allowed to store. And last, but not least — better tax benefits.

One last thing you should do is go through these Offshore hosting reviews to determine which one is most suited to your needs.

Everyone should have the ability to run the kind of business they like online. If not for any other reason, it is this freedom that makes offshore hosting an absolute necessity. 

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