Steps to Migrate Data Center in GoDaddy [with images]

Uff Alas! My website is not responding properly, It’s been taking a long time to showing the results, All my viewers are annoying with my website behavior. Could anyone resolve my issue related to data server? Are you facing the same issues with your websites? if Yes, then listen to my guide to resolve your website’s data server issues.Data center play a crucial role in a loading of any website results, If your customers are from Asian geography then you must have to host your website in an Asian data centers.Let me guide you how to migrate data center in GoDaddy.

Every hosting provider has the huge data centers to enhance their business across the world, Data centers are useful to store all the data related to a website, coming to GoDaddy business, It has three data centers across the world they are Asia, Europe, and North America.

migrate data center in GoDaddy with images

GoDaddy provides each and every service to the customers related to hosting, sometimes it may offer you for free of cost, sometimes it may charge nominal cost from you. GoDaddy provides you one free data center migration for every account, If you need to migrate data center in GoDaddy for multiple times then you need to pay them.

Let me discuss step by step tutorial for “how to migrate data center in GoDaddy?”

How to Migrate Data Center in GoDaddy


Basically, Data center migration will happen based on which application you are using, in GoDaddy, we have two types of applications, they are migration through cPanel, another one migration of data center through Gateway, In this guide, I’m gonna help you to migrate data center in GoDaddy through cPanel application.

Before going to migrate data center in GoDaddy, First, let me discuss what Data center is about? and how to choose best data center for your website

Which Data center you should migrate to?


In simple words, we can say that “Data center is a place where your website files store & you can take a backup from them when you need”. migrate data centers in GoDaddy will help to improve the speed of your website for its primary audience.

If you’re getting most of the traffic from china country but your website’s data center is located in North America then you may face the slow server response for your website, So pay attention and try to choose the data center which is located closest to your geography.

At present GoDaddy is maintaining 3 data centers across the world, they are located in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Data Center Migration is a Free Service?


Yes, but only for first time.GoDaddy provides one free data center migration for every account so you can easily migrate data center in GoDaddy but for an additional migration, you must pay approximately $21 to them.

Now let me discuss how to migrate data center in GoDaddy from one geography to another!

Step-1) To migrate data center in Godaddy first log-in to your GoDaddy’s account,
Once you logged-in now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image) then below you will get multiple options as shown below, now you need to click on “Manage Your Hosting” option.

GoDaddy manage your hosting option

Step-2) Once you click on “Manage Your Hosting” option, immediately you will get all your hosting accounts details.Now you need to click on “Settings” option respected to your hosting account.I have hosted only one website so I’m clicking on>Settings option.

godaddy domain information

Step-3) After clicking on “Settings” option you will get one dialog box on your screen, Now select the 4th option “Data Center” to migrate data center in GoDaddy(refer the image for clarification). it’s showing to migrate data center but it’s asking to pay money for it, Once you pay the money you will get enabled the option for data center migration.

migrate data center in GoDaddy

Step-4) In this step you need to choose the new data center closest your geography and you need to schedule the time for the data center migration in GoDaddy(refer the image).

option for migrate data center in GoDaddy

Step-5) Once you done with all the options then migration will happen based on the time you have chosen, Yup It’s done now you can enjoy the service from a new data center.

Note: Migration will take 10-20min on the day which you scheduled and your website will experience downtime while it’s being migrated between one to another data center.

This is the complete tutorial to migrate data center in GoDaddy, Hope you are done with your migration, in case if you face any technical issue while migrating your data center, just leave your comments I’ll help you to migrate your domain.

I want to reset my hosting, is it possible? Yes, it will possible, go through the guide how to reset hosting account in GoDaddy.

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