Google Has Started the Mobile First Indexing [Latest Update]

Mobile indexing first

Ouch! Since a couple of weeks, my website traffic is down by 60%, it seems Google has been updating its algorithms, is really Google has started the Mobile first indexing?

Yep, Google has started the mobile first indexing process, because to serve better for mobile phone users around the world.

I have visited many forums, social groups, and got a feedback from many pro-bloggers, everyone is weeping their faces and saying, things are going worst since September.

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Mobile first indexing rolling out and website ranks are fluctuating for every hour, earlier I used to get tons of traffic to my website, but it’s been dropped to hundreds.

Mobile first indexing is really making disappointed in search engine ranks, I lose my ranking keywords from the first page to 10th page.

Only high authority sites are managing well, and other websites are badly affected by this rolling out.

Since a couple of weeks, I have been listening to this kind of words from every webmaster, but from another side, few are saying, my articles are started to rank well in search engine.

Google Ranking news

Suddenly, my keywords are up by 10 places on search engines, and now I have been enjoying the traffic like anything.

Really mobile first indexing has been giving bitter experience, as well wonderful experience to the webmasters.

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After listening to this kind of words, I started to search for Google Mobile first indexing update, I gotta collect valuable information to share with you.

First, let me introduce you, what is Google mobile first indexing? And what’s its main purpose to rolling out?

#What is Google Mobile First Strategy?

I have been writing quality content and within a couple of days my keywords used to be rank on Google search, but now totally faded, I’m not even seeing any results related to my keywords after a week.

Yup, this is because of Google mobile first indexing, I have collected data from various data research tools.

Pay attention to these charts, and observe the Google algorithm changes, it has been seeing Google frequently updating its algorithm.


rank ranger

Cognizitve SEO

These mobile changes infographics saying that something is going on, either Google is testing or it’s been trying to roll out new algorithms.

Basically, Google doesn’t disclose any updates, algorithms to anyone, although Google members officially agreed that some tests going on for mobile indexing.

Obviously, it’s Google Mobile first indexing process, and let me tell you what is Google Mobile First strategy?

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Google Mobile first indexing is a simple process, whatever data available on the web will be indexed, crawled completely for mobile perspective.

The whole websites data, content, information will be an index for mobile perspective, for that Google has been started Mobile first indexing process.

Mobile first indexing process completely crawls every data and then it will rank the keywords, so that’s why webmasters are facing keywords fluctuation on the web.

This all about Google mobile first indexing process, and let me discuss more mobile first indexing, to let you know the tactics behind it.

Doe’s Google Mobile First Indexing Roll Out?

As a blogger, the business professional we purely depend on organic traffic, and we believe that organic traffic gets loyal visitors to our blog.

Few professionals follow White hat SEO techniques to rank well on search engines, few were habituate black hat SEO techniques to rank well on search engines.

The major difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is, white hat SEO takes time to rank well on search engines whereas black hat gives you instant results.

Finally, always white hat SEO professionals win the game, because of Google SEO updates & ranking updates.

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Google mainly focus on to give best results to the users, for that it can do anything, such as like Google mobile first indexing.

For mobile phone channel user experience, it has been rolling out Mobile first indexing tactic.

Maybe webmasters may suffer for a couple of months, but after that rankings will get back to its original position if the content is quality and user liked.

#How to get rid of Mobile first indexing?

Lol, nothing is in our hand, let Google complete mobile first indexing, but as webmasters, we are not supposed to completely relay on only organic traffic.

We need to build quality traffic from various resources because we can’t assure that what happens on next day.

Which algorithm may be rolling out, and algorithm impact may ruin our website traffic at any time, so we need to make various web traffic resources to websites.

Now how to get rid of Mobile first indexing? And how to get back traffic to our website? Is the main concern.

Simple, Do not panic for a couple of days, do not bother about SERP rankings, just mainly focus on social traffic, referral traffic, email marketing and etc.

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These are the main resources where you get tons of traffic to websites so that at least you can get decent traffic until Mobile first index has complete.

These are the complete details about Mobile first indexing process and its tactics.

#Who will lose rankings after Mobile first indexing?

Perhaps, now every webmaster is facing traffic down, keywords fluctuation but after completion of Google mobile first indexing, these types of content webmasters may lose their ranking on search engines.

  • Duplicate content
  • Blackhat SEO techniques
  • Spam backlinks
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Ranking manipulation

This kind of content webmasters may lose the ranking after completion of mobile first index Google.

Kindly wait for sometime to get earlier rankings, now focuses more on other resources to drive traffic to your website.

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Let us know about your views on mobile first index SEO.

Have you noticed any changes in your SERP? Are your keywords are ranking well? Kindly share your views and share the article on social media to let aware other webmasters about Google Mobile first indexing.

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