How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console? [Complete Guide]

I have been blogging since 2 months, but not even one post is visible in search engine results, I heard that we need to submit sitemap to Google search console, do we really need to submit sitemap to Google search console to show the results in search engine results?

Yeah! You need to submit sitemap to Google search console to get reputation from search engines.

The sitemap is the crucial map for any kind of website, sitemap contains all your website information such as categories information, Pages, Posts, menu information and etc.

submit site to google

After establishing the website, you need to be ready with your website’s sitemap, actually, Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines can able to recognize your website with the help of sitemap information.

All the search engines will scan your website information, what you specified in the sitemap, so immediately submit sitemap to Google search console to get reputation from search engines.

#What is the use of Sitemap?

Well, first, you need to build your website from scratch level, then you will write some useful content on your website.

After writing the content, search engine’s robots will crawl your website, but the problem is, robot do not understand how to scan website? How to evaluate the website?

To make the robot to understand your website, you need to give specific format to them, if you give specific format then the robots will follow your format instructions carefully, and they will crawl your web pages.

The robot does not understand every language, you need to follow some steps to make the format file, and the file is nothing but sitemap.

The main use of sitemap xml is it will allow search engines to scan your website completely so that your website gonna appear in search engine results.

#Why do I have to submit sitemap?

Great! You need to submit sitemap to each and every specific search engine separately, today I’m going to show you about how to submit sitemap to Google search engine? Later we can submit sitemap to other popular search engines.

Once you submit sitemap to Google search console, Google robot will scan your website, and they will index your articles.

Basically, Google will take time to index the articles, after indexing articles, you can find your articles in search results.

The main reason behind of indexing articles is to improve your website visibility in search engines, slowly your website will get organic traffic.

Social traffic, Referral traffic are good but not fantastic, but Organic traffic is more powerful and fantastic than others.

You can make a huge amount of sales, you can earn good amount of money with organic visitors, and organic visitors are more loyal than social visitors.

This everything will be possible once you submit sitemap to Google search console.

Do not waste your time on thinking, follow my instructions carefully to submit sitemap.xml file to Google console.

The complete guide with steps to submit sitemap to Google search console.

Steps to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

The sitemap is keymap of your website, every blogger who wants to index the articles, they just need to submit sitemap to search engines.

Sitemap is xml file, and the extension is sitemap.xml

You need to have mentioned information to submit sitemap to Google search engine.

  • Your website property has been added in Google search console
  • You need to have a Sitemap.xml file with you.

Do not panic about, how to write sitemap.xml file, just follow my instructions step by step so that, you can easily auto-generate sitemap for your website.

#Steps to submit sitemap to Google search engine:

Step-1) To submit sitemap to Google search engine, First, you need to log-in Google search console

Step-2) Now you need to select your web property to which you need to submit sitemap xml file (Refer the below image).

web property

Step-3) Now from left navigation panel, you need to click on “Sitemaps” options which are located under “Crawl” option (Refer the screenshot).

Crawl option

Step-4) After clicking on the “Sitemaps” option, you will be shown one new page on the right side of the left navigation panel.Add test sitemap

Here you need to click on “Add/Test Sitemap” button which is located at the right corner of the page (Refer the screenshot).

Step-5) Now you need to enter your sitemap URL in the “Add/Test Sitemap” field.

Lol, I do not have any sitemap URL, even I did not use any sitemap generator to make sitemap.xml file, and how can I enter the sitemap URL now?

Note-1: Cool! If you have installed “Yoast SEO” plugin, then you do not need to suffer about sitemap creation, because Yoast plugin itself create your website sitemap.xml file.

Note-2: If you installed any plugin related to sitemap then you are not supposed to create any manual sitemap.xml file.

If you didn’t created sitemap.xml file yet, then please log-in to WordPress->Plugins->Add new plugin->search for “Google XML Sitemap”->Install-> Activate it.

Note-3: Both above mentioned will auto create your website sitemap, although if you want to create sitemap.xml file manually, then you can go for sitemap generator.

For Sitemap generator follow the link, and enter your website information with valid protocol, either http or https.

After filling all the information, sitemap generator will generate the sitemap.xml file. The same file you need to put in your website root folder in cPanel account.

Tip: In the “Add/Test Sitemap” follow the below-suggested sitemap.xml URLs

  • sitemap.xml
  • sitemap_index.xml
  • page-sitemap.xml

One of the above-mentioned sample names may work if you are not sure about your website sitemap.xml URL.

submit sitemap to google search console

After filling the field, now you can either test, the mentioned sitemap.xml URL is working fine or not, or you can submit sitemap to Google search console.

Once you submit the sitemap.xml file, you can check the status as “Pending” in in the bottom of the page.

After submitting the sitemap.xml file, Google will take some time to crawl your website files.

FAQs About Submit sitemap to Google search console

Q) How to generate sitemap?

A) Actually, it’s not suggested to use sitemap generator to generate sitemap.xml file, In WordPress you just need to install Google XML sitemap plugin, the plugin itself generate your website sitemap, although if you need to generate manually, then you have to go for sitemap generator sites.

Q) How many days it will take to index my article?

A) After submitting the sitemap.xml file, Google bots will scan your website information, but we can not tell that how much time it will time it will take, basically, for new websites, it may take 1-2 weeks of time, for reputed websites, you can expect typically within a day.

These are the complete steps to submit sitemap to Google search console and sitemap generator tips, although are you struggling to submit sitemap to Google, just leave your queries in the comment section, We will resolve as quickly as possible.

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