GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review [Latest Guide & Tips]

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review

Are you looking for monetizing the blogs with affiliate programs? Then GoDaddy affiliate program review definitely helps you to choose the best affiliate program for your blogs.

In this articles, I’m going to share with you about GoDaddy affiliate program review, and I’ll let you know how to join GoDaddy affiliate program? And how to make money with GoDaddy?

Even I’m going to discuss GoDaddy affiliate commission rate, GoDaddy affiliate minimum payout, GoDaddy affiliate review and etc. things with you.

Affiliate programs are one of the best income resources for every niche bloggers, we can earn handsome bucks with limited sales.

Even though your traffic is not fair, you can earn decent bucks from affiliate programs, because affiliate programs pay more than any other ad networks.

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Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks, but it doesn’t pay you as affiliate programs do.

Hardly one can earn hundreds of bucks with AdSense with tons of traffic to your blogs.

In an affiliate program, if you get niche targeted traffic with daily range, 100-200 unique visitors, then you can earn unlimited money easily.

Because of this reason, I have been saying that, if you’re fed up with AdSense program, and looking for an alternative, then Bidvertise review, GoDaddy affiliate program review help you out to switch your mode.

GoDaddy affiliate program is also one of the best affiliate programs for the niche bloggers, you can earn unlimited commission for the qualified sales.

GoDaddy affiliate program review, let you know about each and every tactic to maximize your blog earnings.

Now, let me discuss how to make money with GoDaddy?

#How to make money with GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting provider in the world, it offers each and every need of hosting to their customers.

I can say that the modest and oldest hosting provider is GoDaddy because GoDaddy has been founded on 20 years ago.

GoDaddy has strongest product support, and every plan comes with 99% uptime, so for beginners, GoDaddy is the best choice to host their websites at a cheap price.

Moreover, if you have a blog or social platforms, easily you can make money with GoDaddy.

It’s very simple to make money with GoDaddy because you just have to promote their products on your blogs.

If the customer purchases any product from GoDaddy with your referral link, then you will get paid from GoDaddy.

You can promote any of the below-mentioned products on your blogs to get paid from GoDaddy

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain names
  • SSL, Domain parking and etc. products

These are the few ways to make money with GoDaddy, The process is simple, and you have to join GoDaddy affiliate programs and need to promote their banners on your blogs.

Now, let me share you the information about GoDaddy affiliate programs.

#What is GoDaddy Affiliate Programs?

Every business have its own platform to promote their products, GoDaddy also has its own platform to promote their business around the world, its GoDaddy Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate programs help publishers to advertise the products on the blogs, moreover, the affiliate platform will track every sale, analytics easily.

Anyone can sign-up GoDaddy Affiliate Programs, and they can promote the ads and earn unlimited money from it.

GoDaddy affiliate programs have power tools, so you do not require to create any ad units over there, just copy the code and paste in your pages to display the ads.

Now, let me move on further to discuss GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review, and how to join GoDaddy affiliate program.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Review For Publishers

Affiliate programs are the best option for niche bloggers, there is no limit for earnings, you can earn as much as you want with targeted traffic.

The main prerequisite to getting approved for an affiliate program is, blogs must be well structured with proper navigation, content should be unique.

Moreover, the site must meet minimum requirements to get approved by the advertisers, such as a daily count of visitors, niches and etc.

So design responsive blogs, optimize your content to get organic traffic, because organic traffic gets you loyal customers to blogs.

GoDaddy affiliate program also needs an advertiser approval, for an approval, your site must be well designed, and blog should be filled with quality content.

GoDaddy affiliate program review definitely helps you to analyze the overall process from start to end, so stick with me to understand the process better.

First, let me start the process from, how to join GoDaddy affiliate program?

#How to join GoDaddy affiliate program?

Every advertiser promote their products through a robust platform, GoDaddy also follows the same, it has been promoting is affiliate products through Commission Junction platform.

Commission Junction is popularly known as CJ affiliate, it has been acting as a mediator to publisher and advertiser.

GoDaddy affiliate programs connect with CJ platform to advertise their products, so CJ affiliate platform maintain sales tracking, ads analytics, providing power tools, Ad code and etc. features to publishers.

So eventually to join GoDaddy affiliate program, you must sign up CJ affiliate platform, the approval process, and affiliate applying process will be done at CJ platform itself.

