How to Restore Website Backup in GoDaddy Through cPanel? [with images]

Ouch! manually I did some modifications on my website’s database files and I have forgotten the options what I modified in hosting account. and I do want to undo the changes to get back earlier impression. My database also crashed but I have all backup files on my local machine, Can we restore all those information in my hosting account? Can anyone teach me how to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel account?

Yeah, I’m going to discuss with you to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel account.
For an each week it’s recommended to take backup website files to your local machine.If you do not know how to backup website files in GoDaddy through cPanel then read here: how to backup website?.

how to restore website backup in godaddy through cpanel account

GoDaddy is a best, cheapest hosting provider in the world, Once you register domain name with GoDaddy, you will be authorized to delete domain name, you can transfer one domain register to another, you can enable security options, you can reset your hosting, you can do so many things with your domain name but In today’s article, I’m going to show you to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel account.

We have unlimited hosting providers in the blogging market, every hosting provider offers unlimited features to their customers but we can’t come to a conclusion that, this hosting provider is providing ultimate features from rest of the hosting providers, though every provider has their unique style to attract their customers.

Let me share you few ideas about GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, It offers many plans to the customers as well for the organizations to choose a host in cheap.

Many of them aware of GoDaddy hosting because they are providing best features to their customers with 24/7 support, But we can’t say that GoDaddy is best in the world because I have many niche blogs which are hosted on GoDaddy, Yeah i have been facing some issues in some niche blogs, it’s been showing server down, not optimizing properly, but some other niche blogs are running well and getting reputation from all various resources.

According to my analysis, GoDaddy is best in price and features-wise.One of the features is we can easily restore MySql database in GoDaddy through cPanel, just follow my instructions to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel account.


How to Restore Website Backup in GoDaddy Through cPanel?


Every hosting provider gives an opportunity to backup & restore website information in their cPanel accounts and it’s an easy to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel account.

I will explain you step-wise so that you will feel more comfy with the process.

Step-1) To restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel, first log in to your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in, now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image), in those options just click on a “My-Products” option.Once you click on a “My-Products” option, below you will get multiple options.(check we have “Domains, Web hosting, and WorkSpace Email”).

GoDaddy my product option

Step-2) After completion of the first step now you need to click on “Web Hosting->Manage” option ( I have hosted only one website so I will click on “> Manage” option if you have multiple websites hosted then you need to click on “Manage”, for which you want to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel).

Webhosting Manage option

Step-3) After clicking on “Web Hosting->Manage” option you will get redirected to your cPanel’s account which contains all hosted account related information. Just scroll down the page and in the bottom, you can find “Backup” option under “Files” tab (refer the image for clarification).

Now Click on “Backup” option.

backup your website in GoDaddy through cPanel account

Step-4) After clicking on “Backup” option, you will be redirected to a backup & restore information page, Here you need to click on “Choose File” option to upload “Home Directory” files into your hosting account through cPanel.

godaddy restore home directory

Step-5) Now click on “Choose File” option to upload “Restore a MySQL Database Backup” information into Cpanel hosting account, the file contains all your website database related information.

restore a mysql database backup

Step-6) Now click on “choose files” to upload “Email forwarders“ information into the cPanel hosting account. The files contain email information backup.

restore email forwarders

Step-7) Click on “choose file” option to upload “Restore Email Filters” information into your cPanel hosting account.

restore email filters

These are the complete files which will help to restore website backup in GoDaddy through cPanel account.If you do not want to restore any information then just ignore to upload the files in hosting account.

Hope you are comfy with the step by step process, if you face any difficulty in restoring website through cPanel account then comment your queries, I’ll get back to you soon.

Wanna Take Backup of Your Website? It’s An easy Process, Just spend 5 min to know the details Here is the guide; – backup website through cPanel

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