How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL? [with images]

Today we have been asked about another problem of blogger’s site, that is, redirecting blogger URL to another URL and Ms.Taslim wants to know about, how to redirect blogger URL to another URL of her new site.

Perhaps, Many bloggers are facing this issue in their blogger sites, So we come up with the solution to resolve it.

The solution Introducing, redirecting your old blog to the new blog URL, means that any reader will enter the URL of your old blog in the browser If it does, it is automatically land to your new blog or website URL, but it would also be appropriate to know why it is necessary.

How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL

Often when a person has an old blog, there is a lot of flaws in it, due to these flaws, a webmaster needs to make a new blog, but it is also challenging to bring the old blog’s viewers to the new blog.

To bring the viewers, One simple solution is to redirect your old website URL to another new website URL on your blogger sites. Let me explain you, how to address your old blog to redirect to your new blog.

In this article I’ll help you to redirect blogger URL to another URL, so follow my stepwise instructions to redirect your blogger sites.

How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL?


You must have a blogger site to redirect blogger URL to another URL.

Click Here to login blogger site.

Step-1) To redirect blogger URL to another URL, First, you need to go the Blogger Dashboard.
From left side panel, you need to find out “Theme” option and click on it(refer the image).

Theme option

Once you click on the option, you will be asked to edit the theme.
Now Click on “Edit HTML” option (refer the image).

blogger edit html option

Step-2) Once you click on Edit option, you will get the theme’s code to customize it.
Now press, “CTRL+F” shortcut on your keyboard and search for “<head>” tag on the theme code(refer the image).

head tag

<head> tag is highlighted with yellowish color, glance the above screen.

Step-3) Now with caution, paste this code right the below of <head> tag.
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;URL=’'”/>

Sample url is: <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;URL=’'”/>

Note: Make sure to enter valid protocal of your new website url, whether https or http.

redirect blogger url to another url

Once you placed the code, now click on “Save Theme” option to reflects the changes on your blogger site.

Step-4) Once you done with the code changes, now click on “view blog” option to see, whether your blogger URL is properly redirecting or not (refer the image).

blogger view blog option
Keep in mind that you need to paste the code, right after the below <head> tag to redirect it.
Hope your problem will be resolved. If there is any problem, please be informed through comments.

If other readers also have a similar technical problem then they can give us short descriptions via comments, so that we will discuss in coming articles.

Hope the guide Help, every effort will be made to resolve your technical problem.

This is the complete process to redirect blogger URL to another URL.

Do have any Queries? Need to redirect blogger URL to another URL? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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Cheers, Happy Blogging!

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