How to Manage Sub Domains for Your Professional Business

After registering a domain, you need to boost your business by addressing with sub domains, a subdomain is an extension and short name of your registered domain name, it’s easy to create multiple memorable sub domain web addresses for your unique content.we can easily Manage Sub Domains and you can add up to 100 subdomains per one domain name, and each subdomain name can be up to 25 characters long and you can specify your business clearly by mentioning subdomain ex: so customers can easily understand your business motto that you are commerce professional and sell gadgets on your website and they will habituate with your products.

how to manage sub domains for your business

A sub-domain is a small part of larger domain or we can say that sub-domain is subset of registered domain, to better understand the concept of sub-domain let me explain few basic things, the complete level domain is addressed with TLD(Top level domain) ex:- and the second level domain is addressed with SLD. The TLD is the right after the domain name, this is why TLD is sometimes called domain extension. in this example .com is the TLD, and we have several types of TLDs they are .org, .net and etc. SLD is second level domain SLD will make the domain name unique, and coming in front of TLD in this example, the business name is “Life Style Seller” the good news is www is your subdomain so we can replace www with our desired name.


How to Manage Sub Domains for Your Professional Business


www is the actually a subdomain but the good news is you don’t have to use www for your subdomain, with unique web address, without purchasing a domain name, you can replace www with any fancy keyword like or

The most common use of subdomain is its organizing your content into different distinct parts, with subdomain you can market your products more intensively and marketing purpose you can create your domain for the different subdomain and gives you unique address to them. Consider you have started e-Commerce website and you have collection of various things, ex: -clothes, gadgets, electronics and etc. now you can create the subdomain clothes to addressing only clothes web shop and the website is dedicated to clothes is so that you can offer your customers to find only clothes information in your subdomain.

www in your domain is replaced with gadgets, and the new web address dedicated for gadgets is and this subdomain will use unique web address and will make you get new customers who are gadget lovers.

subdomains also offer language specifics websites to recap a subdomain is a subset of your registered domain name and subdomain most common use is used to define your domain into the unique web address

How to Manage Sub Domains Accounts


1)Login to your hosting providers account ex: – login into your GoDaddy account
2)Next click on web hosting
3)In web hosting, you have to click Manage, once you click Manage it will redirect to cPanel of your hosting account
4)Next, You need to click subdomains under Domains option(As shown below in the screen)


5)Now you need to enter the details of your subdomains (Carefully add your desired subdomain details in the fields)

  • subdomain entriesfirst one is sub-domain name(
  • your domain name(no need to enter, it’s auto update)
  • Document root will help you to reside all your new files in folder, you can ignore this option if you want to save all your files in existing folder, else you can choose new folder name to save your sub-domain files

6)Click Create

Now your sub domain is created, you can also manage sub domains by edit or remove whenever you want.If you feel any difficulty in creating sub domains, you can comment below so that I can help you to get rid of the issue.


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