Off Page SEO Techniques That Will Impress Search Engines

Here we go for Off Page SEO Techniques That Will Impress Search Engines

Search engine optimization is a part of blogging life, to be popular in search engines, to get organic traffic from search engines, for ranking well in search engines we must have to execute, On page SEO techniques, Off Page SEO Techniques for our websites.I have discussed On-Page SEO techniques in my previous article, Now it’s time to share few innovative Latest Off Page SEO Techniques with you.Off page SEO refers to, making the outside changes to a  website to improve it’s ranking in search engines results.

What is Off-page SEO? Off-Page SEO processes to improve search engine rankings, In On-Page SEO we are doing changes within the website web pages but in Off-Page SEO we will do changes outside of the website to improve our website search engine ranking results.Off Page SEO is long term process, mainly it will be focused on acquiring backlinks to your web pages from outside resources such as social media, niche websites, open directories and etc. let me discuss the Latest Off Page SEO Techniques so that you can also apply for your website to improve search engines rankings.

Latest Off Page SEO Techniques


Google is using page rank algorithm for link analysis, based on algorithm it will rank the website pages in search results, for a higher rank in google search engines Off-Page SEO optimization is an important factor. If your website has quality content and backlinks then search engines will rank your pages on top results.some important link building strategies are

  • List your website on popular directories.
  • Comment on popular sites and share your valuable thoughts, to improve backlinks to your website.
  • Write Guest articles for popular trusted websites
  • Find out your similar niche website and encourage them for link exchange.
  • Share your articles on social media such as facebook, twitter, google+ for building links.

Link Popularity: This is the most important strategy in Off Page SEO Techniques, it means that a total number of links that point to a website, basically these links are two types, internal, external.Internal links are the links from web pages within a website, External links are from other websites and resources.The Websites having more links will get higher priority to get ranked and it is one of the major factors for the search engines to rank websites in search results, if there are two websites which are having equal search engine optimization then the site which is having more link popularity will get higher rank than other So try to get more links from other websites and open directories.

Directory Submission: It’s a one of the SEO off page activity, in a market we have many free directory submission tools, but you are supposed to submit your website related to your category(if your website is about games then submit in the games category), some directories are charging some amount of money but better to stay with free directories and submit your website immediately for better ranking in search engines.Some popular directories are, and the advantages of directory submissions are:

  • Search engines will index your content easily by following links in the directories
  • Listing in more directories will help your website to get better rank in search engines
  • Directories will help you to get heavy traffic to your website

Social Bookmark Submission: Social bookmark submission is the important factor in Off Page SEO Techniques.This activity will enable you to store your website links on online bookmarking sites, and these links will be considered as quality backlinks to your website.The major advantages of social bookmarking submission is

  • This submission will help you to get free traffic from various countries
  • With Free of cost, you can promote your business products
  • Web site will get quality permanent backlinks
  • Social bookmark will help the website to improve google page rank
  • Website content will index in less time

Blog Submission: Blogging is a continuous process, you must have passion with patience to achieve great results in blogging, always try to update your blog with fresh content because search engines love to crawl fresh content.
Benefits of blogging submission are:

  • Your website get more exposure from search engines for crawling fresh content
  • Readers will show interest to read innovative, updated and trendy blogs
  • You can connect with your readers by asking relevant questions, feedbacks.

Forum Posting:  One of the most important tactic in Off Page SEO Techniques is forum posting, we have so many popular forum discussion sites such as Yahoo answers, Warrior Forums, Digital Point Forums, Stack Overflow, Google Product forum and etc, sign up for the given forums and post related topics and discuss with the readers related to your niche.
Try to insert your main keywords and title of your post in the forums because it will help your post appear in search results.

I have shared  Latest Off Page SEO Techniques but I’m sure if you follow all the mentioned Off Page SEO Techniques soon your website gonna listing in top 10 results of search engines.

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