How to Enable Auto Renewal in GoDaddy? [with images]

OMG ! What to do? I’m bad at remembering registration dates, GoDaddy is providing best features, products for my website, I do want to continue its services for few more years, is there any way to enable auto renewal in GoDaddy? so that I can easily take a nap without worrying about expiration date!

Yes! We have an option to “Enable auto renewal in GoDaddy” so that we can ensure that domain remains available for us for a long time.

turn on auto renewal in GoDaddy

We can find unlimited hosting providers in the blogging market, everyone offers unlimited functionalities with best features but we can’t come to a conclusion that this hosting provider is providing ultimate from rest of the hosting providers, though every provider has their unique style to attract the customers.

Let me share you few tactics about Godaddy hosting provider. GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, It offers many plans to the customers as well for the organizations to choose to host in cheap.

Many of them aware of GoDaddy hosting because they are providing best features to the customers with 24/7 support, But we can’t say that GoDaddy is best in the world because I have many niche blogs which are hosted on GoDaddy, Yeah i have been facing some issues in some niche blogs, it’s been showing server down, not optimizing properly, but some other niche blogs are running well and getting reputation from all the resources.

According to my analysis, GoDaddy is best with price and feature wise.One of the features of GoDaddy is we can easily enable auto renewal in GoDaddy, let me show you the possibilities to do it quickly.

What is Auto Renewal Feature in GoDaddy?


GoDaddy provides a variety of features to their customers, among those ones the best feature is domain auto renewal, a domain will remain available to you and only you once you turn on automatic renewal in GoDaddy.

Once you enable auto renewal in GoDaddy, the products, hosting plans will be automatically renewed when they get expired but by default, the auto renewal option is turned off in GoDaddy, you need to turn on the option to renew the plans automatically.Let me share you the process to enable auto renewal in GoDaddy.

How to Enable Auto Renewal in Godaddy?


GoDaddy is a best, cheapest hosting provider in the world, Once you register domain name with GoDaddy, you will be authorized to delete domain name, you can transfer one domain register to another, you can enable security options, you can do so many things with your domain name but today I’m going to discuss about how to enable auto renewal in GoDaddy?

Every hosting provider gives an opportunity to renew their domain names and it’s an easy to enable auto renewal in GoDaddy.Let me explain you stepwise so that you will feel more comfy with the process.

Step-1) To enable auto renewal in GoDaddy first log in to your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in, now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image), in those options just click on a “My-Products” option.Once you click on a “My-Products” option, below you will get multiple options.(check we have “Domains, Web hosting, and WorkSpace Email”).

GoDaddy my product option

Step-2) After completion of the first step now you need to click on “Domains->Domain Settings” option ( I have hosted only one website so I will click on>Domain Settings option if you have multiple websites hosted then you need to click on “Domain Settings”, for which you want to enable auto renewal in GoDaddy).

GoDaddy Domain settings

Step-3) After clicking on “Domain Settings” option you will get redirected to a page which contains all domain name related information.Just scroll down the page and in the bottom, you can find “Additional Settings” option (refer the image for clarification).Here by default, auto renews option is turn off(refer the image).

Turn auto renew on

Step-4) Now you need to click on “Turn Auto Renew On” option so that it will enable the auto renewal in GoDaddy.Now it’s been renewed(refer the image)

enable auto renewal in GoDaddy

In GoDaddy can I renew my domain name after it expires?


Yes, you can renew your domain name after it expires but it depends on your domain name’s extension and it’s registry rules.

Basically, if you turn on “auto renewal option” in GoDaddy, GoDaddy will try to bill you on the next day of domain expiration, in case if you face any issues during the renewal process you will get notified to renew again.

Once you enable auto renewal in GoDaddy, you are eligible for 42 days grace period, if you fail to renew within 42 days then GoDaddy will cancel your domain name and it will delete all services associated with your domain name.

Sometimes, it’s worth keeping a domain even though you don’t use because you can redirect it to another website you own.

These are the complete steps to enable auto renewal in GoDaddy but at any time you can turn off of the option by doing undo the toggle option.

Hope you are comfortable with the steps, in case if you screw up with any step just leave your comments, I’ll get back to you quickly.

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