High Page Rank Free Social Bookmarking Sites List [USA links]

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

Are you looking to promote your website on the internet? You came to right place, these high page rank free social bookmarking sites list help you to submit your content around the world.

These high page rank free social bookmarking sites list boost your search engine rankings in no time and offer backlinks to the websites.

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By the way, getting backlinks from higher authority website always add value to our website, although it has the no-follow backlink.

However, I have collected a high page rank free social bookmarking sites list, many of the backlinks are from Free High PR Do Follow Web 2.0 Sites.

Web 2.0 sites backlinks are very powerful because they are trusted and already gained popularity on search engines.

You can create as many backlinks as you want from these free social bookmarking sites list, doesn’t matter whether it’s followed or no-follow.

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These free social bookmarking sites lists help you to boost search engine rankings, so it’s been suggesting to create backlinks from your favorite keywords which you want to rank higher on the web.

You do not rely on any machinery tool to build quality backlink to a website, you just need to follow these free social bookmarking sites list, to create tools free quality backlinks.

Free social bookmarking sites list Backlinks help keywords to rank well on a search engine, so ultimately you can see improvement in organic traffic.

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First let me introduce you to, social bookmarking websites, and its functionalities with you to understand its importance for the websites.

#What is Social Bookmarking Websites?

Social bookmarking websites are the high authority websites, they gained trust, higher page rank from search engines.

Social bookmarking websites are nothing but in simple terms, we can say that sharing platforms, promotional platforms, where audience hangout and can share, videos, content, images, and files on the internet.

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You can share anything on Social bookmarking websites, moreover, you can get popularity as well backlink in return.

On social bookmarking websites, you can interact with similar niche bloggers, in addition, you can invite them for guest posts and you can guest posts on their websites for link building.

Here is the few popular social sites list:

These are the few familiar and popular social sites list, but let me tell you what you can do with social sites list for your websites.

#Advantages of social sites list

There are tons of advantages with social sites list, so you just need to use them properly for your website rankings.

Social sites are highly popular platforms, so getting backlinks from them abruptly boost your search engine rankings.

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Social sites list has high domain authority & page authority, so they boost our website authority as well on Moz explorer.

If your content go viral on social sites, then you will get huge traffic to your websites, so always share viral, interested content on social sites.

StumbleUpon for Boosting Traffic case study may help you to drive social traffic to your website.

These social sites list promote your website around the world, so obviously you an improve conversation rates.

So never underestimate the power of social bookmarking sites, and let me tell you what the advantages of social sites list.

  • High authority backlinks
  • Social promotion
  • Improves domain authority & Page authority of websites
  • Drive social traffic
  • Increase search engine rankings

These are the few preferable benefits of social sites list, so immediately get backlinks from social sites to boost rankings & traffic of your website.

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Now let me list out all the high page rank free social bookmarking sites list with you to create backlinks from them.

High Page Rank Free Social Bookmarking Sites List [USA links]

High page rank backlinks are quality backlinks, instead of getting thousand spam links, suggested to get one quality high page rank backlink.

Make sure to create dofollow backlinks from high page rank free social bookmarking sites list, because do-follow backlinks passes link juice for ranking improvements.

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All the collection is high page rank free social bookmarking sites list, so surely it will boost your website rankings & traffic.

Here’s the high page rank free social bookmarking sites list:

S No.Social Bookmarking SitePADAMozRank
2blinklist.com86.3286.56 6.89
3dzone.com 85.6482.776.33
4fark.com 68.2879.4 5.96
5bibsonomy.org 56.7469.595.12
6soup.io 57.9365.785
7faves.com 65.5258.496.46
8fark.com 68.2879.45.96
9wikio.com 52.4965.764.66
10blogmarks.net73.98 70.556.25
11bizsugar.com 58.6569.145.44
12newsle.com 68.0261.385.49
13ttlink.com 54.8149.546.33
14cloudytags.com 44.5144.064.79
15wikitechguru.com 38.2142.755.82
16blokube.com 51.5741.995.22
17social-bookmarking.net 45.2836.493.77
18coolpot.com 42.5535.88 4.67
19sociopost.com 45.0334.93.56
20tumblir.com 34.7630.483.58
21softsblog.com 32.7329.123.73
22technogies.com 36.9828.833.79
23dictaf.net 35.6628.144.15
24airpim.biz 34.9925.494.26
25openwebmarks.com 37.5926.063.49
26activebookmarks.com 38.0526.243.46
27klicknews.com 31.4224.944.13
28votetags.com 36.3 24.313.46
29lydla.com 36.0423.684.26
30eggig.com 30.63 22.273.46

#Social Bookmarking For SEO

For better rankings & search engine optimization, you need to follow few instructions while creating backlinks from social sites list.

You can create as many backlinks as you want from one platform, however, it must relevant and result generated.

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Here are the quick steps for how to get backlinks and for Social Bookmarking for SEO.

Instructions to Social Bookmarking For SEO:

  • First, Register on the websites
  • Complete profile section.
  • Link your keywords in brief description.
  • Share viral, interesting content regularly.
  • Do not spam

These are the quick steps to build quality backlinks from high page rank free social bookmarking sites list.

These are high page rank free social bookmarking sites list in the USA, some are hosted any other countries, but try to get backlinks from each one of them.

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Once you follow all these steps, surely within a couple of weeks, you can grab backlink from the high page rank free social bookmarking sites.

You can check backlinks in Google search console for the confirmation, and if you found any spam backlink then remove URL from Google Index.

In addition of high page rank free social bookmarking sites list, you can also create backlinks from a Top free high PR directory submission sites list.

These are the dofollow social bookmarking sites list with high page rank, even no-follow also adds value to your website, so do not miss the chance to grab any link from web 2.0 sites list.

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These are the complete information about the high page rank free social bookmarking sites list.

We love to hear you, share your views,  queries through the comment section, we will help you to resolve as quickly as possible.

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