Crucial AdSense Tips for Making the Most of Your Earnings (Best Guide)

Google adsense

Well, when we talk about Google AdSense, the foremost thing that comes to our mind is advertising. It has become popular and a lasting source of revenue for webmasters across the world. It is also considered to be the major profit-making project for Google.

Now, the question that comes up in the mind is that how much can you make with AdSense? It actually depends on various factors such as the amount of traffic that comes to your website.

Here, the article will help you in finding the answers on maximizing your earnings.

Apart from the basics, we will try to enhance your knowledge about what else you can do to elevate your profits. Let us start with the most amazing tips:

#Use both text-based and display ads together

AdSense offers alternatives to put text-based or display ads on the website based on your selection. There is also another alternative that lets you choose both for an ad. Your ad will display text-based ads and at times display ads on the identical ad position.

The continuous changing of ads will crop more competition opting for the same ad position and the CPC (Cost Per Click) will elevate eventually. This is one of the best tips to make the most of the earnings.

#Put ads in the right places

The positioning of the ads can be crucial to the complete campaign performance. It is best to locate the ads in the places where the customers are guaranteed to look. As per several studies, the best positions for locating the ads are:

  • At the top of the content, just beneath the Title
  • Top left of the page
  • On the sidebar
  • Below the content, above the comments

#Choose appropriate ad sizes

The choice of ad sizes can enhance the performance of ads more than you can think. The topmost ad sizes are:

  • 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper).
  • 336×280 (Large rectangle) and.
  • 300×250 (Medium Rectangle).

Other ads will also make clicks but as per some studies, the aforementioned sizes are the prolific ones.

#Re-locating the Sidebar

Mostly, website and blog themes have sidebars on the right-hand side. It looks good but if you want to make the best of out of it, you may want to move the sidebar to the left-hand side. As per a study, a human eye starts reading from the left side so it should offer enough visibility to your ads.

#Continuously monitor statistics on Google Analytics

Monitoring the statistics on Google Analytics lets you make a lot of enhancements to the ad campaigns. Precisely, the AdSense on the Google Analytics accounts can assist you to recognize the blogs that are receiving a maximum number of visitors.

This will assist you in shortlisting the topics that people are involved in.

#Replace outdated Search bar with Google search

Today, every website has a search bar to let the visitors browse the website and the web. On the other hand, Google search keeps the visitors engaged in a productive way, you can also locate ads on the search bar.

This lets you attain more clicks and ultimately more returns. You can use this method to successfully earn profits.

#Add custom style to ads

Beautiful themes and custom ads work to attract more visitors. At times, the text style and the background color of the ads can mismatch the website’s theme.

It will result in bad visibility of your ads. So, it is always good to examine the styling of the ads and comparing it with the website’s theme.

Then make appropriate variations to make your ads more visible and projecting.

#Restrict the number of ads

Well, having a big number of ads on the web page does not mean you will attain more clicks. In reality, it is always good to restrict the number of ads to 2 or 3 for good visibility and attention.

Having numerous ads can make the website look spammy and it can naturally have a bad effect on the clicks your ads can get.

A page full of ads can make the audience leave the site as they can create confusions. Your real content should get all the focus and the entry of the maximum ads can make things unfavorable. So, keep it simple and accessible.

#Eliminate the ad borders

This is also one of the best ways to make your web page look great. Ad borders make your page look a bit untidy and the customers get a bit confused about where to keep the focus.

The best way to manage this is by removing ad borders to match up the background of the web page to make the ads look clear and inviting.

Keeping them simple and easy to look can add a lot of perfection. So, follow the tip and you will for sure get the benefits.

#Insert ads inside content

This can make a big impact on the complete performance of the ads. When visitors read your content they a times do not look to the ad spots at all and overlook them.

To ensure your ads are accessible to a large number of visitors, you should place ads within the content. Though, you need to careful not to spoil it and do not place too many ads.

Many ads inside the content can make visitors confused and they may leave the website there and then and go.

This is also the main reason why you do not attain those desirable clicks. Follow the tip and you will surely the taste of success.


If you want to achieve the desired results for your website, the AdSense tips can surely help you out. Make use of them effectively and you will get maximum benefits.

There are also many other ways to enhance the presentation of Google AdSense ads to make money from them. The listed ones in the blog are the important ones as well.

Follow them to achieve the best results. With this, a nice content also helps Google to get and show the best and identical ads on the webpage. May this blog help you to formulate and design an effective ad campaign for the website. Good luck!

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