How to Setup Domain Forwarding in GoDaddy? [with images]

Wow! it’s Terrific, I have been getting unlimited traffic to my old website, however, now I would like to drive all my old website visitors to my new website. is there any chance to redirect all my visitors to a new website? can we redirect our sites from one URL to another URL? Yep, we can easily redirect visitors from one URL to another URL, simply by opting setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy.

GoDaddy offers a variety of free features to their customers, today let me discuss one more free feature of GoDaddy, its setup domain forwarding. Do not panic if you want to change your website URL either permanently or temporarily simply make use of this feature to get benefited.

domain forwarding in GoDaddy


Almost all domain name registers are providing this facility to their webmasters, with this facility you can easily redirect your old site to a new site, new site to an old site.

We can setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy or we can redirect our domain in GoDaddy, I’m going to discuss both of them as well 301 & 302 and it’s functionalities.


Domain Forwarding and Redirects in GoDaddy?


Domain forwarding means you need to do some settings in your hosting account, once you did it then automatically all the visitors will be redirected from one URL to another URL.

Let me give you an example of this, recently Java organization has acquired by the Oracle corporation and when user types in the URL bar, automatically
java site visitors are going to redirect website, here Oracle is using 301 redirections.

Basically, we have two type of redirections they are 301 and 302.Let me explain you each of them briefly.

301 Redirect: If you want to move your website permanently from one URL to another URL then you need to go with this option.

302 Redirect: If you want to move your website from one URL to another Url for a temporary period of time then you need to go with this option.

Keep in mind that 301 redirections will carry your SEO link juice to the next domain which you are going to redirect but 302 redirection doesn’t pass any SEO linking to the next domain.


How to Setup Domain Forwarding in Godaddy?


GoDaddy is a best, cheapest hosting provider in the world, Once you register domain name with GoDaddy, you will be authorized to delete domain name, you can transfer one domain register to another register, you can enable security options, you can do so many things with your domain name but today I’m going to discuss how to setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy?

Every hosting provider gives an opportunity to forward their domain names and it’s easy to setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy. Let me explain you stepwise so that you will feel more comfy with the process.

Step-1) To setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy first log in to your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in, now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image), in those options just click on a “My-Products” option.Once you click on a “My-Products” option, below you will get multiple options.(check we have “Domains, Web hosting, and WorkSpace Email”).

GoDaddy my product option

Step-2) After completion of the first step now you need to click on “Domains->DNS” option ( I have hosted only one website so I will click on> DNS option if you have multiple websites hosted then you need to click on “DNS”, for which you want to setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy).

domain forwarding DNS option

Step-3) After clicking on “DNS” option you will get redirected to a products page which contains all product related information. Just scroll down the page and in the bottom, you can find “Forwarding” option (refer the image for clarification).

Now you need to click on “ADD” button (refer the image).

domain forwarding

Step-4) Once you click on “ADD” button, you will be asked to enter URL of a domain name which you want to setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy. And select “Forward Type” whether it’s 301 or 302 redirection and Settings->Tick Mark in check box->Save

Forward only — This option will forwards your domain without masking.
Forward with Masking — Masking will hide forwarded domain name URL from displaying in the browser’s address bar.

setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy


Forward Type: 302
Settings: Forward only
At last tick mark in checkbox(must)

Then you need to save all your settings to make changes in your accounts to forwarding your domain.

Note: It may take 24-48 hours for your domain to connect to an existing site.

Cool! you are done with setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy. Leave your comments for any kind of help regarding setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy.


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