Google AdSense Payment Method For The Bloggers

Here we go to Google AdSense Payment Method & Payment dates information…

Once Google AdSense account is approved for your website then the next step is getting paid by the AdSense team, for that, you need to set up the payment information in your AdSense account such as,

  • Postal Address
  • Providing Tax Information
  • Select a payment method

Postal Address should be confirmed and tax information is applicable in some countries only.

If you already included the above information in the AdSense account then you can ignore this, if not then make sure to update the details in your account and Google also notifies you to validate all the data. 

Once your AdSense account reaches the minimum threshold you will get a PIN to your payment address, you must have to enter this code in your account for the confirmation of payment address.

Google AdSense Payment Method For The Bloggers

When do I get Paid? Basically, AdSense will calculate the income for the period of a month and they will start the transactions in the last week of every month depending on the payment method which you choose and sometimes it may delay for 2-3 days to get the payment. Some methods & Calculations you can see

  • Standard delivery checks in USA Country—>1-2 weeks
  • Standard delivery checks Non-USA countries—> 2-6 weeks
  • Secure delivery checks—> 5-7 weeks
  • Bank Transfer/EFT payments—> 4-10 days
  • Western Union Quick Cash—> 1 day
  • Rapida payments—> 2 days

Above calculations are based on the experience of bloggers but it may take early or delay in the Google AdSense Payment Method, but mostly you will get paid by the AdSense schedule.

What is Payment threshold? Threshold refers to a minimal amount of earnings you need to get before getting paid by the AdSense, you won’t get paid for the month you earned $40 but when you earned $90 the coming month you will get paid totally $130 by the AdSense team. Payment threshold differs by the currency, some sample values are

  • U.S.A. Dollar  $100
  • Euro  €70
  • British Pound  £60
  • Yen  ¥10000
  • Australian Dollar  A$100

How to set Payment form? Follow these steps

  • First, sign in your Google AdSense account
  • You will see the settings in left navigation panel
  • Now click payments
  • Click Add Payment method
  • Now in the Add your payment method(here you have to enter your bank account information)
  • Finally, click the save button to commit your details

Required Bank Account Information:

  • Account Holder Name
  • Bank Name
  • IFSC code
  • SWIFT BIC(contact banks to get this code)
  • Your Account Number
  • Re-type Account Number

In Google AdSense Payment Method nobody will get paid early everyone will get paid according to the Google AdSense schedule, Google will send a notification to you about AdSense payments and you have an opportunity to change your threshold in Google AdSense Payment Method.

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