How to Increase AdSense CPC With Few Simple Tweaks

Always there are two kinds of professionals in the world, The one who work smart with his ideas, another one, who is doing always hard work to survive in the world but he’s not applying any smart ideas to get succeed in the world, If you are a hard worker then make habitual of smart working in the blogging world to hug the success easily.I’m not degrading the hard workers, I’m just suggesting them to habituate smartness in the business work because the greatest level of success comes to the people when they are smart and doing hard work in the process.Let me explain few tactics of how to Increase AdSense CPC of your blog.

Increase AdSense CPC

As a blogger, if your primary source of income is Adsense then make sure to follow few tips to Increase AdSense CPC of your blog.Once your AdSense account is approved then you must target to get high CPM, CPC from the google otherwise you will not make enough money from your blog.If your blog is getting huge traffic but Adsense earning is low then it’s time to understand the facts which I’m going to share with you.Once you follow all the strategies then surely you will Increase AdSense CPC of your blog.


How to Increase AdSense CPC With Few Simple Tweaks


What is AdSense CPC: First Let me define the term “What is CPC stands for”, basically the term CPC stands for Cost Per Click, in simple terms we can say that the amount you earn each time when a user clicks on your ads. Bloggers must concentrate on CTR, CPC of your blog ads to earn more money from google Adsense.It won’t  help you if your blog is getting a thousand impressions on your ads, you must have to get good CPC and CTR to earn enough amount of money.Have you observe that some blogs are making enough money with small niches, a reason is simple they are getting high CPM so that they will pay really well for CPC, Many others reasons also matter such as Ad placement, keywords and etc but the main reason is their niches.

Factors that Affect Adsense CPC: To Increase AdSense CPC choosing a niche for your blog is also most important because mostly the CPC will depend on the topic which your writing in your blog.Some niche content blogs will give you high return some will give you as satisfactory.So before starting blog choose the rich niche to your blog so that you can easily Increase AdSense CPC.I have been mentioning few niche content topics which will Increase AdSense CPC and be having the highest cost per click.

  • Domains: -niche content on domain providers, tools such as  GoDaddy, Bluehost and etc.
  • Gadgets: -niche content on Tech Gadgets such as Apple products(Pays highest CPC)
  • Google: -niche content on Google products, services
  • Microsoft: -niche content on Microsoft products, services
  • Banking: -niche content on banking domain
  • Automobile: -automobile services
  • Jobs: -job posting/job information(Pays Lowest CPC)

Do not worry if your niche blog is under low CPC, you can easily Increase AdSense CPC by following few tips and tricks.

Content: Content is the king in the blogging world, you must have to write the content to attract the readers, you must have to write in the way the readers has to addict of your blog.Try to explore new things, learn new innovative things to attract your readers.If your content is good ultimately you will get huge organic traffic from The USA, UK countries.Once your organic traffic is good then you will easily Increase AdSense CPC of your blog.

Allow Block Ads: Your Google Adsense account have an option of Allow block ads, just go there and check how much each ad category is paying you.If you feel that anyone of the category is not profiting you then feel free to block that category and Block the categories which are completely irrelevant to your niche, if suppose your blog niche is about gadgets but your ads are about dating then try to block it.

Platform: As we know that blogs are read from many platforms such as desktop, mobile, tablet and etc but CPC will not differ by platform, but try to increase the readers from multiple platforms so that you can Increase AdSense CPC as you expected.Your blog must be user-friendly on each and every platform to Increase AdSense CPC quickly.

Country: Targeting country is the most important factor to Increase AdSense CPC, for example, a click from the USA will pay you approximately $1-$2 and a click from India can pay you $0.20-$0.30 so make sure target your content to reach foreign countries so that you can easily Increase AdSense CPC and you will get benefited in page ranking.

Text & Images Ads: Choosing the right format of the ad is also playing a major role to Increase AdSense CPC of your blog.In a page you can place 3 google ads so make sure to place one image and 2 text ads because text ads have higher CTR than images ads,Even both image+text ads also useful to Increase AdSense CPC but in terms of higher CTR, CPC niche content also matter as I specified above as well as placement of ads also matter to Increase AdSense CPC, so try to place two ads in the post and better to place one ad outside of the post.

Keep Experiment: Do not think that above-mentioned tips will enough to Increase AdSense CPC if blogging is your hobby then make sure to experiment with ads placements, ads sizes to Increase AdSense CPC of your blog. 

I would say that definitely, you will see at least 30-40% improvement in your Adsense CPC if you follow all the specified tips perfectly.

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  1. Adsense Optimization is pretty interesting for me. If we concentrate on conversion rate optimization along with SEO, I guess in less time we can improve revenue generating funda of our web marketing efforts. The best way to improve Adsense revenue is to write content on high CPC keywords, but such articles will not perform well in organic search because of high competition. We can drive traffic through low competition keywords to blog and include high paying keywords link within the article; so that visitors would click on high paying keywords link and redirect to high CPC article within a blog.

    For me, it’s just studying with ad placements and experimenting with font size and colors to mix in with the content that works. I know that Google Adsense optimization is critical to earning from blogging. But it is very ugly to use 336×280 at the top of blog post because it diverts reader attention. So I always keep 728×90 or 468×60 at the upper part of the header.

    CPC/CPM/PPC is the most crucial factor if your blogs main monetization factor of Google Adsense. I’m practicing very hard to increase my Adsense earnings because they are very low in my blogs. I’m working with keywords in articles, and I’m praying I can get something more from it. Anyways its an excellent article about increasing Adsense earnings. You have discussed all the key points for increasing CPC of Adsense Ads. Thanks!

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