Namecheap Affiliate Review [Get More Commission]

namecheap affiliate review

Are you looking for the best Affiliate program review to monetize the websites? Then this Namecheap affiliate review helps you to pick the best affiliate program for your needs.

There are tons of affiliate programs available to monetize the blogs, but we need to be smart in choosing best affiliate program for our blogs to boost the earnings.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss Namecheap affiliate review, and let you know about its commissions & payouts.

Basically, as the webmasters, we are in a hurry to monetize the blogs, we don’t read any reviews, we do not investigate whether it’s legit or scam.

Regardless niche, we monetize the blogs with irrelevant ads networks and expecting super awesome results, unlimited money from the affiliate programs.

We think that we are less fortunate to bag the unlimited bucks from the affiliate program, but the main cause behind of lagging in affiliate program is choosing irrelevance ads.

Suppose, assume that you’re running fashion niche blogs, but you are trying to monetize the blogs with technology affiliate programs.

Do you think, your fashion niche blog turns technology ads to conversions? Obviously ‘No’ is the answer, perhaps you may get one or none sales for a month.

The main reason is, reader’s interest, readers come with interest of fashion apparels in their minds, but you’re forcing them to focus on technology-related ads.

So you need to catch up your readers mind, and according to their, you need to monetize your blogs, so that you can make maximum sales.

Moreover, before monetizing the blogs, at least you need to have a minimum awareness of the affiliate program, for easy monetization.

Today I’m here to let you know about, Namecheap affiliate review information so that you can easily choose the affiliate program for the blogs.

First, let me introduce you to, what is Namecheap affiliate program? And it’s nature.

#Namecheap Affiliate Progam

Namecheap is a one of the best web hosting provider in the world, it offers hosting plans, SSL plans, security plans, cloud plans for their customers around the world.

Namecheap have the US, UK data centers, nameservers, so if you would like to host your website in the USA, then Namecheap definitely help you to host your blog.

Not only offering hosting services, it also offers the Namecheap affiliate program, In Namecheap affiliate, program publishers can sign-up and earn bucks for qualified sales.

I can say that Namecheap affiliate program is the best program to monetize the blogging niche, technical niche sites.

Moreover, Namecheap affiliate program is successfully running for a long time, so it’s a legit affiliate program, you can trust it.

I have used many hosting affiliate programs on my niche blogs, although I couldn’t able to attract their offers, promotions because their payouts strategy is not good enough for the publishers.

A few affiliate providers are paying after a few months of purchase, but Namecheap affiliate program pays you after 30 days of your sale.

Because of this reason, I stick to Namecheap domain affiliate program and prefer it the most among all affiliates.

You can easily, quickly set up Namecheap domain affiliate program within a fraction of seconds, and you can run the ads on your website.

If you are using other affiliate or Google AdSense ads, in addition, you can run Namecheap domain affiliate program ads on your website.

For more information about Namecheap, you can explore on Wikipedia.

Let me move on to furthermore to discuss Namecheap affiliate review, and its payouts and commission rates.

Namecheap Affiliate Review & Latest Commission Rates

Earlier Namecheap has been offered 15% commission to their affiliates, it’s kinda low commission when compared with other hosting affiliates programs.

However, the old affiliate system has been shut down and Namecheap has been started a new affiliate system with attractive modifications.

Now, The Namecheap commission rates have been increased, and definitely, it will attract more publishers to advertise Namecheap domain affiliate program on their websites.

As per a new system, the Namecheap affiliate commission is modified as below

  • For Domains- 20%
  • For Hosting Packages- 35%
  • For SSL certificates- 35%
  • Private Email, PremiumDNS, WhoisGuard- 20%

The above is the new updated Namecheap affiliate commissions, Earlier it has been marked to 15%, now you can earn maximum up to 50% commission from Namecheap affiliate program.

namecheap commission

Now, the commission rates are attractive than other hosting affiliate programs, most probably you are looking for Namecheap affiliate signup, isn’t it?

Let me discuss with you about new Namecheap affiliates system, and how you can sign up for Namecheap affiliate program.

#Impact Radius Platform

Earlier, Namecheap has maintained its own affiliate system, and the banners, power tools, are isn’t fair and don’t give much effectiveness to attract the sales.

But now, the Namecheap domain affiliate program has been managed by Impact radius platform, Impact radius has new features, and power tool support for the publishers.

Getting started with Impact radius is very simple, within a couple of minutes, you can setup Impact radius accounts, and you even can run the Namecheap affiliate ads on your blogs.

Aren’t you curious to join Namecheap affiliate program? If yes, then follow the given steps to get start your favorite affiliate program.

Once you sign up the platform, then you can get Namecheap affiliate links in various formats.

#Steps to apply for Namecheap affiliate program

You need to follow sequential steps to sign-up to apply for Namecheap affiliate program, they are

  • Sing up with Impact Radius.
  • Apply for the Namecheap affiliate program.
  • Accept and approve.
  • Create ad links, and start earning.

Step-1) To apply for a Namecheap affiliate program, first visit Impact radius platform.

Click Here to visit Impact Radius.

Step-2) Fill all the required details in Impact Radius.

impact radius namecheap

Step-3) Now accept the terms and conditions of Namecheap affiliate program and submit your application.

Within 24 hours, your Namecheap affiliate program account gets activated.

Step-4) Now, you’re a member of Namecheap affiliate program.

For Namecheap affiliate links, you must be going through Namecheap affiliate login by Impact radius platform.

Now place the ad units on your blogs, and start promoting Namecheap affiliate links to maximize your earnings.

Note: You can get the Namecheap affiliate links code from Impact radius dashboard.

These are the complete steps to get started with a Namecheap affiliate program, and getting Namecheap affiliate links from Impact Radius.

If you have any furthermore quires then you may write to ““, within a day you will get a solution for your query.

Kindly read about Namecheap Affiliate terms and conditions and much more information before going to proceed to promote in your blogs.

These are the complete details of Namecheap affiliate review and new commissions rates from Namecheap.

Hope you get required affiliate program to monetize your blogs, and Namecheap affiliate review definitely, helps you to pick out a perfect affiliate program for your blogs.

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We love to hear you about Namecheap affiliate review, kindly share your experience, and share the article on social media to aware of other webmasters.

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