Create Your Own Free Website in Minutes (Step by Step Guide)

Create Your Own Free Website

Wondering whether to create your own free website or not?

In contrast to what some marketers might think, investing time, resources and money on your business’s overall online branding is not about budgets and spending money.

Instead, every effort made towards online branding is a step towards building an entity or persona that will resonate with your audience and make them keep coming back for more, even though you may not be offering any promotional deal to entice them.

Online branding will not only help create brand awareness and build goodwill in the market but it will also make your audience get more invested in your brand and make them more likely to stay loyal to you.

It is fair to say that your website is like the face of your brand’s online branding, it is the first impression your audience has of you and your brand.

own free website for business

As a result of this, your website makes up to be a very critical component of your online branding strategy.

Your website communicates and represents who you are, what you offer and what you promise (products/ services) through its content and appearance (the look and feel).

As the importance of having a website has grown, the technology of creating a website has immensely changed to be more user-friendly and convenient in every way possible. One great example of this is WebGen.

WebGen is an online website builder that provides a simple and user-friendly interface that allows clients to build their website, depending on the size of a website one can even build a website in as long as a few minutes.

WebGen offers paid and free packages for clients, who can create their free account with the website builder and pick their package that is most appropriate for their needs.

Platforms like WebGen are exactly why websites have become not only easy to build but also to customize.

Free packages are simply perfect for small businesses, private individuals, first-timers and clients with low budgets.

One can easily create their free website using WebGen’s tools like the drag and drop feature, which allows you to customize your website while making sure it reflects you in just a few clicks and by dragging your desired website elements from the menu and dropping them to their assigned spot.

Whereas, the paid packages, which only charge market-competitive prices, are more appropriate for large companies who would want to include more customize elements in their website such as a company-specific portal for employees, suppliers, and other regular associates.

Here is How You Can Create Your Own Free Website with WebGen Within Minutes

#Step 1: Sign-up with WebGen

It all starts with creating your free account with Webgen, by giving basic information like your name and email address you can create your account with Webgen and sign-in.

You may be asked to provide your bank details, which is only for verification purpose, as they will only charge you if you go for the paid package.

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Webgen is truly the all-in-one kind of a platform. You can even buy and get your domain name registered with WebGen’s domain name service and if you want you can even avail their free domain name option, which will be the subdomain of the platform itself.

#Step 2: Choose your website template

WebGen has a range of pre-designed website templates that are categorized industry-wise. You can find a great many industries on this list and each industry comes with many options of industry-relevant templates that you can look into and choose the most suitable one.

These website templates are made after market research to ensure the templates are personalized to very well cater to the audiences of that specific industry.

Some of the industries covered by WebGen are Style & Fashion, Events, Photography, Business & Service, e-commerce, Non-Profit, Health & Fitness, Personal Branding and Food & Beverage.

Step 3: Customize your website

Here comes one of the most important steps in the process of your creating your own free website in minutes with WebGen, the step of customizing your chosen WebGen website template.

You can really do magic with your free WebGen website template, if you understand your industry, market and your audience and you customize the look, feel and content of your website to cater to them.

The images and videos you use to customize your website are very important in deciding the overall look and feel of your website.

According to a study, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent, this is the reason why it is essential to have a well-thought and consistent brand color palette.

Hence, make sure all the visual elements of your website like the background color, the color scheme of the images and videos used, are all suitable according to the in-advance decided color palette of your overall branding.

Moreover, the next website element that has an immense impact on the success of your website in long-run is the content.

create free website

The visual appeal of your website will last up to a point and after that, your content is the thing that can help you continue to make the same impact on your website.

Hence, make sure you include content on your website that is relevant, engaging, smart, interesting, trendy and accurate.

Also, once your website is live and running make sure to regularly publish new content or update the previous website content to make sure your audience keep coming back for more.

#Step 4: Publish your website

Just like that, we come to our last step. Make sure to one last time review your website and proofread your content and once you feel you are satisfied with the final result, make your website live with a click.


Once you sign-in and start the process it really just goes on smoothly and intuitively. Platforms like WebGen actually take the meaning of technology, online branding, and convenience to the next level by helping you create your own captivating and engaging website free of cost and raise new and existing opportunities that you can cash-in for a long time to come if you continue to make best of your website.

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