I Bought a Domain Now What ? (5+ Required Actions to Setup Blog)

I bought a domain now what

Just now I bought a domain now what do I do? Could anyone assist me furthermore steps to gear up my website?

Sure, many newbies are saying “I bought a domain now what do I do? So to assist them we come up with step by step guide.

This guide surely helps to someone, who has just bought a domain and do not know what to do, right after registration.

A couple of years back, I bought a new domain name, right after I was looking for someone’s help to set up my blog.

I couldn’t find the solution, almost I explored every forum, groups and etc. blogging platforms, but no one helped me to set up and run my blog smoothly.

I guess, I asked “I bought a domain now what do I do?” question in every forum multiple times to gear up my blog.

Eventually, I found the solution to my issue on Google and I started to learn step by step process, about what to do after purchasing a domain name.

It took completely a couple of weeks to learn all the things, perhaps every newbie starts their blogging career with “I bought a domain now what do I do” question, don’t you?

However, in this article, I’ll address the “I bought a domain now what do I do” question solution for you.

Instead of struggling you in every forum, just stick for a couple of minutes with me, we will both together achieve the solution.

So first let me discuss few more crucial points to resolve “I bought a domain now what?” question.

#I have a domain name how do I build a website?

Many newbies asked me on Quora about “I have a domain name how do I build a website?” because we have zero knowledge of programming.

website build

Basically, you do not need to aware of programming knowledge to build a website, all the steps are simple and concise.

If you know little English, then you can easily build a stunning website for your business, perhaps next time you will answer “I have a domain name how do I build a website?” for this question easily.

To build a website you need to have branded domain name, web hosting pointing to your domain name, and WordPress platform for easy content customization.

You need to follow sequential step by step guide to start your website effectively.

So let me explain you each step concisely, so that you will better understand the process, and easily overcome “I bought a domain now what do I do?”  Question.

To start any kind of business you must need a domain name, so let me start up with a domain name and etc. process in detail to build a great website.

#Why Domain Name?

Domain name plays a crucial role in spreading the business around the world, so you should choose the best-branded domain name for your websites.

domain name

You can refer, how to find best domain names for your blog? Or website guide, to catch up the best domain name for the website.

Once you find the best domain name, you can check it’s availability by clicking on here, otherwise, if you run blogger blog, then you can get free domain for blogger and link to blogger easily.

You can get the domain name from any hosting provider, but I have listed all the cheap best-hosting providers for you, they are:

Hostinger web hosting plans, and guide to buy hosting from Bluehost for your blog, and HostGator hosting plans and packages.

These are the top service providers around the world, you can buy the domain name as well hosting plans with them.

These all about the domain name, you just need a domain name to build a functional website.

Let me clarify you more details about “I bought a domain now what do I do” query.      

 I Bought a Domain Now What Do I Do? [Step by Step Guide]

Just now I Bought a Domain Now What? Yep after purchasing a domain name, you need to proceed with further steps to build a great website.

I’m sure, at the end of the guide, you will feel comfy with the question “I bought a domain now what do I do?”.

Let me assist you stepwise instructions, to do list after bought a domain name.

#Web Hosting For domain

Domain name is a just branded name to identify your business, unfortunately, the domain name doesn’t work without web hosting.

web hosting

You must point your domain name to web hosting to function your website, web hosting is nothing but, its storage place for your website files.

Web hosting is the backbone of the website, it helps you to store your websites’ images, static web pages, PDF files, videos and etc.

For managing website, you may require handling drag and drop functionalities on WordPress, but web hosting manages back functionalities of your website.

So after purchasing a domain name, you need to point it to web hosting for the smooth functioning of the website.

“Cheap web hosting strategies for newbie bloggers” guide helps you to understand the web hosting services and its functions in detail.

However, these Hostinger web hosting plans, and guide to buying hosting from Bluehost for your blog, and HostGator hosting plans and packages.  Best to buy hosting services and plans.

