What is Google AdSense ? Exclusive Guide For Newbie Bloggers

Here we go for What is Google AdSense and how to monetize your website with google Adsense …

The simplest and basic term in the blogging world is “what is google Adsense ?” , let me define the term in a simple way that, Google AdSense is a cost per click advertising program which allows the publishers,(who wants to put ads on their website)to insert a small piece of code in their websites.The ads will be displayed based on your content in the post. I’m going to discuss few more interesting things about google AdSense, make sure to read it carefully.

What is Google AdSense ? and How it Works?

AdSense is the easiest way for bloggers to start making money with their sites by keeping ads code on their website.Once you place your code on the website, the AdSense spiders will crawl your website and they will display ads based on your content in the article.Google Adsense works well for each and every blogger to make money online by simply placing ads on the websites.

Exactly How Google AdSense WordPress Works? :- Actually Google AdSense starts with the advertisers who choose which keywords they would like to advertise on ,For Instance I would like to advertise my new line of automatic tools just I created,so I would bid on certain keywords such as automated tools, automatic-machines, automatic things and etc.Once I specify the keywords than those specific keywords when people type in the search engine(Google) automatically top and right of the search results ads will display and the next one is websites that display ads like you.So google crawl your site to see what all your content is about, that’s why most of the time everyone suggests you to “Choose niche blog” do not write about multiple topics.

Bloggers can earn money with Google AdSense either per-click or per-impression basis.
Various Ad Types:

  • Content Ads: – Based on content we written in website the ads will be display
  • Page Level Ads: – One ad unit on each page
  • Search Ads: – Based on search keywords ads will, you will receive 51%of revenue
  • Video Ads: – Displaying ads over the video content.
  • Link Units: – Based on user interest ads will display

Ad Types: Google AdSense have simple text, image, and animated image, flash video or rich media ads.The user can change sizes and can choose both text+multimedia ads or just one of them for their websites.

What is Google AdSense For bloggers? Now you are aware of What is Google AdSense ?,but for bloggers we can say that simply making ad space available in the website and pasting ad code into the site where you want the ads to appear, so Google will display the highest paying ads on your website, Once it has done then you will get paid from google AdSense team.

How to start Google Adsense? First, you need your own website then simply with a google account you can proceed with approval process but you need a mailing address associated with your bank account to receive the payments from google AdSense team.

Note: Google AdSense Login process is very easy and Webmasters won’t be able to sign up without a postal address, so make sure to ready with a postal address before going to apply for google Adsense process.

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