Complete Guide to Link YouTube to Your Website [YouTube Backlinks]

YouTube Backlinks

Nowadays getting dofollow backlinks are very essential to rank well on search engines, dofollow backlinks will help your website to get trust from search engines, and today I’ll guide you about one of the best dofollow backlink, its YouTube & how to link YouTube to your website?

I have been writing articles almost for a year but I’m not finding success in blogging, I have analyzed that me and my competitor are writing same topics, but my competitor has been ranking well in search engines and my articles are not ranking well, could anyone help me out to rank well my articles on search engines?

Yeah! One of the reasons behind of your website ranking is, getting dofollow backlinks from high authority websites.

If you and your competitor are writing same niche topics, but your website is having less dofollow backlinks compare to your competitor then obviously your competitor website gonna rank well in search engines.

Basically, Google ranks the website by considering various scenarios, one of the latest scenarios is backlinks of the websites.

If your website has high authority dofollow backlinks, then sure your website will rock on search engines rankings.

Today I’ll help you to link YouTube to your website, once you link the website, your website authority will improve as well search engines rankings.

Getting one high-quality backlink is more powerful than getting 1000 spam backlinks, so focus on getting quality, high authority backlinks to your website to improve the quality of your websites.

#What is YouTube Dofollow Backlink?

YouTube is one of the best popular platforms for every niche bloggers, YouTube is Google product and it comes under PR9 high authority websites.

If you get dofollow backlinks from PR9 high authority websites, sure your website gets ultimate trust from search engines.

Do not waste your time, simply link YouTube to your website and enjoy the benefits of authority sites.

#What is the use of YouTube Dofollow Link?

Getting dofollow backlinks from high authority website is one of the key terms to rank well on search engines, once you successfully achieved this, you will get “Domain Authority”, “Page Authority”, and Referral traffic to your website.

So make sure to link YouTube to your website because dofollow backlinks from Google product will boost your website visibility in search engines.

#How to get YouTube Backlinks?

Great! It’s simple, just link YouTube to your website, within one or two months your website gonna have the high authority powerful backlink.

Basically, Google will take time to index dofollow & no follow backlinks, so you need to be calm and give time to index your YouTube backlink.

If your website has many dofollow backlinks then sure it will ranks very well in search engines.

Let me explain you the steps to link YouTube to your website and to get powerful youtube backlinks to your website.

Secret Guide to Link YouTube to Your Website [PR9 DoFollow Link]

Google algorithm consider various factors to rank the websites in search engines, One of the most trust and long-term factor is getting dofollow backlinks to the websites.

Not only getting backlinks, you need to do On-Page SEO, Off-Page-SEO to your website, getting backlinks related to Off-Page-SEO techniques.

DoFollow links are very powerful in terms driving traffic to your websites, you can get a dofollow backlink from google drive, even you can get the dofollow backlink from google plus which will help you to boost your website rankings.

YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive are the PR9 websites, so getting PR9 Dofollow backlinks from these trusted sites are very crucial to every blogger.

Do not waste your time on thinking, immediately link YouTube to your website and enjoy the benefits of quality sites.

Steps to Link YouTube to Your Website

Step-1) To link YouTube to your website, first log into your YouTube account.

Step-2) Now navigate to “Channel” which is located in left navigation panel (Refer the screenshot).

Step-3) Now click on “Advanced” option

Youtube Advanced option

Step-4) After clicking on the advanced option, information page will open on the right side.

Step-5) Now scroll down the page and look for “Associated website” Label.

Step-6) Now enter your “Website URL” in the “Associated website” field (I have entered my website URL).

link youtube to your website

Step-7) Now click on “Verify” link available below of the field (Refer the above screenshot).

Once you verify the website, YouTube will add your website to the associated website list.

These are the complete steps to get YouTube backlinks to your websites.

FAQs about to link YouTube to your website

Q) I heard that YouTube backlinks are No Follow but you’re saying that it’s dofollow, please clarify me?

A) Some case studies are saying YouTube backlinks are Dofollow, some case studies are saying YouTube backlinks are nofollow but do not miss a single chance to get high authority backlink from PR9 websites because, Whether its dofollow, nofollow doesn’t matter, getting backlinks from high authority websites always add value to your websites.

Q) Can really YouTube backlinks improve my search engines rankings?

A) Sure, YouTube backlinks are most powerful than other normal backlinks, immediately create the YouTube backlinks and verify the magic in few days.

Hope you linked YouTube to your websites, and soon going to enjoy the benefits of YouTube backlinks, please raise your queries to discuss more on the topic.

What do you say? YouTube links are dofollow or nofollow? Will it add value to the websites?

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