What is SEO? and SEO Resources You Will Ever Need [Updated]

Do you know, what is SEO? and how it works? and what you need? to rank well on search engines, In this article, I’ll let you know the SEO tactics, and SEO basics to understand you better.

Nowadays SEO is playing a major role in the blogging world, Already many of the bloggers may aware of SEO techniques & functionalities.

I would like to share few more interesting SEO tips which will help you to learn SEO easily.

What is SEO

Basically, SEO stands for Search engine optimization, these search engine optimization techniques help you to rank well the websites on search engines.

Definitely, you will wonder with this search engine optimization techniques, because these techniques are simple to understand but difficult to do in real time.

First, navigate here and check your website SEO status, if you get below 70 scores, then you need to work hard to get optimize your website for search engines because of only optimized content rank well on search engine.

Doing Website Optimization Process the Right Way makes your website to outreach millions of readers in no time.

As a blogger, everyone needs to aware of what is SEO? and it impacts on websites because nowadays no website run without search engine optimization techniques.

Let me dig into what is SEO? and SEO resources to let you know the basics of it.


What is SEO and How it Works?

” Search engines optimization” is branded keyword on blogging world, and these words are ruling like anything on the web.

However, every webmaster is recommended to learn SEO basics to rank well their websites on the web.

For proper website optimization, you need to do SEO Keyword Research and Analysis, these analysis help website to rank well in search engines.

So far, we have discussed what is SEO? and now let me discuss the benefits of search engine optimization techniques.

#The SEO technique is useful for

  • Developing a website to rank well in the most popular search engine results.
  • To get more organic traffic from search engines.
  • Analyze market trends in market outreach methods.

Bloggers must have to aware of how to do search engine optimization? but to do search engine optimization for the website, First, it is essential to understand how search engine work?

#What is SEO and How it Works?
Search engines are very smart robots, they run based on artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the website data.

Generally, every search engine needs to follow the below methodologies to understand the website behavior.

  • CrawlingSearch engines are using crawler or spider to fetch all our web pages. In simple terms, we can say that Crawling is a process to fetch all the web pages of a website into the search engine database.
  • Indexing: First, Search engine robots crawl web pages then they will indexing website in search engine and they will keep all the web pages information in a database so that when a user searches for a query in search engines it will be retrieved from the database. In simple terms, Indexing can say that saving articles in the database by scanning words in articles.
  • Processing: In simple terms, we can say that I searched for “What is SEO? and how it works?”, keyword in the search engine then the search engines are displaying search pages which are having “What is SEO and how it works” related keywords.

After processing all the data, the website needs few days to rank the keywords, once the keywords started to rank, you will get start organic traffic from search engines.

So always suggest optimizing your content to rank well in search engines, moreover optimizing content easily get clicks from the audience.

Once you are aware of how search engines are working then you can easily learn SEO step by step and let me discuss the types of SEO in details.

#Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO on the market, On-page SEO, and Off-Page SEO, both are necessary to rank well in search engine.

Both on-page, Off-page SEO, is most important for every webmaster, we can say that these two are the backbone of websites to rank on search engines.

FAQs about What is SEO and How it works?

Q) How to do search engine optimization?

A) Doing search engine optimization is very simple, just you need write quality content with On-Page SEO techniques, after publishing content you need to do Off-Page SEO techniques to rank well search engines.

Q) Can really boost our rankings with SEO?

A) 100% you can boost your rankings with proper SEO techniques, but search engine optimization always takes time, you need to wait few months to get rank on search engine.

Hope you have understood What is SEO? and How it works? in the blogging world and in coming articles I will share search engine optimization tips so that you can easily learn search engine optimization in few days.

You can read more search engine optimization tactics and WordPress SEO guide for beginners to improve your website traffic in no time.

We love to hear you, kindly share your views on SEO, and share our article on social media.

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