Google Matched Content Ads Can Help to Boost Earnings? [Complete Review]

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Google always innovating new ways to advertise their programs, among them one of the best programs is Google AdSense, it is one of the best advertising programs in the blogging world, Google helps you to place ad codes on our website but do you know we can show relevant ads to our readers? And we can engage them to our blogs, yes, with Google Matched content ads, we can help our readers to find best ads relevant to the content.

Once you got an approval from Google AdSense, you are eligible to place an ad unit in the websites, after placing ad units, ads will be display based on the content, and this is the general scenario which we have seen till now, but Google introduced a free recommendation, its Google matched content ads.

Google matched content ads are the recommendations which will help you to promote your content with related ads.

You can improve page views with the Google matched content ads, you can improve time spent on the website, you can improve ad impressions, so ultimately you can boost your Google AdSense earnings with Google matched content ads.

#What has Google matched content ads?

Google matched content ads are recommendations from Google AdSense team, which will help users to find content relevant ads on the websites.

Google matched content ads will display purely related to your content, suppose if your niche is hosting, then only hosting related ads will appear to your readers, so that users can spend more time on your blogs, and they likely to click on the ads.

#Important things about Google Matched content ads

  • You can place Google matched content ads on any of the pages of your website
  • Google matched content ads will display on desktops, mobiles, tablets platforms.
  • You can not apply experiment to Google matched content ads.
  • AdSense policy rules still apply for the matched content ads.

#Eligibility to use Matched content:

Webmasters do not have an option to apply for the Google matched content ads, Google itself select the publishers, only they can able to place google matched content ads on their websites.

The eligibility of matched content ads are:

  • 1,000 Unique visitors
  • 1,000 + Unique page views
  • A unique image on most of the pages of their site

These are the minimum requirements to eligible for Google matched content ads.

Google Matched Content Ads Can Help You to Boost Earnings?

Google matched content ads are the best options for the bloggers, many pro bloggers are earning tons of bucks an every month with this ad units.

Basically, You can increase Google AdSense CPC in few simple steps and with one click you can easily earn $50 per click.

Do not want you to earn tons of bucks each month? If ‘yes’, then please verify that your website is eligible for matched content ads or not.

 #Check if your site is eligible for Matched content:

You need to log-in your Google AdSense account to verify that your website is eligible for the matched content ads or not.

To check the eligibility of your site:

  1. Login to your active AdSense account.
  2. Now, navigate to left navigation panel, and click on “Settings” option.
  3. You will get drop down with “My sites” option.
  4. Now under “My sites” option click on “Matched content” option.
  5. Now, in the “Sites” section, check to see if your site is listed.

matched content option

Note: If you are unable to see anything under “My sites” option, means your site is not eligible for the Google matched content ads.

If your site is listed under “My sites” with matched content eligible then you can start to place Google matched content ads on your website to boost earnings.

Hurray! My website is eligible for Google matched content, now how to place the matched ads on my site?

#Create a Matched content unit

You need to create the new matched content unit for your website, you can not modify the existing ads option to convert matched content ads.

#Follow the below steps carefully to create a matched content unit:

1) To create matched content unit, first log-in to your Google AdSense account.

2) Navigate to left navigation panel and click on “My ads” option.

3) Click on +new ad unit option to create the new ad.

4) Here you need to select “Matched content” ad unit to proceed further.

matched unit

5) Give the name to your Matched content ad unit to identify easily.

6) Now you can choose any style and size of your matched content ad.

7) Save the options and Get the code and place on your sidebar or before the last paragraph of your articles.

google matched content ads

#Placement of Matched content units

Google matched content ad units are best options for the in-depth article writers, so if you are writing in-depth articles then do not miss the chance to place matched content ad units on your websites.

The perfect and recommend placement of matched content units are, below the article or sidebar of your website.

#Matched Content Ads Can Help to Boost Earnings

Obviously, the answer is “Yes” because with matched content ad units you can grab your reader’s attention, you can make them spend a long time on your websites, so session duration will improve.

You can engage maximum users to your blogs so that page views will increase day by day, ad impressions also increase so finally you can make decent bucks from the matched content ad program.

FAQs about Google Matched content ad units

Q) Adsense matched content & how to get matched content ads?

A) If your website is not eligible then obviously you can not see the matched content option in your Adsense account, kindly write a quality article and improve the visibility of your website in search engines, sure your website gonna eligible for Google matched content ads.

Q) Can we boost Adsense matched content earnings?

A) Yeah! Sure, you can boost AdSense matched content earnings for that write lengthy articles and choose perfect placement for your Google matched content ads.

I want to hear from you, do your website is eligible for Google AdSense matched content ads? Please share your experience with the matched content ads.

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