How to Select Best Web Hosting For SEO?

best web hosting provider

Do you know your web hosting provider plays an important role in context with the SEO?

Like all the parameters that are taken into consideration for online success, selecting a web hosting company should be considered that can perfectly optimized with your goals.

There are hundreds of web hosting providers available and selecting the best one depends on your personal requirements.

These requirements are identified from the type of website that you wish to host. Like for example, a blog and eCommerce sites both rely on search engine optimization (SEO), but they may not be equally served by a hosting company.

The specific need such as compatibility with a platform like WordPress or the budget constraints may vary for every online business.

Because of these reasons, we will consider a hosting option that is suited for all types of hosting needs.

Web Hosting Factors To Be Considered For SEO

Choosing the right web hosting for your SEO depends on the following parameters :

1) Uptime

A good hosting provider undertakes lots of efforts to ensure that your website shall experience as much uptime as possible. The latest technology is involved to keep your website running for a longer time.

The percentage of time that your site remains on the internet, effects your long term SEO.

Downtime immediately has adverse effects as the visitors no longer are able to access the website.

When any visitor wants to access your site but due to poor up-time, if a site doesn’t work then it leads to poor user experience.  Next time visitor will never come back on your site.

This also results in increasing the bounce rate of a site. During the downtime period site is temporarily removed from SERP which informs search robots about the poor performance of the site.

Repairing such errors would not be difficult and a best web hosting provider can serve at least 99.9% uptime.

2) Speed

Do you know, search engines can penalized your domain if the loading time is bad or average?

The speed of your site depends completely on the web hosting you are opting for.

Make sure you choose a host with a history of delivering good speeds when SEO is your primary concern.

Speed is considered as an important ranking factor by search engines.

The site that gets load fast is shown upper on search results and thus, improves the rapport between visitors and site.

3) Server Location

The geographical location of a server matters a lot for the performance of your website.

Always choose the data-center location close to your operating office that ensures, that there will be naturally fast server response time for your site.

You can also consider whether or not the server location is close to natural disasters prone areas.

The hosting provider shall make sure that your business doesn’t get affected due to floods, earthquakes, sudden electric cut-off or anything.

4) Quality Support

To make your website SEO favorite, it needs to run on the internet for 24/7 that too as per the visitors’ choice.

You should make sure that your hosting provider responds immediately to problems that come up at any point of time.

Thus around the clock technical support from hosting service providers is considered as one of the important parameters to be considered while selecting it.

It is a good idea to test the support service by choosing a hosting provider for at least a month before finalizing it.

The easiest way to do so is, by shooting technical queries on their chat support service provided on the website.

The company that can respond to the chat support immediately, can always be available for future issues. Also, ask them what kind of expertise do they offer, or how they will handle any of your technical problems.

Parameters To Decide SEO For Websites

Apart from choosing a web hosting provider, one shall also consider the hosting parameters offered according to the website’s requirements.

1) Availability Of Disk Space

The availability of disk space offered varies for every web hosting provider and their plans.

For a small business or blog sites, you may not require a large amount of space. So, it is better to select the space by asking it to the provider itself.

They can guide you well on for what type of website, which plan goes well.

2) Availability Of  WordPress Hosting

A site developed in WordPress needs WordPress hosting only. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and is used by most developers nowadays.

It offers themes, plugins, etc. that suits any type of website right from fashion to technology.

A full-fledged CMS also allows you to convert your site into an eCommerce website in case you wish to start online selling.

If you are already sure that you are going to use the WordPress site, then it becomes easy for you to specialize in the hosting options.

Choose a theme from plentiful options and get started.

3) Free Site Builder

The process of developing a website and then hosting it may take a lot of time. And in this case, you may have to depend on a lot of developers. So, a better option is to go with the site builder tool. Using this, you can create your own website according to your requirements.

The knowledge of coding is not required to use this tool, it a simple drag and drop option. Just select a theme and put your content into it. That’s it. Many web hosting providers offer this tool with their plans.

So, if you are looking for the web hosting option that suits SEO also, make sure you go through all the above points.


Web hosting providers and the server location are mostly neglected parameters while choosing a perfect partner. But, these can have a direct effect on your SEO performance.

The better way to select a web hosting partner is by testing its service for 15-20 days.

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