Google AdSense Rejection Reasons & Fixes For Bloggers

Google AdSense Rejection Reasons

Here we go for Google AdSense Rejection Reasons & Fixes For Bloggers …

Hope you are aware of What is Google AdSense ? and Why Google AdSense is important in the blogging world.

If you are decided to make some money from your blog then Google AdSense is the best, most suitable ad program for you, every blogger dream is to get approve from Google AdSense but Google AdSense team is very strict when it comes to approving the new application.

A couple of years back everyone is trying to trick in AdSense to get approval their applications, so they have made very strict policies and very hard process for the newbie bloggers.

Today I’m going to share with you everything that you need to do before applying for AdSense program and what are the Google AdSense Rejection Reasons the bloggers are facing.

Google AdSense Rejection Reasons

Google AdSense Rejection Reasons

Most of the bloggers will choose Google AdSense program to monetize their website because with Google AdSense we can earn huge amount of money if we do the work in right way.Let’s talk about Google AdSense Rejection Reasons.

Insufficient Content:  It means that your website doesn’t have sufficient content for google specialists to review, in another way we can say that your website doesn’t have more indexed articles in google, google always gives a lot of value to the content of your website before accepting the application. if your content is poorly written having grammatical mistakes then google directly reject your AdSense application. Your content should be unique, grammatically correct and it will give more value to the readers of the blog.

Page Type/Design of Website: Couple of minutes back I have visited some website, It’s UI(User Interface) is having fully colorful,I was unable to read the content of that website because totally it was a like a makeup kit(having lots of colors in website template),then I decided not to visit that website again in my life,Yes nobody will never visit that website again.In google point of you also same, it will not accept the application from the poorly designed blogs which are not having comforts to the eye.

No Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us PagesTo get an approval from Google AdSense team your website must have some pages, these are about us, privacy policy and contact us pages. Actually, these pages will give an impression that you are a professional and you are obeying google policies.If you miss out any pages then directly google will disapprove your AdSense application.

Google AdSense Policies: Bloggers, webmasters must have to follow Google AdSense policies to get approval from the AdSense team, such as rich, unique meaningful content, getting organic traffic from search engines. If your website doesn’t follow anyone policy also your AdSense application will reject by AdSense team.

Google AdSense Fixes

Write High-Quality Content: Do not write the content for the search engines, write the content to reach your targeted audience and before going to apply for AdSense make sure to have quality content on your website, write unique high-quality content to reach your targeted audience.Google always loves the blog which is providing unique fresh content to the audience.Remember that your application is going to review by the humans, not the machines so try to impress them with your content.For approval of Google AdSense application, your site must have at least 5 quality indexed articles in search engines. Each and every article must contain minimum 500+ words to get an approval.

Create Pages for your blog: If your website has privacy policy page then there are more chances to get approval from google team.The main reason for privacy policy is, You are officially saying that you are not a scam and giving a sense of a serious business.Privacy will describe to your readers about your blog do’s don’t do’s. Make sure to have about us page on your website, it’s will play a crucial role in the application approval process because everyone will come to know about blog topic by seeing about us page only.The About-us page must describe the functionalities of your blog.Contact Us page also important for an approval, you must give an opportunity to your readers to speak up to you and tell how they feel about your blog.

Google Policies: Your website and content should obey the google conditions & policies, and do not apply for the AdSense if you do not have the 18+ age.

Blog Design: Once check my blog template, it looks a simple and having an easy navigation.Yes, blog design also matters to get an approval from AdSense team.So use light-weight templates and plugins for your website and do not include useless widgets to your website.Check the below terminologies

  • Use Simple & Professional templates
  • Must have an easy navigation
  • Proper menus
  • Remove useless items in sidebar, footer  area
  • Website should be search engine friendly
  • Fast loading speed

Remove Other Ad Networks: To get an AdSense approval, your website must not have any other ads, if you have then remove them before applying for AdSense, even google will allow you to use other ad networks along with them but better to remove other ads before applying the AdSense.

Try to read Google AdSense Rejection Reasons carefully and follow fixes for your website.If still your website got rejected then do not lose the hope, take your time to fix the issues.Google AdSense Team will clearly mention the Google AdSense Rejection Reasons via email, try to overcome those and apply again for the AdSense, remember you can apply again and again until you finally get approved from the Google AdSense team.There is no issue with that but you have to use the same email account that you used for the first time. 

How to get Google Adsense approval fast:  Don’t panic if your AdSense account is disapproved, I have clearly mentioned each and everything to get Google AdSense approval fast Here.

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