Top Blog Improvement Tips For Newbie Bloggers

Ouch? I have been continuously writing blog for 7-8 months,Oops I’m not getting as much reputation as I was expected when I starting my journey, I thought we can easily survive in the blogging market but it’s been kinda difficult to manage all the activities, so could you please suggest me blog improvement tips to improve my blog reputation.

Yeah, sure I’ll discuss top blog improvement tips to improve your blog reputation in search engines, Basically, all the newbie bloggers are expecting instant results for their hard work but they are forgetting that blogging never produces instant results, it will take some time to get famous in the market.

In new blogs, after writing articles, the blog post needs minimum 5-10 days to index in search engines, after indexing your post, search engines will scan your article and they will rank the keywords, read what is PageRank and how to improve Google PageRank for your website.

You need to know blog improvement tips to improve your blog quality and readers engagement.

Blog Improvement Tips

All the newbie bloggers are starting the blogs with lots of hopes in their minds, and they will do hard work and they will produce articles for few months, After few months suddenly they will think that it’s not workout and it’s been difficult to manage blogs.

Newbie is forgetting that search engines take the time to rank the keywords and search engines love the fresh content to crawl, so do not stop to write the articles, keep on writing and learn from the mistakes to improve your blogging skills.

I have collected few blog improvement tips for you to engage with your blogs, so make sure to follow the blog improvement tips to improve your blog reputation.

The blog Improvement Tips are:

  • Passion and Patience
  • Social Networks
  • Link Building
  • Marketing
  • Guest Posting

Every blogger has to follow above-mentioned tips because to be successful in blogging you need to maintain strategies, the same strategies I have mentioned, so make use for your blog to get improve in search engines.


Blog Improvement Tips For Newbie Bloggers


Blogging with Passion and Patience:

Every blogger wants to earn some hands of money to survive, but as a blogger, first, you need to concentrate on producing quality content to engage your readers to your blog, if you produce quality, innovative, useful information to the readers, then sure they will buy your recommendations.

First, get the trust from your readers, convert your readers into loyal customers, then automatically you will earn some money for your hard work, but purely do not start a blog to earn money.

You must need great patience and passion in blogging to become the brand because every pro blogger has their own hard working history, nothing comes easily.

Follow all the blog improvement tips and keep in mind that “Great Patience Produce Great Results”.

Make Blogging Strategy:

Learning is an attitude, you need to be a great learner to produce innovative articles for the readers, simply writing 1000+ words article is not sufficient to improve your blogs, you need to apply blogging strategies, you need an experiment on content and etc.

Almost all search engines love to crawl fresh content, so frequently update your blogs with fresh content, because the content is a legend in blogging, if you write good content then you can attract many readers to your blog, read how to indexing the website in Google search engine.

Make the strategy to update your blog regularly so that your website keywords rank well on search engines and you will get organic traffic from them.

Social Networks Marketing: 

Organic traffic is a great resource for the bloggers but you need to concentrate on social networks though to get a reputation and read social bookmarking sites list to share your articles.

If you share your articles on social platforms then your article will be index 2X times faster than other articles, so keep on share your articles and attract the audience to your blog by writing eye catchy content and headings.

Link Building Strategy:

Link building becomes very popular after Google’s Panda update because if you have relevant niche backlinks, interlinks then you can easily rank your articles on search engines.

You need to have quality backlinks to your website, try to get as many dofollow backlinks as you do because Google algorithm ranks the websites which have high dofollow backlinks.

First, get PR8 Dofollow Backlinks & PR9 Dofollow Backlinks and you can target specific country backlinks to generate traffic for your websites, read Nigerian Dofollow Backlinks, Indonesian Dofollow Backlinks, Australian Dofollow Backlinks and Singapore Business Directories list to get backlinks to your website.

I have written many articles on dofollow backlinks, read all those and make sure to get your niche related backlink to your blogs.

Blog Community:

Create the blogging community, and actively participate in the niche related forums because to get high Google PageRank, you need to do On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO for your websites, Blog community forums participation comes under Off-Page SEO.

Lol, it means, if you are active on the forums, then you can drive traffic to your blog by answering their reader’s queries, so make sure to become the member of forums and directories to get the reputation in the market.

Relationship With Niche Bloggers:

Make sure to maintain the relationship with your niche related fellow bloggers because everyone has unique and special skills, you can learn from them and you can apply for your blogs to get a reputation.

Create Fans page on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest social platforms and meet new bloggy people and learn techniques as many as you can from them.

Writing Unique Content: 

Nobody wants to read existed content on your blogs so always update yourself and come up with innovative articles to engage your audience.

You may hear “Content is the king” term in blogging, Yep, to get good rankings on search engines you need to produce quality and useful content to your readers.

I have written, “how to write articles effectively for your target audience article“, read it and write the content which readers liked not search engines.

Reply to Comments: 

You need to answer each and every query and make sure to solve readers issues and you need to be patient with readers queries because sometimes they irritate you, abuse you but you need to cool, and has to give the positive response to them.

Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is branded term in the blogging, Still, it works and makes wonders for your websites, with guest posting you can get dofollow backlinks for your websites. and you can drive huge traffic 

If you write quality content then you can drive huge traffic to your websites, Most of the webmasters do not give chance to other bloggers to guest post, but In blogkeep, you can write for us(visit the link) and you can share your thoughts on our blog.

FAQs About Blog Improvement Tips

Q) By following above blog improvement tips, can I improve my blog reputation?

A) Yeah carefully read blog improvement tips and apply on your blogs, apart from mentioned blog improvement tips, you need to be good theme selection of your blog and SEO for your blog.

Q) What SEO techniques do I need to apply for my blog?

A) You need to implement On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques for your blogs to get rank on search engines.

Do You have any Queries? Need Assistance to fix the issue? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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