What Are Typical Local SEO Consultant Services?


It’s 2020, so there is no doubt in my mind that you have already heard about search engine optimization (SEO). You might have also used this amazing marketing technique to try and lead your business towards success and the results you got were most likely in your favor, provided that you had the right professionals on your side. As you can see here, there are a lot of reasons why people need SEO and you are probably one of those people who need it, so make sure to read on.

Unless you are an expert in this line of business, which I highly doubt judging by the fact that you’re just now getting informed on some of its aspects, there is absolutely no way that SEO will ever be perfectly clear to you. Even if you do spend some time reading up on it and trying to figure it out, you won’t be as good at understanding it as the experts that spend years learning about it. This is partly thanks to the fact that new concepts and ideas emerge as soon as you start thinking that you’re grasping the old ones.

Just think about it for a second. First, there was search engine optimization. Now, there is also local search engine optimization and while you probably know the general idea behind it, you must be at least a little bit confused about which services you can get from a local SEO expert. Then, there are also SEO consultants and I’m sure you’re curious about their typical services as well.

It all sounds a bit too confusing, doesn’t it? Consultants, experts, local… Your head is definitely spinning right now. Don’t get too worked up over nothing, though, because the truth is that you can in fact learn about what these people do and make a clear distinction between the services you need and the people you have to hire for your particular website. Today, we are going to look into the typical local SEO consultant services, so that you know what you can get from these experts.

Website Analysis

Website Analysis

Before any action is taken on your website, it will first need to be properly analyzed. If you take a look at ScarboroughSEOGeek.ca or any other similar companies out there, you will find out that the first service they offer will be a website analysis, also known as an audit. You are probably wondering what the analysis entails exactly and why it is even necessary, so let me try and quickly answer that for you.

A website audit consists of analyzing particular pages or the whole site in order to check how they are performing and where they are ranking on search engines. This doesn’t mean that the SEO consultant will only check where you are ranking and inform you about that. You could do that yourself even though you are not an expert, am I right? It doesn’t take a consultant to tell you that you aren’t performing very well.

A consultant will check the performance of the pages you choose or the entire site, and he or she will dig deep to find out why those specific pages are ranking how they are ranking. This means that they’ll get to the source of any issues you might be having and you can rest assured that they will also check the backlinks that are so important for the performance of your site. Basically, anything you can think of that can impact your pages’ performance will be found and discovered by the right consultant. To be perfectly honest, they’ll also discover the things you can’t even think of.


After the issues have been discovered, what do you think should be your next step? If you are satisfied with simply knowing why you aren’t ranking well, then you shouldn’t have wasted your money on an audit in the first place. Every issue that exists needs to be properly fixed. This is the same in any line of business and SEO is not an exception. It won’t do you any good to know where you are failing if you don’t do your best to stop failing and start succeeding.

Unsurprisingly, you won’t know what it is exactly that you need to do. Lucky for you, there are people who will know that and they will be able to help you decide what your next steps should be. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, I’m talking about local SEO consultants. Upon discovering the issues, they will offer you actionable recommendations on what you should do in order for your pages to rank and perform better locally.

Speaking of that, you might want to learn something more about local SEO in general: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/local-seo/what-is-local-seo-why-local-search-is-important/


Google My Business Set-Up

Google My Business service is extremely important in local search engine optimization, yet a lot of people tend to neglect it and fail to take it into account. While you can forget to set this up, a local SEO consultant definitely won’t forget such an important step. Similarly, setting Google My Business up might confuse you and you might give up the idea because you can’t seem to know how to do it. Well, giving it up is not the right move.

Fortunately, a consultant of your choice will guide you through the whole set up, allowing you to both learn how it is done and have it done for you. In case you still don’t know why this is important, let me make it as clear as possible. When you set up Google My Business, people in your area will be able to find you easily, which will increase both online and foot traffic.

Other Local SEO Services

The three services above are far from being everything you can get from a local SEO consultant. These experts will be able to offer all the other local search engine optimization services that will improve your ranking and your traffic. Those include actions towards both on-page and off-page optimization because we all know that both of those are highly important for our ranking.

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