The Dangers of Digital Business and How Companies Can Protect Themselves

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Whether creating a SaaS or another business that trades online, it exposes the company to added risk from hackers, brand hijacking and other concerns.

In this article, we look at what companies with websites, mobile apps, social accounts, and other assets to protect can do to combat the growing threat.

Mobile App Protection

One of the risks with mobile apps is not from your app being hacked, but actually from something else entirely. A whole slew of individuals is busy creating close copies of the apps to impersonate your service in the hope that people will install it believing that it’s from your company.

Why would they do this? Because when customers attempt to log into their accounts, the malicious app collects their security information. In addition, it causes confusion for your customer service team who field complaints about why your mobile app isn’t working (when your app actually is).

By using cyber security services for businesses that specifically scan app marketplaces for malicious apps that aim to confuse your customers, it protects both the customers and your business from harm.

Social Media Security

Social media is a wonderful arena to promote a business and gain wider exposure for its brand. However, these platforms can be problematic from a security standpoint.

When the security isn’t set up appropriately, it’s possible for rogue actors to take over the social media account. Once achieved, they can delete all the posting history and begin posting negative comments and content which is damaging to your business.

Many social media accounts now offer two-factor verification systems. These allow a member of staff to receive an SMS code to their business-issued smartphone or to provide a code from an app like the Google Authenticator app. Platforms like Facebook already offer two-factor identification for log-in purposes.

Brand Monitoring Online

Monitoring the brand online to see what is posted about it is important now. When conversations start on review sites, forums, Reddit or elsewhere, it’s beneficial for the company to know about it quickly. That way, staff can respond to comments to answer questions on behalf of the company and resolve any conflict.

Whilst there are service providers that comprehensively cover this concern, companies can do a basic daily search on Google or set up Google Alerts to automatically monitor any mention of the company or its brands and send an email on a daily basis. It won’t be as good as a proactive service that’s more complete, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

The Growing Threat of Vishing

Vishing is a term that not all businesses are familiar with yet. With vishing, bad actors use SMS messages or voice calls impersonating a legitimate company. The idea here is to procure personal or business information to do harm in some way.

All companies need to be prepared for how they’ll respond to these kinds of threats when hearing about them from customers. They also need to be adaptable as vishing varies in both form and intended outcome.

It’s necessary for businesses to stay alert to growing cyber threats. Only by doing this can they avoid getting into trouble that will need time to clean up.

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