The Importance of SEO Marketing for Your Michigan Business

Importance of SEO Marketing for Your Michigan Business

It is the technological age and the world of business and marketing keeps evolving with the times. To stay relevant, businesses need to find new ways of evolving also. This includes marketing to retain old clients as well as attract new ones.

There are traditional ways of marketing a business such as placing adverts in various media such as radio, TV, print, billboards and so on. While these remain relevant to some extent, they cannot be relied on. This is because these days, more people spend their time on the internet rather than reading newspapers, watching TV, or listening to the radio.

Moreover, more business transactions are done online rather than physically these days. While physical stores have their place and cannot be discounted, a lot is done or initiated over the internet these days.

Every serious company will have an effective online presence. This includes having a website, using social media effectively and constantly engaging with their clients over the internet. A potential new client will most likely go online in search of a service or product they want. As a company, you must find ways to be visible when they do a search for your kind of business.

A very effective way to do so is through search engine optimization which is popularly called SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Marketing

SEO involves the set of activities as well as tools that are utilized in ensuring that a website is fully optimized. That is, so that it can rank high and be found easily during a web search.

This can be achieved by using different strategies, processes as well as tools such as relevant web content, links, metatags, images, videos, and descriptions. It includes designing your website so that it is user friendly and people can easily navigate around it.

Properly designing the website as well as making it responsive is a first step in ensuring that when people visit, they can spend time there. Additionally, a company must take steps to ensure that after building their website, it can be found easily.

A major advantage of SEO is that without actively looking for customers, they can find you. This is only possible when you are well-positioned to be noticed. This is what SEO is about. This article elaborates more on what SEO is.

Why is SEO Important?

A large number of people spend their time on the internet via their various electronic devices; computers, phones and tablets. With these devices, they can do virtually everything from shopping to watching movies. They can chat with others, receive emails, play games, spend time on social media, etc. Pretty much of the things people do can be achieved with a device that is connected to the internet. With this, it is no surprise that they spend a considerable amount of time there.

Now how does this affect your business? Since most people spend their time on the internet, then that is the best place to meet with them. Moreover, when a potential client is looking for your kind of business, they most likely will do a web search. From the comfort of their home or office, they simply open their web browser and type in a search criteria.

When they do this, the browser returns to them several pages of results showing links to different websites that are relevant to their search criteria. These links are ranked based on how relevant they are to the search criteria.

Now here is the catch. Most users only check the first result page. A few others may visit the second page but hardly do you find anyone checking the third or subsequent pages after that.

Furthermore, for the first page, from research, it was discovered that around 33% of users do not go past the first link. A further 20% check the second link while about 10% check the third and this reduces as you go down the result page.

What this means for your business is that it must not only be on the first page, it should as well rank as high as possible there.

How Do You Implement SEO In Michigan?

The state of Michigan is located in the Great Lakes as well as the Midwestern region of the United States. It has a population of around 10 million people making it the 10th most populous state in the country. Despite its capital been Lansing, Detroit is its biggest and the most popular city.

Michigan has a diverse economy consisting of different kinds of businesses but it is widely known for its automotive industry. Other of its industries include forestry, manufacturing, agriculture, information technology as well as other different sectors and services.

As a company or business in Michigan, implementing SEO is not as simple as it may sound. It requires a lot of knowledge in the field, expertise, resources, as well as dedication. This is because several businesses in the same field as you are also trying to do so. Everyone wants their business to be noticed. What will help you stand out is properly implementing SEO.

As a consequence of this, it is advisable to engage the services of an experienced and professional SEO agency to handle it for you. With their skill and years of experience, they can help your company have a visible as well as a relevant online experience.

They do this by understanding your company’s goals and objectives and use this to implement strategies that will get your website optimized.

Here are some tips to bear in mind in selecting a Michigan SEO agency:

  • Ensure that the agency themselves have a website that is SEO compliant.
  • Check out former clients and websites they have worked on in the past work.
  • Ask about strategies they intend to use and how long it would take before you begin to see results.


There are several ways to market your business but one very effective method is through having an online presence and implementing SEO to go with that. To get maximum results, you should avoid doing this by yourself but ensure to engage the right Michigan agency to do so.

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