Google AdWords and Google AdSense: What’s the Difference?

Google adwords

For anyone to understand the difference between Adwords and AdSense, it’s best to start with what their functions are individual.

In very basic terms, Google AdWords allows your advertisements to be displayed on Google, while Google AdSense allows them to advertise on your website.

Both online advertising platforms were developed by Google, and they have positively contributed to the multinational company’s success.


Started in 2000, Google AdWords allows advertisers to place ads about their website campaign’s product, service, or cause on Google, their search content result pages, and their network of partners.

The hope is that the people that are driven to your site from these ads will convert to sales.

How does Google AdWords work? Your business creates a free Google AdWords account and creates ads that will promote your business online through Google’s multiple channels, such as YouTube, Google Shopping, Google searches, Google Display Network, etc.

You will research the correct keywords that can lead the relevant people to your business’s products or services; Google can help them with this undertaking.

Though creating a Google AdWords account is free, creating ads and running promotional campaigns is not.

The advertiser will choose which of the two online advertising pricing models that you would prefer to use (i.e. cost per mille (CPM) or pay per click (PPC)) and which of the two Google networks (i.e. Google Search Network or Google Display Network) that you would like to use.  More on that later.

How will Google AdWords benefit you? This will guarantee that your website will have more visitors, leads, and business in general.  Of course, you will have to spend money to make money.

The money that your business uses from your advertising budget needs to create the best promotional ads that will convince people that they need the product or service that you are offering, that you write and target the relevant customers to make a return on your investment, and that the customers will become instant purchasers or guaranteed leads!


Started in 2003, Google AdSense was made for website “publishers”, known as website owners, and is for people who are publishing content and want to earn money from the people who come to their website.

It is a system that Google uses to distribute ads from new, everyday advertising campaigns from Google AdWords to rake in the relevant audience to similar offers.

This is the Google Display Network option that was introduced above.  With Google AdSense, you will be displaying advertisements from Google on your website, and you are paid by Google when people see and click the advertisement.

If someone views and/or clicks a Google ad on your website, you will be paid 68% of the profit and Google keeps the other 32%. This is how you as the publisher monetize your website or blog.

How does Google AdSense work? First, simply sign up and submit your website to Google AdSense for free.  Second, Google evaluates your website and approves you as a publisher.

Lastly, a code will be sent to you to use on your website, and you will choose where these ads can be displayed.

You will also ensure that you aren’t promoting anything irrelevant, negative, dangerous, or explicit on your site!

How will this benefit you? Google AdSense will pay you to run ads on your own website campaign or blog, and you will get to monetize your existing website based on your existing traffic!  As a website publisher, you get to make personal choices about what and where Google can use on your website.

You can make sure that the ads are from the highest bidding business or individuals, that the ads are the most relevant and impactful to your audience, and that Google is not placing spam, negative, or explicit content.

You will have control over what and where can be put on your website.  Lastly, Google will pay you directly for how many views (or impressions) and clicks that the ad will make.


The easiest way to figure out which platform you should be using, look ask yourself your main intention:

Do you want to drive people through advertisements to your website? Use Google AdWords.

Do you want to get paid when people are going through your website? Use Google AdSense.With Google AdWords, you pay Google.

With Google AdSense, Google pays you!  This is the biggest difference between the two Google platforms.

AdWords are for advertisers and AdSense is for website publishers!  Which one are you?

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