Why Google-AdSense are Cuter Than a Kitten?

Why Google-AdSense is playing a major role in the blogging world? Have you ever think about to earn passive income online? If your answer is Yes, then this will change your life from here.

Nowadays working online has become a lifestyle, passion for everyone. Millions of bloggers are making a living out of income from online.

If you tried researching on how people are making millions of money online?

If not then I will share any information about Google-Adsense and its usefulness in the blogging to make money online, I hope you must be heard about Google AdSense from the bloggers.

if not, I’m going to guide for a newbie like you about “Why Google-Adsense” are much popular in the blogging world.

By the end of this epic guide, I’m sure you will get all the required information about “Why Google-AdSense” is cuter than a kitten and how can we make money from online in simple steps.

Why Google-AdSense is Cuter Than a Kitten

Let’s talk about the basic introduction & how people are making money from AdSense by working online.

Google-AdSense is a free service offered by the most popular search engine Google for publishers to monetize their web content.

Google-AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize the content and it’s a stepping stone for the people who want to earn some money from online.

The reason behind of “Why Google-AdSense” is because of ease of using it and popularity.

Once you do an initial configuration, all you need to do is sit back and see money coming from your account, Even you need not worry about being scammed online.

Getting started with Google-AdSense is easy and you just need a blog/youtube channel to get approval for Google-AdSense.

Once you have an account then you can create ads & place the AdSense code on your blog using free plugins.

Once you place the code in a plugin then automatically you will see live ads on your website.Now, when a reader clicks on those ads, you will earn some amount of money from it.

Once you do this, next step is to get traffic to your blog because if you get more traffic, you will get more income from it.

You may ask me that, we have many other alternatives to earn money online, then “Why Google-AdSense” is best among all.

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Listen one of the best ways to make money online via blogging is displaying advertisements on your blog.

Yeah, we have many other ad networks but we need to choose the best, most effective program available in the market for the purpose of making money from our blogs, that’s why I recommend you to use Google-AdSense to your blog/youtube channels to make more money online.

One of the good options in Google-AdSense is readers will see targeted live ads, and mostly your ads will be displayed based on your content so that you will get more clicks and higher payouts than other ad networks.

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The major problem you will face with small other ad networks is, the issue of payment, you must be meet minimum payout limit to get your payment and most of the ad networks are fraudulent, and filled with scammers.

On other hands, Google-AdSense is very transparent in terms of payment and you never get any issue with payment from Google.

No doubt Google-AdSense is one of the best programs for making money online with your blog/youtube.

WordPress, blogger platform users also can bag the bucks from Google AdSense, but you must adhere to The blogger guide tips to boost the earnings.

If you started AdSense program, I suggest you install AdSense chrome add-on to your chrome browser because it will help you to quickly track your Google-AdSense earnings.


We have many other reasons for selecting Google-Adsense as advertisement network by referring of Tech, I’m gonna discuss in further articles and before going to monetize your blog read blog-improvement-tips, which could help you to become more successful in the blogging world.

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