Top Most Blogging Platforms For Newbie Bloggers

Here we go for Top Most Blogging Platforms

Most of the bloggers probably aware of WordPress and Blogger and you may have a blog on anyone of them but we have available multiple Top Most Blogging Platforms options in the market, If you are a newbie blogger and wants to start a new blog then look for an alternative, try to select new blogger platforms so that you may get benefited with them.In this article I’m going to share Top Most Blogging Platforms options with you, make sure to read it carefully while selecting the blogger platforms for your websites.

Top Most Blogging Platforms



Top Most Blogging Platforms


Tumblr: Tumblr is one of the best free blogger platforms, nowadays Tumblr is growing very quickly and rapidly, more people realizes it features, ease-of-use, basically it seems like a mix of WordPress and Twitter.if you want to use the custom domain of Tumblr blog then you have to purchase a domain from domain register. Tumblr provides simple and highly effective platforms to share your thoughts, ideas.Tumbler gives an easy way to customize the layout, design and the functionality of your blog and Tumblr offers around 200 themes, many of which are free of cost, you can get benefited from your blog.If you are a fashion blogger, love to cook and put pictures on online then Tumblr is the best place to market your products.

Medium: Medium” blogger platforms is good for you if writing is your niche, Medium platform is more like a Magazine, where you can choose your niche and write about it, and you will become part of authors, if you are good enough you can be featured on landing pages of your respective niche.if you want to showcase your writing skills, get noticed from professionals then I would recommend you to go for Medium platform over WordPress and Blogger because Medium Platform has a wonderful community of readers, writers so that you will learn so many innovative things from them.

Weebly: In Weebly is also one of the best blogger platforms, you can sign up for free and you can choose many themes to start a blog on your own. Weebly offer a website builder, it has drag and drops facility to create look-and-feel web pages for your websites and you have the option to purchase paid-domain in Weebly and if you do not aware of technical design, web design of blogs then it’s the best choice for you to start a blog in a professional look.

Contentful: Contentful is the best blogger platforms because it will provide a way to separate your content from your design, the content is stored on their servers and you can call it to any design as you like.If you are planning to build the complete different website in a few years time then Contentful bring everything in as it’s set up. is the best blogger platforms to write the content because it doesn’t require a login, you can define URL for a post and you have a choice to set a password for your URL.In you can dragged images into place and can create multiple page posts using a tag.If you don’t want any personal information stored then is the best option for you.

Ghost: Ghost platform is a something different from all the above-mentioned blogging platforms, Ghost is an open source platform, free if you download and install it yourself.while writing the articles you get a live preview of how your post will end up.For Ghost platform, you need to be technically minded to design on your own.

Food, Fashion blogger can do a lot more on Tumblr and Medium can serve great for political platforms.So before going to choose blogging platforms,  make sure to read our Top Most Blogging Platforms article so that you can get an idea to choose best blogger platforms for your new website.

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