The Role Bloggers can play in Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking to grow your business by driving more traffic to your site, then SEO is one of the most effective strategies to adopt. This strategy basically involves trying to make your site very attractive to search engines such that they decide to rank you really high for certain keywords. Once ranked high, possibly on the first page or even number one, you will begin to receive massive traffic. This will of course also depend on the search volume for the keyword you are ranking for.

In implementing this strategy, various sub-strategies are employed. One of these is link building and that is what we want to look at in this article with relation to bloggers and how they can fit into this picture. You can learn more about the SEO strategy as a whole here.

Who Are Bloggers?

Since we are focusing on bloggers and the role they can play in SEO, let us quickly put a clear picture to this name so we can all know exactly what we mean whenever we use that word.

A blogger is a person who maintains and runs a blog. We know that this is a funny and even confusing definition so we will provide some clarity by looking at what a blog is.

The word blog was derived from weblog which is basically the same as a physical journal or diary. Well, that was how it started. Today, a blog is simply a website that focuses mainly on the constant provision of posts. This can be on any topic.

A blogger is, therefore, anyone who provides posts for a blog. This definition should suffice for the purpose of this article.

How You Can Work with Them


So how do these bloggers and their blogs fit into the scheme of things with regards to SEO? This is a very important question because the answer will help you know exactly what to do to begin to get better results on your search engine optimization link building plans.

First, content is said to be king on the internet. It is what you use to tell your visitors about your products or services. You also use it to create whatever impression you may want to create with your visitors.

Much more than all of the above, when we mentioned link building above, we did not add that these links are most effective when creatively inserted into quality content. When these quality content and the links in them have been created, they need to be published somewhere.

From the above, we can surmise that you can work with bloggers and their blogs in two ways. These are content creation and publication.

Content Creation

You cannot afford to just post pages with only links and no other content. The most important thing is that it should be informative. It’s not just about writing just anything and inserting links. Your post must be well written and informative. The link you insert in it should also be creatively done so as to seamlessly blend with the content. This is something that top-quality bloggers can help you with. You can learn more about link building here:

Content Publication

Once the content has been created, it needs to be published. If you get a blogger who owns a blog to create some content for you and publish the same on their blog, you will have taken care of the two aspects described above. There are however times when you can create the content but just need a site on which to publish. This is where a blog owner may be able to help.

Since a blog performs better when it receives constant content, many owners of such blogs will be glad to get good quality content for publication on their site in exchange for links. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The Process

There is a pretty straight forward way of going about this entire process. Though it is simple and straight forward, it can be very time wasting especially when you are looking at high ranking blogs or a large number of them.

First, you need to identify the sites on which you want to have content published. Truth be told, it will be a lot more difficult to get a blogger to write our content for you. It can be arranged but it will be easier to get them ready yourself.

When you identify the blogs, you want to post on, the next thing is to contact the webmaster for an opportunity to have content placed there. Your next line of action will be determined by the response you get. Whether or not you also get a response will be determined by the message you send to the webmaster.

There are now companies like that offers this service. They have established relationships with a lot of blogs and blog owners and they also know how to find and contact new ones.

After finding and contacting the webmasters, they also have top quality writers who then create content that is highly informative and well written. The quality of their content makes it difficult for blog owners to reject them.

While these are steps you can take, it will be sure to consume all of your time, and you may still have issues. Your best bet, especially if you want to begin to get results quickly, is to choose a company that offers this service and allow them to get the job done for you. All you will simply need to do is relax and enjoy the results of their hard work.

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