Submit Your Website to StumbleUpon for Boosting Traffic

Are you looking to submit your website to StumbleUpon?

Have you ever heard about “Referral Traffic”? Do you know referral traffic will boost your website rankings in search engine results? Yeah! All are possible to do, just follow my guide & submit your website to StumbleUpon for boosting quality traffic.

#Referral Traffic? What’s the use of it?

One website can get several types of traffic with several resources such as Organic traffic, Direct Traffic, and Referral Traffic.

submit your website to stumbleupon

The website needs to get all types of traffic to get exposure from search engine rankings, But today I’m going to guide you about to submit your website to StumbleUpon for boosting traffic, which is comes under referral traffic.

To enjoy the referral traffic just submit your website to StumbleUpon.

Referral traffic is one of the best ways to boost your blogs earnings, with referral traffic you can be made best conversations, sales in your blogs.

To rank well in search engines, we need to write quality content as well our websites need to have quality backlinks, But without quality backlinks also we can drive traffic to the website by submitting website in Stumble upon.

#what is Stumble upon & How Stumble upon works?

Stumble upon is most trending, popular social network. Stumble upon is one of the best social traffic resources for the bloggers, Stumble upon helps you to find interesting web pages and your niche similar content in one place.

You can add a page to stumble upon, you can promote your blogs without paying a single dollar, and you can follow your niche related professional, you can share your experience with them and you can make good relationship with them to improve your website domain authority.

You can share your own content on Stumble upon, but do not try to add duplicate content & do not try to spam the webpages because it may cause bad SEO for your websites.

#Top key features of StumbleUpon are:

  • You can follow similar niche bloggers
  • Submit interesting web pages
  • You can make use of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
  • You can use StumbleUpon badges.

Once you aware of about StumbleUpon & How StumbleUpon works, we can go ahead to submit your website to StumbleUpon for boosting quality traffic to your websites.

How to Submit Your Website to StumbleUpon for Boosting Traffic

Always submit interesting web pages in StumbleUpon social network, because social users don’t like the lengthy gloomy content, So write an interesting topic and submit on StumbleUpon, surely one article drive unlimited quality social traffic to your blogs.

You can submit your website to StumbleUpon, once you submit be active on the website because in Stumble upon most of the social users belongs to the USA, USA traffic is high-quality traffic, you can improve your organic rankings also with such traffic.

Do not waste your time, just follow my steps carefully to submit your website to StumbleUpon for boosting referral traffic to your blogs.

#Steps to submit your website to StumbleUpon for Boosting Traffic:

  1. Click Here and register your details at StumbleUpon.
  2. During sing up you will be asked to select your interests, just select your niche related interests and follow them.
  3. Now you are also one of the Stumbler users, just navigate to Account settings in a top right corner and click on “Profile” option (Refer the screenshot).

StumbleUpon profile option4. Now click on “Add a page” button for add page to StumbleUpon social platform(Refer the screenshot).

Stumble Upon Add page option5. Now fill all the details & click on “Save” button to save all your details (Refer the screenshot).

  • In the first field, paste your article path.
  • Choose “Safe for work? option.
  • Choose “What is this page about? (choose one)” (My article related to weblogs).
  • In last filed “Add one or more tags” related to your article.

Submit Your Website in StumbleUpon for Boosting Traffic

Once the above steps were done, your details will be shared on StumbleUpon & even you can share the saved information on other various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and etc.

These are the complete steps to submit your website to StumbleUpon, and required steps to add a page to StumbleUpon social platform.

#Lol what rubbish is this, will above steps boost my website traffic?

Obviously, you can’t boost the traffic immediately by following above mentioned steps, though I suggest you to share interesting articles regularly to drive more traffic to your blogs.

No one can drive unlimited traffic in one day unless your content is interesting to the users, so do not give up doing sharing the interesting information on the platform till you get traffic to your blogs.

The first day you may drive 2-3 visits from StumbleUpon but do not get disappointed, share 3-4 articles daily with interesting content and relevant information.

I’m sure you will rock it if you continuously share the articles for 3-4 months in the StumbleUpon social platform.

#To boost Traffic you need to follow the below steps:

  • Share viral article on StumbleUpon.
  • Daily share minimum 3-5 pages to StumbleUpon.
  • Follow niche related fellow bloggers.
  • Be active on the platform.
  • Do not spam the platform with irrelevant content and duplicate content.

Hope you will follow the all the mentioned steps regularly to boost your website traffic via StumbleUpon social platform.

#Note: StumbleUpon doesn’t accept the BlogSpot hosted content.

Hope you have successfully submitted your website to StumbleUpon for boosting traffic to your websites.

#FAQs about to submit your website to StumbleUpon for boosting traffic.

Q) Is StumbleUpon Traffic is quality traffic?

A) Yeah ! StumbleUpon traffic is quality traffic and you can enjoy most of the traffic from USA country.

Q) How many days it will take to drive unlimited traffic?

A) Try to share quality & interesting articles on the platform regularly, definitely you will see referral traffic from the platform.

I love to reply each and every query, so kindly share your thoughts on StumbleUpon social platform and let us know more information to get the mutual benefit to our blogs.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this deep tutorial about stumbleupon.

    You should know that only one time I got 50k+ traffic from this site and my hosting gives error like 500 & 502 error, Then I upgrade my hosting.

    Well, But now I am not getting any traffic from stumbleupon.

    Is there any reason.?

    1. Yep, if you share the viral news then surely you will get huge traffic from the platform, keep sharing more interesting things, soon you will get daily

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