Other than this you can find many other hosting providers on the market, but they are not good enough for support, reliable, uptime of website.

So pick anyone and get a domain and hosting from the hosting providers to gear up your website on the web.

Newbies are suggested to go with the basic plan, and professional can opt premium higher plans for better visibility of a website on search engines.

Pay attention, just domain name cannot address your business requirements, you must need web hosting pointing to it for smooth functioning.

#Link Domain name to Web Hosting:

Hope, you purchased a domain, web hosting from any one of the registers as mentioned to gear up your website on search engines.

Now, it’s time to link a domain name to web hosting, you do not require any coding skills, programming skills to link the domain name to web hosting.

Just follow the below steps to link the domain to web hosting:

  • You need nameserver configuration information to update on your new domain, every hosting provider send you nameserver configuration details on welcome email.
  • Now note down the nameserver details and contact the support team, if you purchase HostGator, then you need to contact HostGator hosting support team either via email or call.
  • Now, tell them to link a domain name to web hosting, with free of cost, they will link your domain name to hosting in just a few seconds.

Contacting support team is a worthy and well work trick, otherwise, you can do it on your own.

Here is the guide to point the domain name to Hostgator hosting, but my suggestion is better to contact support team for complete assistance.

This is the second step to link domain name to web hosting, furthermore step is to install a necessary platform for your website.

#Install platform on your blog

Once you purchase a domain name, web hosting from hosting registrar, almost 50% hectic process is done, just now you need to install the platform on your blog.

The platform is nothing but, content management system, for writing posts, managing posts, plugins, images, you need one platform, so you need to install a platform for your blog.

Blogging platform help you to

  • Posting articles
  • Post images, files, videos and etc.
  • Plugin support
  • Theme installations
  • Drag and drop functionalities

All these features can be available on every content management platform, so you just need a platform for your blog to do all these things quickly.

First let me tell you, what kind of platforms are available for you to install on your hosting.

  • WordPress.com
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Blogger

These are the best platforms available on the market, but as a beginner, it’s been suggested to choose WordPress for your blog.

#Why WordPress? Why not others? I have a domain name now what WordPress?

WordPress is one of the best open source content management platform used by millions of users.

WordPress infographics

Once you install WordPress on your hosting, you can easily manage themes, plugins, widgets, multimedia, content in one place.

You no need to aware any programming knowledge to operate WordPress on your blogs.

WordPress support drag and drop functionalities, and in addition if you add SEO plugins, then you can easily rank in search engines.

The main key features of WordPress are:

  • Highly secure
  • Quick installation & Responsive
  • 100% customize
  • Search engine friendly & open source
  • Full site in your control

These are the key features of WordPress platform and newbies are strongly recommended to install WordPress platform on their hosting cPanel.

Guide to install WordPress on Bluehost and even you can manage multiple WordPress websites but if you do not know how to install WordPress? Then you can contact your hosting support team to install on behalf of you.

Otherwise, if you know Softaculous Apps installer, then in single quick you can install WordPress on your hosting cPanel account.

Tip: First, Log-in to your hosting cPanel account, and search for Softaculous apps installer or WordPress logo, and click on it (next-next-finish) just in few simple steps you can install it.

#Get a Theme

Hope you are done with a WordPress installation, and now you are in a way to install eye catchy theme on your WordPress.

WordPress platform offers you thousands of free themes, you can install any one of them, and get feedback from readers.


We do not say that free themes don’t perform well, because every theme has its nature, though it’s been suggested to get premium SEO optimized design for the blogs.

Premium themes are search engine friendly, responsive, speedy and well designed, so better to purchase and install the premium theme on your website.

Here are the few best theme providers list

The listed are the premium theme providers, I personally use MyThemeshop themes on my niche blogs, and you can explore all the links, and pick the best theme.

