How to Make Money With a Blog Exclusively For Beginners

Hey, I have been writing a blog for almost 6 months, Now I do want to monetize my blog with advertisement programs?, could anyone discuss popular advertising networks? and let us know about, how to make money with a blog.

Yep, You can easily make money with a blog, but for that, you need to choose suitable advertising program based on your blog niche and you need to work hard to promote your products by producing quality content on your blogs.

Make Money With a Blog

Newbie shows very enthusiasm to participate in advertising networks, but to apply for few advertising programs you need to understand it’s terms and policies.

All time favorite advertising network is Google AdSense, you can easily make money with a blog by Google AdSense network.

Your blog must have at least few months old to apply for Google AdSense network, once you got an approval from Google AdSense, you can start earnings with your blogs.

Consider the given link to create Google AdSense account, and follow the steps carefully because some information you can not undo once you submitted.

Let me explain you few more ways and advertising networks to easily make money with a blog.


How to Make Money With a Blog


You can start earnings by monetizing your blog, but choose the ad network which can suitable for your niche.

Stop displaying unnecessary ad networks and regular ad networks on your blogs, think innovatively and start advertising which can help you to earn some bucks and which can help your audience get benefited. 

Better to choose 1 high ad network rather having 1000+ low-quality advertising networks. 

Never compromise with only one ad network, always try with new ad network until you get conversations and sales. 

If your blog is about, hosting niche, then choose to host ad networks to monetize your blog so that you can easily make money with a blog. 

I have collected the information from various resources to monetize your blogs, you can easily make money with a blog by following my further instructions.

To make money with a blog, you can choose any one way to monetize your blogs, they are:

  • Vigilink
  • Affiliate Advertisement
  • Referral Income
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Paid Reviews
  • Selling E-Books
  • Freelancing services


Viglink is the great ad network, which is familiar for almost all the webmasters, Viglink is expertise in text advertising and marketing.

If your vision is to display text advertising to your audience then Viglink is the best option for you, Viglink pays you commission rate for an each purchase through your link.

Viglink have all types of publishers, you need to register with them and has to monetize your blogs with the links given by the advertiser.

Click Here to join Viglink advertising program.

#Affiliate Advertisement: 

Affiliate Advertisement is one of the most powerful advertisement networks in the marketing Because every pro blogger loves to do affiliate marketing.

Each affiliate network has their own commission rate and few networks offer $1-$10000 per a sale, but you need to stick with your niche affiliate networks.

Promote your niche related affiliate networks because readers don’t show interest to visit if your content says one thing and your advertisement says another thing.

If you are getting huge traffic to your blogs, then affiliate make you the millionaire in few days, but stick your niche affiliate networks and promote your products.

Few e.g. of hosting niche affiliate networks are: Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy and etc, they will pay min $50 per a sale.

#Referral Income: 

To make money with a blog, you can try for referral programs, referral program strategy is simple, you need to refer your readers to make register with them.

Some referral program pays you if your referee buys the products through your link,

E.g. of referral advertisement programs are Chitika, InfoLinks and etc. Make sure to monetize each network to make money with a blog.

#Direct Advertisement:

Google AdSense is one of the best advertising networks in the world, Every blogger has a dream to monetize their blogs with AdSense network.

You can easily monetize your blogs, to make money with a blog but Google AdSense doesn’t pay you 100% commission.

AdSense team pays you some X% of the commission to you but to get full advertisement payment, you need to look more beyond than Google AdSense.

If you manage to grab direct advertisements like buy sell ads then you will Make Money With a Blog as much as you expected.

#Paid Reviews: 

Paid reviews are the best option for professional writers to make money with a blog, You need to write attractive reviews about the products.

If you write attracted product reviews then publishers will pay you, If you are getting huge traffic to your blogs, and if you feel you can attract your audience to make them buy the product then go for paid reviews.

Few paid review networks are Dooyoo, Vindale Research, Review Me, and etc, some networks pay you if you review their product on your blogs.

#Create and Sell EBooks:

Instead of reviewing other network products, you can make your own strategy to make money with a blog.

Simply you need to pick a topic which you feel love to share the information and tricks.

Make E-Book on your own and display on your blogs, and charge nominal cost from your readers and you can even sell on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon,eBay and etc.

Pro bloggers follow this strategy to make money with a blog easily without worrying about other ad networks.


If you feel that you are the master at website designing or if you are good at programming then immediately start self-service programs.

Do not waste your time by sleeping, eating in the guest houses, make sure to master one skill and implement it to get succeeded in the life.

Even you can try for freelancing to get paid with agencies, Few paid services are Fiverr, Freelancing and etc.

These are the top networks to make money with a blog, you can try anyone of them to monetize your blogs and to start earnings with your skills.

FAQs about to make money with a blog

Q) How to monetize my blog with Google Adsense?

A) Visit the given links to create Google AdSense account and Google AdSense approval process for your blogs.

Q) Which Affiliate network is best?

A) We can’t say, which one is best because each one has their own policy and you need to choose according to your niche.

Read how to write articles to reach your target audience and how to index your website in Google search engines to get more exposure.

Do You have any Queries? Need Assistance to fix the issue? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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