Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018 (High PR Do-Follow Links)

social sites list

Are you looking for free social bookmarking sites list 2018 with high page rank to create do-follow backlinks to your websites?

Social SEO

You’ve come to the right place, today, in this guide; I’ll let you know about top free social bookmarking sites list 2018 which can help to build quality backlinks to the blogs.

Search engine optimization is one of the most interesting factors for ranking the keywords on search engines, almost every search engine rank the keywords based on SEO of the blogs.

Although webmasters work hard to produce the content, they must have to concentrate on creating optimization to rank the keywords on top of search engine.

Content without search engine friendly, without optimized, will be treated as trash material, and it won’t get reputation from search engines.

Now coming to SEO tactics, it has been differentiating into two crucial parts; they are On Page and Off Page SEO.As a blogger, you should need to concentrate on both tactics to optimize the content.

Today, I’m going to discuss off-page SEO tactic; it’s creating free social bookmarking sites list backlinks to the websites.

Nowadays, social networks are playing a huge role in daily lives, in the USA one in ten are actively participating in social networks.

Thus, bloggers have to take an advantage of free social bookmarking sites list 2018 and need to build quality backlinks from the platforms to drive social traffic to the websites.

You’re never asked to pay a single penny from these free social bookmarking sites list 2018, you just need to complete the sign-up, profile section to get the quality backlink to your blogs.

Moreover, the entire free social bookmarking submission sites list is having high domain authority, high page authority on Open Site Explorer.

First, let me tell you the importance of social bookmarking sites list for SEO and the benefits of social bookmarking sites.

#Importance of free social bookmarking sites list

Social networks are the places where an audience can share, read, and make viral the content on platforms; with minimum efforts, you can make backlinks as well social traffic to blogs.

social sites list

You can easily promote, brand your blogs on social platforms, if the content goes viral, you’ll get tons of traffic to your blogs.

At the same time, thousands of audiences are actively participating from various countries; moreover, you can create niche related groups, categories on these platforms for growing relationship with niche bloggers.

Free bookmarking site list with high PR backlinks help you to improve your page rank in search engine.

Now, let me introduce, why to use social bookmarking sites? And what are the actual benefits of the social bookmarking sites?

#Why to use social bookmarking sites?

There are plenty of advantages, uses by using social bookmarking sites, but I have listed few of them to let you know its importance in blogging, they are:

social bookmarkings sites

  • Sharing articles on social bookmarking sites list will index the articles quickly on a search engine.
  • All the social bookmarking sites have high DA, PA, so getting backlinks from that platform is really worthy.
  • You can generate social traffic to blogs.
  • Viral content drive more traffic, loyal readers, and more conversation to blogs.
  • Website DA, PA will improve.
  • Social traffic help to reduce bounce rate of your blogs.
  • You can grow relationship with niche related friends on social platforms

These are the few reasons, why to use social platforms, and the basic use of social bookmarking sites.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018

Now let me list out the free social bookmarking sites with you to create backlinks and drive traffic to your blogs.

All the below listed social bookmarking sites list 2018 will help to improve page rankings in search engine.

Seq. No.Site Name

These are the complete free social bookmarking sites list, now let me tell you how to do social bookmarking sites list for SEO.

#How to do social bookmarking?

Each and every social platform have its own rules and regulations, you must adhere to those guidelines to avoid a ban from the platforms.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018

Few social bookmarking sites will manually approve your posts; few social bookmarking sites instantly approve your posts.

Thus, you’re requested to; do not spam the platform with tons of your website links, Moreover, getting many backlinks from one platform is the bad part of SEO and you’re one step closer to penalty with many links.

Either 1 or 2 backlinks from each social bookmarking site are enough for boosting our blog rankings, so do not spam the communities.

In social bookmarking sites, you need to choose the proper category before posting the content, and make sure to write catchy headlines, interesting content that goes viral with images.

Include your keywords in the content, and make sure to post once a day, few communities will ban you if you post more than limit posts in a day, so beware of guidelines of the groups, communities.

Reddit, StumbleUpon is the proven high PR social bookmarking sites, which can help you to drive tons of traffic to blogs, so concentrate more on these platforms.

Let me tell you few tips for getting backlinks quickly on social bookmarking sites.

  • First, Sign-up in the given social bookmarking sites.
  • Complete the profile section.
  • Now join the communities-> read the guidelines->start building a relationship with the readers.
  • Write interesting content which goes viral, and start to post one article a day.
  • Like the peers’ article, Upvote them, appreciate them.
  • Actively participate and reply each and every query.

These are the quick steps which work well for getting backlinks and traffic to the blogs, instantly you won’t see any actual results, be patient and work regularly to see the results.

These are the complete tips, and free social bookmarking sites list 2018 to grow your blog visibility on search engines.

I hope free social bookmarking sites list 2018 definitely improve your blog’s authority as well keyword rankings.

Even you can create Free Web 2.0 Sites List 2018 to get quality backlinks and traffic to a website.

What do you say? Did you register on listed platforms? If yes then how many visits you’re getting per day, have you seen any changes in keyword rankings?

We love to hear you, share your experience, views, comments and etc. through the comment section, and if you found an article is interesting then share on social media.

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