Quick steps to install your premium theme:

  • Login to WordPress
  • Go to WP-Dashboard->Appearance->Themes-Upload theme zip file
  • Once it uploaded, it will install in a couple of seconds.
  • Now activate the theme

These are the quick steps to install a premium theme on your WordPress platform, if you face any difficulty while installing the theme, just comment your query, I’ll assist you.

#Configure SEO on your blog

Probably after building the website, you will work hard to produce great content on your blogs, but content only doesn’t make you rank well in search engine.

SEO infographics

Quality content with a combination of best SEO definitely works well and within a couple of weeks, you will see rankings on search engines.

SEO is nothing but, search engine optimization techniques, where you need to optimize your content, a website for easy crawling.

So you must be aware of what is SEO? and SEO resources for your blogs.

For SEO, you need to care SEO on-page optimization techniques, off page SEO techniques, for better optimization of your blogs.

How to Index Website in Google Search Engine? [Complete Guide]

Pro Tip: As a beginner first, concentrate on producing quality content to your readers with on page SEO techniques.

Once you produce 50+ posts on your blog, then you can do off-page SEO techniques.

Below are the SEO techniques you need to follow, once you habituate blogging in your daily lives.

Note: Install Yoast SEO, plugin or All-in-One SEO plugin on your WordPress to optimize your posts properly.

#Start Posting and Create Necessary Pages:

Once you installed WordPress platform and activated themes on your blog, the very next step is to writing articles and posting on the website.

blog post

Content is a king, so write quality content on your blogs and share with your readers.

If you produce quality content with little SEO then you can rule the on the web, no one can beat you in search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that, you need to write articles effectively to reach your target audience, perhaps facts about blog writing tips for beginners help you.

First, plan your strategies, and then implement on daily basis, never stop writing until you achieve good rankings on search engines.

Search engines love to crawl fresh content, and love to rank the websites which are frequently updating on the web.

Though update your website once a week with great content, and you need to patience while doing blogging because you never find instant results, some may achieve rankings in 6 months, some may achieve in 1 year, 2year and etc.

Never stop writing, continuously write quality content, obviously, you will get good ranks on a search engine.

Most of the people from the USA love to read blog posts, articles on the search engine, pay attention to the below infographic.


If you decided to solely rely on Google AdSense income, then you must need to aware of what is Google AdSense? and how to create AdSense account? Process.

Google AdSense account approval process for newbie bloggers, surely help you to get approval quickly.

Your blog should have pages for Google AdSense approval:

  • About-us page
  • Contact-us page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Terms of Use page

These are the recommendation pages, you need to have before going to apply for Google AdSense and it maximizes the chance of an approval.

#Grow Your Blog:

Blogging is the time taking process, you never get success in just a few months, and you need to learn SEO tactics, traffic improvements tips constantly to grow your blog.

business grow

After writing few quality posts on the blog, try hard to improve search engine traffic to your blog.

Search engine traffic is quality, worthy traffic, it gains you loyal readers to your blog, and learn how to drive traffic from various resources as well.

Perhaps, “the complete guide to submitting your website to StumbleUpon for boosting traffic” help you to boost your blog traffic.

Top free high PR directory submission sites, list surely drive forum targeted traffic to your blogs.

These are the complete insights and insane truths about blogs, work hard surely you will get succeed in a couple of months.

Hope you got a clear idea about “I bought a domain now what?” query, and even if someone asks you, definitely you will address the solution for “I bought a domain now what?” query.

FAQs about “I bought a domain now what do I do?” query

Q) I bought a domain name from google now what?

A) After you bought a domain name from Google, you need hosting, platform services to manage your blogs effectively.

Q) I have a domain name but no host?

A) You should require web hosting pointing to your domain name, otherwise, you can not run your blog on the internet.

These are the step by step guide about “I bought a domain now what?” query, hope you understood the complete process.

We love to hear you, kindly share your comments, views, queries through the comment section, we love to reply you and resolve your queries.

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