How to Get Free Domain for Blogger (.tk) and Link to Blogger [With Images]

Get Free Domain for Blogger

Are you looking to get free domain for blogger? Such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .gc, .gq extension domain name and link to blogger immediately.

Yep, you came to the right place, in this article I’ll show you how to get free domain for blogger especially (.tk) and how to link the name to a blogger in just a couple of minutes.

You do not need to spend a single penny to get free domain name for blogger, just in few simple steps can own trending domain name in .tk or .ml extension.

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If you are managing blogger blog, then it’s been suggested to get free domain for blogger and link the domain name to a blogger blog, so that you can boost your traffic, earnings.

In few simple steps you can get free domain for blogger, and in few steps, you can set up its configurations.

Before going to get free domain for blogger, first, let me highlight you the advantages and disadvantages of getting free domains.

#Facts About Free domains:

If money is your main concern, then you may opt to get free domain names for your bloggers, and many hosting providers offer you to get free domains.

Eventually, when you are opting free domain names, you need to keep few things in your mind for better visibility.

  • Nothing comes easily, freely, although it’s been available means, it has been featureless, and less customizable.
  • The authority of the domains will be in hosting registrar’s hand, they can include any ads, and they can manipulate anything on their products.
  • Moderate customer support
  • No one offer lifetime free services, so just as trial period, they may be asked you to use their services for period of time
  • Free domain names such as .tk, .ml and etc. are search engine friendly, although you need work hard to get rank in search engine.
  • cc domain free services and .tk, .ml, .cf and etc. comes under free domain name provider registrars.

If you want to seriously start an online business, blogs, then better to opt, .com or .org, .net top-level domains for your business requirements to spread around the world.

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These are the few advantages and disadvantages of free custom domain names.

However, if you use this free custom domain for blogger then you may achieve better results, better rankings on search engines.

So it’s always suggested to get free domain for blogger and immediately link to blogger to perform well on search engines.

Let me tell you what kind of free domain name extension you will get:

  • Free .tk extension domain name, e.g.
  • Free .ml extension domain name, e.g.
  • Free .ga extension domain name, e.g.
  • Free .cf extension domain name, e.g.
  • Free .gq extension domain name, e.g.

These are the free domains, cost cheaper domains you get with no money.

In this guide, I’ll teach you about, how to get .tk free domain name and link to your blogger blog in just a few minutes.

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Now let me start the process of how to get free domain for blogger and how to link to blogger.

Steps to Get Free Domain for Blogger (.tk) and Link to Blogger

 Blogger blogs are search engine friendly, although they can not get rank as much as custom domains do, if you apply little trick, then you may see great visibility on blogger blog performance.

The trick is, get free domain for blogger such as, .tk, .ml, domain free extensions and link to your blogs.

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This trick abruptly improves your rankings, as well search engines show more interest to crawl your web pages.

So now let me explain you stepwise instructions to understand you better.

#Steps to get .tk domain:

Step-1) To get free domain for blogger, first, you need to visit, website.

Open the given URL, and enter your favorite domain name with extension .tk in search box


Kindly enter unregistered domain name with .tk extension.

Step-2) Now click on “Get it now!” button beside of .tk domain

Checkout option

And proceed with “Checkout” option.

Step-3) After checkout the .tk domain you will navigate the to domain plans selection page.

Here under “Period” column, you will be asked to select your .tk domain name plan.

.tk domain selection plans

Select 12 Months @FREE option and click on “Continue” option.

Step-4) After clicking on Continue button, you will be navigate to “Review & Checkout” page.

Here it will show you the plan cost, basically you need to pay zero USD to get .tk domain for 12 months period.

Now scroll down the page, and verify your email address for successful transaction.

Review and checkout option

You will receive an email from, so click on it, it will ask your personal details for registration,

Fill all the details and complete your order by submitting the details to own the .tk domain name.

That’s it, you are done with owning .tk free domain name.

These are the complete details to buy free .tk domain extension name for your blogger blogs.

You can get free domain for blogger as many as you want.

Now, you need to link this .tk free domain name to your blogger blogs for better visibility on search engines.

#Steps to link .tk domain to Blogger blogs:

Step-1) To link .tk domain to blogger blogs, First, you need to log in your existing blogger site.

Link to Log into Blogger

Step-2) Now from the Blogger home page’s left navigation panel, Click on “Settings->Basic” option

Basic blogger settings option

Step-3) After clicking on the Basic option, The right side you will see website configurations.

setup third party domain option

Here you need to click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog” URL.

Step-4) Here you need to fill your .tk domain name details, which you set up earlier.

Enter “” with ‘www’, otherwise, it won’t accept.


After entering the domain name, just click on “Save” button.

Immediately you would be shown an error.

Blogger CNAME errorTake a deep breath, and I’m going to show you how to resolve the issue.

#Steps to resolve .tk domain name issue to link blogger

Step-1) Now immediately navigate to your home page.

Here Select “Services->My domains” option.

My domain names option

After clicked on above drop-down values, you will be shown all registered .tk or .ml free domain name accounts.

Step-2) Here you need to click on “Manage Domain” settings option beside of your registered domain.

Manage domain

After clicking on it, you will be shown domain settings options

Here you need to select “Manage Freenom DNS” option

Manage DNS option

Step-3) Here you will be shown records for domain name configuration.

You need to exactly copy the code from blogger where you showed “DestinationTarget or Points To” error (Below box details).

Blogger CNAME error

Now fill the details carefully as I describe.

Name Field: Enter “NameLabel or Host field” under name in the blogger

Type: Select Type as “CNAME”.

TTL: TTL should be integer and it should be 14440

Target: In target field copy the code under “DestinationTarget or Points To field” in blogger Basic area.

Now click on “More Record” and add another CNAME which is shown in blogger.

CNAME details

After filling both records click on “Save Changes” button to save all the settings for your .tk free domain name.

Now you are one step closer to link free domain to your blogger blog.

Step-4) Here you just need to add few more records belong to server configuration

But make sure this time you need to add IP address to your records

Google provide Few IP address, you need to add them one after another for the configuration.

Google IP Address is:


The above-mentioned IP address you need to add the records

Now pay attention to Type, TTL, Target columns and it should be

Type: A

TTL: 300


Google IP

The same way you need to add 4 records with different Target type.

After filling all the above IP address, you need to click on “Save changes” button to save your settings.

Step-5) After saving the changes, you would see the below similar configurations records on your DNS dashboard.

CNAME details config

Step-6) Now navigate to bloggers blog, and click on “Save” button.

Yep, you are done with the all steps, and you have successfully linked your .tk domain to blogger.

This is the overall process to get free domain name and link to blogger blog in just a few minutes.

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FAQs to get free domain for blogger and link to blogger

Q) Am still having the problem to link to a blogger, please help me?

A) Yep, do not panic, carefully follow the mentioned steps, although if you weren’t able to link the .tk domain to blogger, then Sometime it may take 24 hours to affect your DNS changes, so try after a day.

Q) Is free custom domain for blogger will help us?

A) Yep sure, it will help you, rather having BlogSpot extension domains, so get a free custom domain for blogger and enjoy its benefits.

This is how you can get free domain for blogger and link to a blogger in just a few minutes.

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Do you face any difficulty? to get free domain for blogger and link to blogger?

We love to hear you kindly share your comments, views, and queries through the comment section, we will help to get free domain for blogger and link your free domain to blogger blog.

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