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Ouch, I registered a wrong domain name, now I do not want to get sued so I wish to delete it.How can I delete a domain name on GoDaddy? Is there any chance to delete an already registered domain name? Yep, you can do it, just follow my guide to easily delete domain name in GoDaddy.

For any kind of business, domain name plays a major role because readers may recognize you with your brand name only in the online. Find here about how to choose best domain names.

You need a great Domain name to become branded in the business, if you haven’t satisfied with your domain name, you can go for to delete domain name in GoDaddy.
GoDaddy is the best domain hosting provider in the world, GoDaddy gives you an opportunity to delete or cancel domain name at any time.

how to delete domain name in GoDaddy

Nowadays we can find so many hosting providers in the market, some hosting providers give you an opportunity to refund your money once you delete a domain name, some hosting providers didn’t offer you a refund money option.

So before going to register your domain, make sure to aware all the policies of the providers but coming to GoDaddy, it has a five day grace period for .com domains.
if you change your mind about a domain name and want a full refund, just “delete domain name in GoDaddy” from my domains panel, and contact them via an email or a call to get the refund of your money.

Let me guide you how to delete domain name in GoDaddy in simple steps.

Steps to Delete Domain Name in GoDaddy


If you do not want to host secondary domain name on your GoDaddy hosting account then you can easily remove it. If you do not want to host primary domain name then you have an option to cancel it or you can change your primary domain name easily.

Once you delete domain name in GoDaddy, you are going to disassociate it from the hosting account. in GoDaddy after canceling a domain name, it is immediately removed from your account. The cancellation of a domain name cannot be undone.

Let me discuss the steps to delete domain name in GoDaddy.

Step-1) To delete domain name in GoDaddy first log in to your Godaddy’s Account, Once you logged-in now you need to click on your account’s top right corner of the page(As shown in the below image), in those options just click on a My-Products option.Once you click on a My-Products option, below you will get multiple options.(check we have Domains, Web hosting, and Workspace Email).

GoDaddy my product option

Step-2) After completion of the first step now you need to click on “Domains->Domain Settings” option ( I have hosted only one website so I will click on>Domain Settings option if you have multiple websites hosted then you need to click on “Domain Settings”, for which you want to delete domain name in GoDaddy).

GoDaddy Domain settings

Step-3) After clicking on “Domain Settings” option you will get redirected to a page which contains all domain name related information on your screen.Just scroll down the page and in the bottom, you can find out the “Delete Domain” option (refer the image for clarification). Just click on it to delete domain name in GoDaddy.

delete domain name in GoDaddy

These are the complete steps to delete domain name in GoDaddy, Yes, you have successfully deleted domain name in GoDaddy, now you have to ask the customer care representative to refund your amount.

GoDaddy Domain Refund Policy


If you are a reputed domain buyer for GoDaddy then they will easily refund your money, In case if you are a new customer then GoDaddy has five day grace period for .com domains, if you deleted domain name within 5 days after purchasing, you can request them for the money refund.

Here is the procedure to request domain refund in GoDaddy.

  • First, cancel the domain name in GoDaddy as shown above
  • Once you deleted you will receive an email From GoDaddy
  • Forward the same email to “” asking for refund
  • The money will be refunded within 2-3 days.

Otherwise, you can make a call to a representative to refund your money or you can directly write to “” for the money refund.

These are the complete details about how to delete domain name in GoDaddy and how to ask them for money refund, Still, if you have any doubts, just leave your queries in a comment box, I love to reply them.

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