Doing Website Optimization Process the Right Way

Here we go for Doing Website Optimization Process the Right Way…

Make sure to read search engine optimization basics before proceeding with a Website Optimization Process tips.Your website design, layout gives the first impression to the audience, some sites are too fancy and regular netsurfers just visit those websites and come out even without creating a single click, to overcome this activity we have to follow Website Optimization Process techniques to increase the productivity of our blog. The success of a website depends on the quality of content, In SEO quality content means, the content which looks more frinedly to the search engines.

Website Optimization Process checklist

Choose the Best keywords: Your website web pages must have the keywords related to your niche, concept.Do SEO keyword research and analysis to findout the best keywords related to your niche, from the keywords search engines gets to know about the nature of your website. Once search engines come to know the product of your website then accordingly they will ranks your website in search results pages.I have shared how to search for keywords on a web page in my previous articles make sure to read it before proceeding with Website Optimization tips. Before start writing the content do some R&D for the keywords with the help of keyword research tools.

Unique Content: keyword research process as well as Content will help you to get better results in search engines, Content should be unique and original and should not be copied from any other websites.Copied content websites will be penalized by the search engines so try to write unique content to easily get your Website Optimization Process in the search engines.

Have enough words: Search engines can not read images, empty negative spaces, so make sure to have enough words in your webpages.Websites having more images, less content will not be considered for seo optimization and they will not get better results in search result pages.

Optimum Keyword Density: Search engines are very smart to identify keyword stuffing, overusing keywords in the websites, so maintain an optimum keyword density for Website Optimization Process.

Short Paragraphs: Readers, Search engines won’t show interest to read big paragraphs even the information is apprropriate, For Website Optimization Process restrict your paragraphs sizes to four to five lines.

Bullet & Numbering: Readers do not spend more time to analyse all your content, moreover they are not willing to read the entire pages.Maximum readers look for bullet points to the information of your articles in less time, so try to use crisp and concise bulltes, numbering mechanisam to attract the readers, search engines.

Relevant Linking: Content Linking will help you to decrease bounce rate of your website and readers will spend more time on articles if you give relevant page linking.Search engines also optimize your website if you have relevant linkings.

Proof Read Content: Everyone make some mistakes in writing so carefully proofread the content twice before publishing it.Search engines do not show interest to crawl webpages which are having lots of grammatical mistakes, so try to produce errorless content to get Website Optimization Process easily.

Website Optimization Process Best Practices

Website can not achieve higher rankings in search engnie results pages if it’s design, layout is not SEO- friendly because search engines can not show interest to interpret the content which is not designed properly.I’m going to dicuess few Website Optimization Process Best Practices to design, layout of website make sure to follow it.

Keyword Placement: Webmasters have to use the targeted keywords, phrases in the artilces at the right places such as in titles, headlines, meta descriptions and etc. Keyword placement is important in each and every page of your website, If the keyword placement is good enough then search engnies easily intrepet, index your website in their databases.

Navigation: Most of the webmasters do not care about navigation of websites, if your website do not have proper navigation then not only search engines readers also do not spend more time and they will get confused of a website behaviour, So navigation must be user-friendly so that readers get the information in less time, search engines also easily optimize websites in less time.

URL & Filenames: Search engines identify your website content with the help of URL, so URL should be friendly to SEO optimized.Filenames should be simple and do not have underscores, spaces to get seo optimized.

Images: Images are important to be faster loading and in search engine visiblity, you can choose image sizes small or medium for Website Optimization Process.Each and every image should be define with relevant alt tages because search engines only read the words.

Simplicity: Every reader comes to our site to get some useful information so avoid unnecessary design, many colors in your websites. As per the SEO experts maximum 5 colors in your website is enough to get optimized your website.

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