How to Access cPanel of my Website? [GoDaddy,Bluehost,Hostgator,Namecheap]

Hey Folks, I have purchased the domain Webhosting from popular hosting provider,They have hosted my website on Asian data centers and everything is going well but I do want to configure my website files in cPanel,so can anyone guide me to access cPanel of my website so that I can customize the files to work better my website.

Yeah Obviously, I’ll guide you to access your website cPanel in an easy way and it doesn’t matter that if you purchased the domain from GoDaddy or Bluehost or Hostgator or Namecheap registrars.

How to Access cPanel of my Website

First let me briefly discuss each Webhosting registrars cPanel login information, so that you can easily understand the importance of accessing cPanel for your website.

You can directly access cPanel of the website, or you can use cPanel login port to log in your accounts, I’ll make you aware of both the ways.

How to Access cPanel of my Website?


Every Webhosting provider has the cPanel access to their webmasters so webmasters can access cPanel account and they can do customization according to their requirements.

In cPanel account, you can take the backup of your website, you can create unlimited professional email accounts and you can add subdomains for your website to manage it effectively.

cPanel means control panel of the website, you can control your website activities in the account and you can modify the settings.

Let me guide you to access cPanel of the websites in multiple hosting providers.

Why cPanel Login Godaddy?


GoDaddy is one of the best Webhosting providers in the world, it provides each and every need of their customers in cheap of cost and you need to login GoDaddy cPanel to create email accounts, and to access webmail accounts and for creating sub-domains and much more you can do it with GoDaddy cPanel account.

GoDaddy Backup Through cPanel account.

After entering the below URL on the browser, you will get GoDaddy cPanel login page, Here you need to enter credentials to log in the GoDaddy cPanel account.

GoDaddy cPanel URL is: http://your domain name/cpanel e.g:-
For GoDaddy cPanel email login click the given link.

Why Bluehost cPanel?


Bluehost is one of the best cheap Webhosting providers in the hosting industry, They serve all the needs of their customers, You need Bluehost cPanel, to create free professional email accounts, and to access webmail accounts and for subdomains information.

Offers & Coupons Available Buy Hosting From Bluehost and setup WordPress in Bluehost cPanel.

Bluehost cPanel URL:  Enter the URL in Browser, or click here for Bluehost cPanel account.

Bluehost Secure Login:, Both the URLs are valid and secure. After navigating the Bluehost cPanel page, you need to enter your valid credentials to get cPanel login page.

Why HostGator cPanel Login?


HostGator offers Domains Names, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, SSL Certificate for their customers, and You need HostGator cPanel login to create email accounts, webmail access and for creating the subdomain for your websites.

Offers & Coupons Available: HostGator Hosting Plans and Packages.

You will receive HostGator cPanel login information on your welcome email and enter the same information on cPanel login page to enter into the HostGator cPanel account.

HostGator cPanel login URL:

  • http://YourSitesIPAddress/cpanel

HostGator cPanel login port: https://YourSitesIPAddress:2083 (This one is, HostGator Secure cPanel login method)

Why Namecheap cPanel?


Namecheap is foreign Webhosting providers, it has datacenters in the USA, UK countries, Namecheap also provides all the needs of their customers, You need the Namecheap control panel to create free email accounts and to access webmail in Namecheap for your needs.

First, Login to Namecheap cPanel account by typing valid credentials in the page and customize the details as your needs.

Namecheap cPanel login URL: For cPanel admin login click the link- Namecheap cPanel login.

Some Webhosting providers offer cPanel login port and some Webhosting provider gives you direct cPanel login page URL, you can use anyone to access your account.

These are the complete cPanel hosting login information of GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Namecheap Webhosting providers.

FAQs of How to Access cPanel of my Website?

Q) What is the WordPress cPanel?

A) Every Webhosting provider gives an opportunity to the webmasters to customize their websites files and you can get WordPress cPanel admin login information on purchasing domain hosting from them.

Q) How do I log into cPanel?

A) You can follow the mentioned guide to log into cPanel of respective provider.

Q) What is cPanel login port and How to get cPanel login port?

A) You can securely log into your with cPanel login port and you can get cPanel login port details with your respective providers.

Do You have any Queries? Need Assistance to fix the issue? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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