How to use “Share Buttons by AddThis” plugin in WordPress? [with images]

I have created my website promotional page on social platforms and I do want to make many people follow my pages on social platforms and readers want to share articles on social platforms, is there any plugin to make it easy of use? Yeah, so many plugins give support to use social buttons on your website, but today I will guide you to use “Share buttons by AddThis” plugin in WordPress platform.

“Share button by AddThis” is a social sharing button, you can integrate this plugin on your WordPress sites.

You can easily make use of this plugin to get reputation from social platforms.

“Share button by AddThis” plugin will support for almost 200+ social networks including facebook, twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp, and etc.

Using this Plugin, the audience can easily spread your content on the web.

How to use Share Buttons by AddThis plugin in wordpress

You can use social buttons on the right sidebar, left sidebar, or inline on your content and this plugin gives support to mobile users as well for desktop users too.

Best options to grow your audience is activating Share buttons by AddThis on your website.Just give it a try and check your analytics after activating this plugin.


How to use “Share Buttons by AddThis” plugin in WordPress

Nowadays, users are abruptly growing on social platforms, you must attract all types of social users to get succeed in the business.

“Share Buttons by AddThis” plugin will help you to grow in the social market, with this plugin you can easily grow your spectators, you can help them to find your brand on the market.

Let me share you stepwise process to activate Share buttons by AddThis plugin to your WordPress site.

Step-1) To use Share Buttons by AddThis plugin, first you need sign-up on their website.
To sign up click here.

Here you need to provide an email address, Password to go further in the process (refer the image).

After filling details click on “Let’s Get Started” button to register your details with them.

share addthis signup

Step-2) Now, you need to log on your WordPress site, once you logged in, now you need to choose Plugins->Add New option in your WordPress platform (refer the image).

add new plugin option


Step-3) Once you click on add plugin option, you will enable to search for plugins in the search bar.

Now type “Share Buttons by AddThis” in search plugins option(refer the image).

After selecting the first plugin, Click on “Install now” option and then “activate” the plugin to start its processing.

search addthis

Step-3) After activating the plugin, you need to configure the settings, for that, you need to click on “Installed plugins->Share Button by AddThis-> Settings” option on your WordPress (refer the image).

installed plugins
Step-4) In settings, you need to click on toggle button to enable the share buttons on your website (refer the image).

I’m enabling “Sidebar share buttons” option on my website.

share button side bar

You can enable the sidebar either on left side or right side.

Step-5) You are done with sidebar share buttons on your website, You can choose either Sharing Buttons Below Content or Sharing Buttons Above Content. Just toggle the button to enable any type of share buttons on your website.

You are successfully activated the “Share button by AddThis” plugin on your WordPress site. The registered account will help you to see the analytics of the shared content on your website.

Do have any Queries? Need help to active “Share button by AddThis” plugin on your WordPress site? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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