Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital Marketing trends 2020

Digital marketing keeps on evolving and trends keep changing as time goes on. Almost all companies are online and because of that, there is much competition.

Every business wants to rank top on google search engines. They want their website to bring in new leads and sales.

Digital marketing comes to aid with this goal.

What used to work then does not work now. Previously, you could send plain text marketing emails or you do simple SEO. In 2020, the emails need to look like web pages.

In SEO, you will need to include featured snippets in your content. You can have your digital marketing needs met at Edge Online.

Here is what is trending in digital marketing in 2020.

Direct messages

Communicating on social media with your customers brings the two of you closer. This explains why direct messaging is one of the digital marketing trends in 2020.

DMs are best used in customer service and when answering queries from customers, addressing complaints, taking orders or just interacting.

The catch here is the customer must agree to it. So it is better if the customer DMs first.

How do you go about it?

Provide a username or handle and give an incentive to your customers to contact you first.

DMs work in social media such as FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or Viber.

Interactive Emails

Email marketing has been in use in digital marketing for a long time.

However, the trend is changing and you can’t just send a plain text email now and expect results.

In 2020, the emails need to be polished and interactive. They now function and look like web pages with buttons you can click.

Your audience is likely to click a button than open a link in a plain text email.

The emails are also more interactive and impressive. They have more user-centric designs and great visuals, not just boring plain text.

Alternative Social Media Channels

Social media does not miss in digital marketing. Normally, the main social media platforms used are Facebook and Twitter.

 However, the trend is now more towards alternative social media channels.

Why so? Most people are now leaving these main social media platforms. This has been seen in declining user growth. However, they are still useful.

Currently, alternative social media channels are the future due to the new interest they are getting and their increasing growth levels.

If you take advantage and build your presence now, it will pay off in a few years to come.

Nowadays, marketers are building their presence in these channels. They include Pinterest, Reddit, Medium and Snapchat.

Social Commerce

Did you know you can sell items on your social media platforms? It is called social commerce.

Initially, social media was used to get leads to the website. Now your customers can buy straight from your social media posts or ads.

Instead of shoppers visiting your social media and then being directed to your website, the process is now simpler.

There are now fewer steps and higher chances of your customers making a purchase.

This feature is available in Instagram checkout and Pinterest. With a Shopify store, you can install a Snapchat plugging or link your Instagram account.


Videos are nailing it. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you are not on Instagram stories and Snapchat, then you are missing out on digital marketing.

Vlogs speak directly to the audience, which helps to create a connection. You can post videos of what your customers want to see.

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