How to use Semrush Keyword Research Tool for Your Blog

Earlier, I have shared a useful article about “how to earn 50$ per click on your blog” using Semrush Keyword Research Tool but today let me explore few more tweaks about Semrush keyword tool.Every blogger use multiple tools in his blogging journey and directly or indirectly behind of every successful pro blogger there is one tool, so in today’s article, I will share one pro blogging tool information which is most commonly used by the pro bloggers and some useful tips which will help you to learn about Semrush Keyword Research Tool.

Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Many newbie bloggers are in conflict to decide which keywords are driving traffic to their websites.
Do you know which keywords are driving traffic to your website? Have you ever think about which keywords are using your competitors to dominate you?

If ‘Yes’ then you are on the right track of the blogging journey, If your answer is ‘No’, Cool now you are gonna learn how to estimate all those things using Semrush Keyword Research Tool.


How to use Semrush Keyword Research Tool for Your Blog


Let me explain “What Semrush keyword tool for?”

Basically, Semrush keyword tool is a data research tool and Semrush will take care the pain of guesswork, data collection of competitors Instead you.With Semrush keyword tool, you can find Domain Analytics, Keyword Analytics, Keyword position & CPC, Traffic percentages. Semrush have free as well premium versions, with free version you are restricted with limited access,

Semrush have free as well premium versions, with the free version you are restricted with limited access,
with premium version you can find more information about data analytics, First, try with free version, Once you feel comfortable then you can try for premium version. To use the free version.

Login to Semrush Free version

First, create a free account on Semrush keyword tool
Once you logged in, now you can search for any domain information by entering details in search field(As shown in below screen)

semrush domain search

Once you search for any domain information, you will get the details of the respective domain such as Organic traffic of website, Backlinks of the website and Organic keywords of the website which are helping the domain to get the traffic.

Do you want to aware of  CPC(cost per click) of any keyword? it’s very simple with Semrush Keyword Research Tool, just click on keyword analytic and enter the keyword which you want to know(As shown in the below screen).

Semrush Keyword CPC
Here you can find the volume of the keyword, number of results, and the cost of keyword as well competition of keyword, By analyzing all these results you can easily decide whether this keyword will benefit for your blog or not.

Pro Tip: You can find any domain information with Semrush Keyword Research Tool, so try to get all your competitive URLs, keywords and maintain one spreadsheet to improve your website.

Login to Semrush Free version will give you unlimited access so if possible try to upgrade your free account. I have been using paid version since a couple of weeks and achieving great results in my niche blogs.

Semrush keyword tool is user-friendly and you can feel comfortable once you habitue it.Try for Premium Version of Semrush to get unlimited access.

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