OMG! Getting Traffic from Unwanted Links! Here is The [Complete Solution]

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Oh my gosh!  I’m getting tons of traffic from one single resource, I think some spam links are pointing to my website, I need to fix the issue immediately before Google penalizing my website, and can anyone help me to get rid of unwanted links traffic to my website?

Yeah, sometimes it happens, your website may link to spam websites, and you may get unlimited traffic to your website, but spam traffic leads to Google panda hit, if Google finds it, sure it will penalize your website, so to avoid getting traffic from unwanted links, you need to disavow links which are affecting your website.

#How to find out spammy traffic?

Well, daily your website is getting 50-100 page views, but one day suddenly you got tons of traffic to your website, most of the traffic is having 100% bounce rate, session duration is 00:00 then it’s a spam alarm to your website.

You can verify bounce rate & session duration in Google Analytics reports, and do not allow non-English country traffic to your website, it also causes harm to your website.

Your website is built for English users, but your website is getting unlimited traffic from Spanish or France country users, especially this is not acceptable for the google.

Getting 1-2 visits may not harm your website, but if you notice that, traffic is huge & session duration is nil then you need to disavow links using disavow links tool available in the market.

You can easily get rid of the issues by using free disavow links tool, these tools are free of cost, so you can use and make benefit of it.

#What is disavow links?

Removing unwanted links which are pointing to your website is called disavow links, First, you need to identify bad links which are degrading your website ranking performance in search engines.

Once you find out those spam links then you can easily disavow links using disavow links tool, basically, these tools will remove the bad link pointing to your website and help your website to be healthy.

#How to find out which are spam links pointing to my website?

Great! You can easily find out the spam links which are pointing to your website. I have collected 3 great Spam Backlink Checkers, register your details & start a free trial to utilize the services.

Once you login to the below website, they will crawl all your website data and give you a full report regarding your spam backlinks.

Once you identify the spam links then you can easily unlink them by using disavow links tool.

#How to disavow links?

It’s simple, you need to use disavow links tool to unlink spam links, Once you unlink the spam unwanted links, then your website doesn’t allow spam traffic anymore from those links.

Having spammy links are the bad sign of SEO, it will affect your website search engines rankings, so as soon as possible unlink the spam links.

Getting Traffic from Unwanted Links! Here is the [Complete Solution]

Disavow tool is very powerful, these tools will disavow links which are spam & unwanted and Google will not take this links into consideration anymore.

So disavow links which are spam, not driving quality traffic to your websites.

You need to re-verify the spam links again in disavow tools because after disavowing links it will take 2-3 days to update the details in some disavow tools.

#Steps to Disavow Links:

1) First, you need to identify all the spam & unwanted links which are pointing to your website to disavow immediately.

2) Suppose if you found, 10+ Spam links then make the list of spam links in one “.Txt” file (Each row have one URL link).

3) Now visit here to disavow spam links (You need to login your respective email account).

4) Once you log in, you will start to see as shown in below picture.

Disavow links5) Now click on “Disavow Links” button.

6) Now you will be redirected to the new window, here click on “Disavow Links” button (Refer the screenshot).

Disavow links google

7) After clicking on the button, you will get the pop-up to upload the “.Txt” file(Step-2 file) which you pasted the spam links (Refer the screenshot).

Disavow links upload8) Here click on “Choose file” option and upload an “.Txt” file and submit it.

Yup! You have successfully uploaded the file, now google disavow links by using the .txt file.

These are the complete steps to disavow links using disavow links tool.

Faqs about “Getting Traffic from Unwanted Links! “

Q) Does disavow links work?

A) Obviously, disavow links tools will help you to remove bad &spam links which are pointing to your website, It works perfectly, just follows all the above instructions carefully.

Q) Which links should I disavow?

A) First, you need to identify that from which links you’re getting spam traffic, I have mentioned the 3 tools, use the tools, and identify the spam links and remove them using disavow tools.

Ouch! Struggling to remove bad links, just hit me up with your queries, I’ll help you to disavow them.

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