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SEO is an acronym to stand for search engine optimization, a tool that is helping webpages, websites, blogs, and niches achieve higher rankings on Yahoo, Bing, Google or other search engines. This is intended to ensure that more traffic is driven into your page, site, or blog. Click here for a thorough discussion on it.

Websites can be designed and developed according to what the search engines look for in a page or a website. This design changes as the trends in technology continue to change and evolve. In case you have a website and have not yet done the necessary changes to make your web presence felt and put to use, you should begin to plan the adjustments now.

In the past, SEOs have not been like this. Ranking of sites has been done by the number of times each site is used in keywords. That led to easy burying and fall of high-quality websites that do not overstuff their keywords just so they can have more numbers of times than the others, and that means even if the results are not really relevant to the search intended.

Currently, ranking is being done based on keyword quality and not on density.

Learn and understand how the search engine works so you can optimize and enhance your website to increase its rakings.

Search engine

When a word/s or phrase/s typed in a search box is entered, its algorithm decides which of the websites all throughout the internet world is most relevant to the searched term/s.

It will then create a list of these sites and place them in order, depending on which is most important and significant to the search done.

The list is shown on is called SERP or search engine results page; to fully understand how it works, visit discussion sites like


The web is constantly searched for new or updated websites or pages. This constant search is being done with the aid of programs called “crawlers”. These crawlers follow the myriad of links across the entire internet world and make reports to Google’s servers all their findings.


Information and/or updates about new or updated websites reported by the crawlers are analyzed by a collection of servers in order to know the main topic and message of the information. The analysis findings are then indexed – indexing is also the resource that search engines use to decide the rankings.

If it is your desire to be on the top-ranked sites for some specific keywords during searches, ensure that the crawlers notice those keywords, do the following:

  • Use specific and relevant titles on your page.
  • Use headings for the different topics
  • Include alt text or text that holds the place of images.
  • A clear description of what the page contains will result in more accurate indexing processing happens.


Search results are sequences, accordingly, based on factors set in the SEO programs, such as:

  • Word(s) or phrase(s) used in searching
  • The search engine user’s location
  • Age of the page
  • How well (or not) the page was created

Search update

What helps increase rankings?

Keywords and quality of information are the basis for rankings nowadays, compared to the past years’ keyword stuffing to increase the number of “mentions” or uses certain keywords have.

Quality is based on relevance to search; source expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness; site usability; page load speeds; user-friendliness, mobile-friendliness, and adaptability.  Keywords need to be more specific and these can be a word of a phrase that best describes your search.

Classification of the factors that help increase rankings

On-page or On-site SEO:

This is pertaining to the elements that viewers see on the website or webpage. It is inclusive of both content and technical aspects, like headlines, meta descriptions, alt texts, URLs, load speed, page copy, videos, blog contents, page reviews, product reviews, and infographics. The more on-page or on-site SEOs your website has addressed, the better and higher its ranking will be.

Off-page or Off-page SEO:

These are sites that can be seen on your page, but they are not yours; they belong to related sites, for example. Articles and/or blogs that are linked to your articles/blogs, videos, audios, directories, sites with company reviews, and others that are you linked to your content.

Backlinks are also considered off-page sites; backlinks are external links that bring the users back to your site or page. The more backlinks used on your website, the more others would consider or see you as a leader in your industry.

SEOs may be rocket science to first-timers, but there are experts like San Francisco SEO services, whom you can consult with and seek assistance in making these improvements in your own website so you can be as competitive as the others in the market.

Although it will take several months before you will see its effects and benefits, certainly SEO can make a difference in your marketing strategies.

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