Kevin David’s Multiple Streams of Income

Kevin David Multiple Streams of Income

If you’re wondering who Kevin David is, he seems to be making headlines with a lot of online sources and competitors, however, he has been around for 28 years and is known as one of the many popular and successful self-made millionaires. But this is not surprising coming from someone who has multiple streams of income and counting.

Not only has he built himself between $5 to $20 million affiliate marketing businesses, but he has also been teaching other people how to do it. So. Let’s jump in and expand those other businesses that have seemingly made Kevin David the successful entrepreneur that is today.

It is hard to dispute that he is making money, without a doubt. But someone worth that much amount of money needs to be doing more than one side hustle.

Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing has become one of the biggest things since the dawn of the 20th century, in simple terms it is the act of marketing or promoting another person’s products to a specific audience, using various techniques, and gaining a commission from each item through its sales. Want to know more about this works? Read about it in this online source.

The techniques that David uses include but are not limited to:

Working as an affiliate for Amazon FBA businesses and Shopify and including links in every online source available. In other words, he promotes these products or services in his courses and in his YouTube videos (which are the other means of income we will look at below).

Secondly, he runs his Facebook ads including offers and deals that direct the viewer to a landing page where the buying decision happens, this is a popular method used through Click funnels.

He also has a digital course that he put together to help his own affiliate ‘students’ and sold that last year for what some say was 8 figures, in 2018.

Kevin also has his own YouTube channel with affiliate links in them to his course and these have been predicted to average an income of about $3000-$5000 per month for him.

These are all just under the affiliate marketing umbrella for him to earn some of his income.

Digital Training Courses

The other stream of Kevin David’s income comes from this one, which is possibly his biggest one yet. It seems that he has tapped into this niche of selling digital products online because there are no over-heads plus you do not need to manage any stock and it is very easy to scale up.

Not to mention the main reason being high-profit margins when selling this type of product to consumers. If you put in the marketing, the products pretty much sell themselves.

So, he sells his digital course online for somewhere between $1900+ and makes an approximate $46,680 per month on it. His website states that he has about 509,547 students, whom he refers to as ‘Ninjas’ of his course.

According to the estimation of some fans, he has made just over $2 million alone from his Amazon course in 1.5 years. The funny thing is, he now sells another type of course – one that teaches you how to sell a course! If that’s not genius we don’t know what is.

The other streams of income he has come from his YouTube Channel where he has about 800k subscribers and counting, which could be his second-largest means of income, but it doesn’t stop here as he finds ways to monetize this channel as well, through AdSense, sponsors and brand collaborators.

And although most of it is paid, he does offer some beginners free advice on his YouTube channel that those who are skeptical of buying his course, can take an initial look at.

Plus you can learn more about him on his website and if you too want to learn how to become famous on YouTube there are some online sources like this one that can help

Last but not the least, Shopify would come last, where he has been noted to make some income through drop-shipping, but the jury’s out on this one, unless he states that he makes money through this means we will be convinced but that has not happened…yet. Who knows, perhaps in another 1.5 years’ time, he will have a course on the ‘How To’ of managing drop shipping too!

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