Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy in 2020 (Complete Guide)

Optimize marketing strategies

Marketing in 2020 is different than it’s ever been.

Evolving technologies have led to evolving marketing strategies. In the digital age, we know more about consumers than ever before, and they know more about the companies they’re buying from.

The same techniques that seemed optimal a decade ago can’t be used to the same effect, and every business needs to reevaluate their marketing ideology to stay successful.

What are the priorities, then, for a company looking to make the most of the troves of new tools at their disposal? Here’s a crash course guide to some of the key factors to consider.

Learn Who You’re Marketing To

“Know your audience.”

Everyone who’s had to write an essay, give a speech, or sell something has probably heard those three words of advice. But what do they mean in the context of a modern marketing strategy?

According to Forbes, knowing your audience is still the key to success in the age of big data. In fact, it’s possible to know your audience better than ever before.

Because customer behavior can be tracked much more effectively, and can macro trends can be examined via many public resource tools (i.e. Google Trends), it’s possible to glean much more accurate information about who’s buying and who’s not buying your product.

By knowing the age, cultural affinity, and general lifestyle of the people that might be interested in what you can give them, advertising can become a lot more targeted and specific.

Not only can you tailor your ads to match the tone of the consumers you are trying to reach, but you can run multiple strategies for different demographic groups, and even split test to see what’s working and what’s not.

Another way to optimize your marketing strategy using audience data is to research the audience makeup of your competitors or similar products on the market.

By knowing who the people are that might be looking into buying a similar product or service to yours, you have a way of knowing who you need to be convincing.

Make Sure You Look Good

In an age where customers have more choices than ever before, it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd.

When online shoppers scroll past hundreds of options every minute on marketplaces like Amazon or via Google shopping, that sounds like a daunting task.

Eight-second attention spans and the need to be immediately hooked by something make first impressions count more than ever.

This is where investing in visuals comes in. Hiring a professional design team can be very expensive, but will most certainly pay off.

Having a logo that demands attention, quality photos that highlight your product in the best way, an attractive user interface, and mobile-compatible content can make the difference between a click and a swipe away.

Humans are visual creatures. Now that bulky billboards have been replaced by small ads and product thumbnails more often viewed on smartphones than full-size computer screens, good design and efficient visual branding has become a vital investment in your marketing strategy.

Real People Trust Real People

The world of social media presents an incredibly useful opportunity for any business trying to optimize its marketing strategy.

The key to utilizing social media effectively? Get real people on your side.

Yes, targeted Facebook and Instagram ads can yield some positive results, and should not be overlooked as a crucial marketing tool. But users can easily tell the difference between banner ads and their friends’ and liked pages’ posts.

To bridge this gap, get to know the brand ambassador system.

Social media influencers, or people who have massive followings on social media and leverage that following to partner with brands and businesses, can have a great effect on your company’s exposure and sales.

Since modern-day social media users feel extremely close and connected to the insta-celebrities they follow, a recommendation from someone like that to use your product or try your service holds a lot of weight.

Hiring brand ambassadors or promo models can give you a serious return on investment and is something every modern business should be taking advantage of.

In Conclusion…

Optimizing your marketing strategy is never a completed process. As technologies evolve and cultures change, your business should constantly be adapting to stay successful.

In the current digital landscape, knowing your audience is key. Big data can be leveraged to make this more effective and precise than ever before.

Individualized advertising and split testing let modern companies make the most of their ad budget.

Investment in effective design and visual media remains more important than ever, as smartphone users have the entire online marketplace at their fingertips.

Standing out and appealing instantly to the eye is crucial to attracting customers.

Lastly, utilizing real people to help you sell your services gives you a more intimate and direct line into consumers’ awareness.

Brand ambassadors and social media influencers can persuade those potential customers that may not be swayed by traditional advertising.

Keep these tips in mind, and get to optimizing your new marketing strategy!

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