The process is simple, you can easily join GoDaddy affiliate in no time with my guidance, so pay attention and carefully follow each and every step sequentially.

#Steps to join GoDaddy affiliate program through CommissionJunction

Step-1) First, click on the CJ publisher account link.

You will be redirected to CJ publisher sing up page, here you need to click on “Sign up Today” button.

CJ affiliate

Step-2) After clicking on the button, you will be shown registration form.

CJ registration form

Fill all the required details and Click on next the next and submit the form.

You will be asked to verify the email, verify it and fill furthermore details & accept terms and conditions.

Once you submit all the information, you will be authorized to login CJ platform.

Step-3) Now, the sign-up process is completed with CJ platform.

Now, login to the Commission Junction, with valid credentials.

You may see similar dashboard as shown in below picture.

CJ dashboard

Step-4) Now, Click on the “Advertisers” link from the main menu bar.

You will be shown all advertisers in one place.

Here search for your desire advertisers.

You can input “GoDaddy” in advertiser search criteria and click on “Search” button.

GoDaddy apply to CJ

Step-5) Search input produce GoDaddy affiliate program results.

Now click on the “+” button available at left side options in GoDaddy program ( I have already applied so it’s not showing to me).

Commission junction apply

That’s it, you have successfully applied for GoDaddy affiliate program via Commission Junction.

Now you need to wait for a couple of days to get hear Approval/Rejection status of your application.

After application approval, you will be able to get ad code, banners from Commission junction, so that you can promote on your blogs.

These are the complete steps to join GoDaddy affiliate program, steps are easy right? Isn’t it?

Now let me discuss GoDaddy affiliate commission for the qualified sales.

#GoDaddy affiliate commission

Are you eagerly waiting to know the GoDaddy affiliate commission? Sure I’ll let you know the GoDaddy affiliate commission.

Before going to let you know about GoDaddy affiliate commission rate, first’ let me tell you few terms & policies of GoDaddy.

The below are prohibited and count as disqualified sales in Commission Junction.

  • Adult content should not be allowed
  • Publishers do not offer any cashback, miles for product purchase.
  • Publishers should not purchase with own referral link
  • GoDaddy related keywords should not be included in top level domain

These are the terms and conditions for GoDaddy affiliate program and strictly prohibited while promoting GoDaddy affiliate links on your blogs.

Here are the GoDaddy affiliate commission rate details

  • Referral period: 45 days
  • GoDaddy affiliate commission rate: 15.00%

Officially GoDaddy saying that on web hosting, SSL, email marketing, and etc. products the GoDaddy affiliate commission rate varies & pay up to $100.

GoDaddy Commission

These are the complete details about GoDaddy affiliate commission, and now let me tell you about, GoDaddy affiliate payout methods.

#GoDaddy affiliate minimum payout

Every blogger work hard to publish great content to their readers, but end of the day, both bloggers, and readers have to get benefited

Readers get benefited with the information, and bloggers get benefited with bucks for their hard work.

Now, coming to GoDaddy affiliate payout, if you successfully completed several sales on your blogs, then the next thing is getting paid by the GoDaddy affiliate.

First, you need to fill all the required payment information on commission junction to pay by GoDaddy affiliate, so complete the process first.

Now let me discuss the GoDaddy affiliate minimum payout details, various payment methods with you.

  • PayPal-$25
  • Good As Gold-$5
  • Direct Deposit-$10
  • Check- $100

These are the GoDaddy affiliate minimum payout, and various payment methods which are offering to publishers.

These are the complete steps and information about GoDaddy affiliate program review.

#The Bottom Line

Yeah, GoDaddy affiliate program is legit and running for many years, so definitely you will pay for what you sale.

FAQs about GoDaddy affiliate program review

Q) Is there any alternative way to join GoDaddy affiliate program?

A) Nope, you should join GoDaddy affiliate program through Commission junction only.

Q) GoDaddy reject my application what to do?

A) After1-2, rejections, you can directly write to “” regarding your interest in GoDaddy affiliate program.

 #Over to you

Do you have any other queries? If yes, write your query and hit the comment box to we answer for you.

We love to hear you, and kindly share the article on social media, it may help to someone who is looking for the information.

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