How to Find Best Domain Names For Your Blog or Website

Hey, I’m planning to purchase cheap and best web hosting from the registrar, Finally, by following your recommendations ? I have chosen the registrar, Now I would like to registrar the domain name on the web, could you please guide me to find best domain names for my website?

Yeah sure, I’ll guide you to find best domain names for your websites, Nowadays every business activity will happen through the brand name, so you need to find the stunning brand name, to become popular in the market.

Do you ever read an article on the web? which you found interesting, but suddenly you have forgotten the address and searched like anything to find it but you could not find it though, Don’t you want it to happen the same scenario to your blog?

How to Find Best Domain Names For Your BlogIf Your answer is ‘Yes’ then you need to find best domain names for your website so that people can easily memorize and stick to your brand.

Basically, your domain name promotes half of the business for you, audience love to remember the brand names which they will feel craziest, so find best domain names which can memorable to the audience.

To be honest, I have taken 20 days to choose my blog name, because I believe that best domain names lead to best results for the webmasters.

So my sincere suggestion is to take your own time and choose an excellent name for your website or blog to be more successful.

How to Find Best Domain Names For Your Blog?


You can find many domain name suggestions tool on the web, but personallI, I recommended you to spend and do research on best domain names and pick catchy, the lovely 🙂 domain name for your website.

Keep it Simple and Sweet Name: Simple and sweet, it means you need to find shorter length domain names for your website because nobody wants to remember lengthy names, it’s hard to remember and recollect lengthy names.Make sure to have 5-8 characters in your blog names, It’s proven successful strategy that shorter length domain names become the brand in the market such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and etc.

Use Simple Words: Do research and pick having simple words domain name, as I said, nobody wants to remember hard names, everyone wants to remember short and sweet names, so make sure to use simple words in your domain name, For instance, if I say,, Lol 🙂 you can’t remember such complicated names, but if I say, then it may easier for you to remember.

Make it Novel:  It’s mundane to remember complicated names, and people love to remember novel things because novel things are pretty easiest to mind it so use so make sure to add some novel word in your domain name, For e.g, which can be easier to remember and readers can easily recollect the name when they want to read articles on your website.

Avoid Hyphen in The Names:  A couple of days back hyphen domain names are ranked well in the search engines but now everything has changed Google is do not considering names to rank the websites, After Google’s Panda update, you can rank your website with great content on your blogs, so do not include any special character or hyphen in the domain names, which are useless for ranking factors.

Niche or Context:

  • Your domain name reflects your niche, e.g it means the blog is created for it keepers to aware of blogging topics.
  • If you going to write content for the specific country then you can choose local country extension such as .in,.au,.us,.fr and etc. 
  • Webhosting registrars offer a variety of extensions globally such as .com, .net,  .org, and etc.for bloggers recommended to choose .com domain extension to spread the website content globally.
  • Stick to your niche context and choose .com domain extension with best domain names to get success in the market.

Hope you will follow all the above-mentioned criteria while selecting Best Domain Names for your websites or blogs

Conclusion: I’m ready with my Best Domain Names next what should I do? if you are ready with your Best Domain Names then it’s time to get hosting for your website, but before going to purchase a domain just read Popular Hosting Provider plans and activities because it may help you to deducted less amount of money from your pocket.

FAQs About to Find Best Domain Names For Your Blog

Q) How to find the best domain names ever?

A) You need to research on rich keywords to find best domain names ever and we have good website names generator tools in the market, Check Here.

Q) How to choose a domain name for your blog?

A) It’s an easy task to choosing a domain name for a personal website, Make sure to follow all the above strategies to find the best domain name for your blogs.

Do You have any Queries? Need Assistance to fix the issue? Just drop your valuable comments, I’ll get back to you soon to resolve it.

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