How to Create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense? [With Pictures]

create ad unit Google AdSense

Hurray! My website successfully reviewed and got a Google AdSense approval, now I need to create an ad unit in Google AdSense account to display ads on my website.

Anyone show me how to create an ad unit in Google AdSense? So that I can place ad units and focus more on to boost my revenue.

Yeah, today’s guide we are going to see, how to create an ad unit in Google AdSense? And the best ad placements which can boost your earnings instantly.

If you are the newbie, then you must aware of what is Google AdSense? And why Google AdSense is cuter than a kitten? Because the better understanding of AdSense concept helps you to generate more revenue.

If you already created AdSense account, then you can easily create an ad unit in Google AdSense and place ad units on your website.

If your website did not review successfully then Google AdSense account approval process will improve more chances to review your website successfully.

Google AdSense advertisement network is branded program for all niche webmasters because it helps webmasters to generate handsome income without worrying about the technical things.

Basically, once you apply for a Google AdSense, they may assess your website in a couple of weeks, once your website successfully assessed then you can easily earn money from ad clicks.

Google AdSense says that “Just place an ad, we will do the rest” means, you need to Create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense, and you need to place on your websites, that’s it, this is the one-time process.

After placing the ads, you can sit and earn unlimited money from Google AdSense program.

You need to be more careful while choosing and creating an Ad Units in Google AdSense because your income will depend on the AdSense placements and ad units.

#What I need to create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense?

Perfect! You just need fully approved Google AdSense account to create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense, you can create any number of ad units.

After placing ad units on websites, it will take a couple of minutes go alive the ads, till that the blank space will be display in the ad unit place.

Do not worry, first place your ads, and wait for 1-2hours then you can see the ads on your websites.

So first let me discuss, how to create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense? And the best placements to generate decent revenue from it.

#Ad Units in Google AdSense

Well, Google AdSense is one of the best flexible advertisement programs for the webmasters, because it facilitates multiple options to create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense, let me discuss what the total ad units in Google AdSense are.

  • Leaderboard
  • Large Rectangle & Large Mobile banner
  • Responsive & link ads
  • Large Skyscraper
  • Custom size

These are the most popular, flexible ad units in Google AdSense, and let me discuss what type of ad you can create for your websites.

#Google removes AdSense ad limit policy?

Yep, earlier webmasters are allowed to place only 3 ads per page, but now Google removes AdSense ad limit policy, and you can place any number of ads on your websites but all the ad placements and usage must have adhered to AdSense policy.

Google AdSense always prefer user comfort, so do not place too many or too fewer ads, better to maintain consistent and best place to get successes in advertisement programs.

#What type of ad you can create?

Webmasters are eligible to create various types of the ad for the websites, each an every type of ad has a specific functionality and behavior.

So choose the best type of ad which can suitable for the content and always do an experiment on ads to aware of which ad is performing well for the site.

These are the types of ads in Google AdSense:

Text & Display ads: These are the perfect ads, which can suitable for all types of niches, basically, text-based ads, multimedia ads will be displayed on your website once you create an ad unit in Google AdSense.

In-feed ads: These are the latest ads from Google AdSense and these are very effective and perfectly suitable and fit inside of your articles.

In-article ads: In-article ads are also the new type of ads in Google AdSense, these ads will improve the user experience, and these ads perfectly fit in between paragraphs.

These are the latest types of ads in Google AdSense, you can choose anyone but it must be user-friendly and gives value to your websites.

Let me tell you how to create an ad unit in Google AdSense account.

How to Create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense?

Getting approval from AdSense team is a big task after that you can easily create an ad unit in Google AdSense.

Few Ad units perform well for few niche sites, few ad units don’t perform well, so you always experiment with ad types and ad unit sizes and colors.

Follow all my instructions carefully to create an ad unit Google AdSense.

Step-1) To create an ad unit in Google AdSense, first, you need log in your fully approved AdSense account.

Step-2) In Google AdSense home page, you need to click on “My ads->Content->Ad units” option (see the below screenshot).

My ads tab

Step-3) After clicking on the “Ad units” option, you will be shown “+New ad unit” button on right side of the page.

Now click on the “+New ad unit” button (see the below screenshot).

ad units

Step-3) Now you need to choose the type of ad, which you need to display on your website.

Newbies are recommended to choose “Text & display ads” for an easy understating of the process.

types of ads

After deciding the ad type now click on “Select” button (see the below screenshot).

Step-4) After clicking on ‘Select’ button, you will navigate to the new page (see the below screenshot).

Ad unit page

Here you will be displayed with the variety of options, they are:

  • Name
  • Ad size
  • Ad type
  • Text Ad style
  • Custom channels
  • If no ads available

Ad Name: The is a mandatory field so you must enter ad unit name, you can fill the ad name with your desired names and which can be anything.

Ad size: Google AdSense provide variety of ad unit sizes, such as, 728X90, 336X280, 320X100 and 300X600, 300 X 250.

You can choose any type of ad size, basically recommended to choose “Automatic size” option, because ads will display automatic size without worrying about the place.

Ad Type: Google AdSense provide, Text & display ads, Text ads only, Display ads only, You have the option to choose any of the 3 mentioned ad types.

Google recommend you to choose both “Text & display ads” because these ad types really perform very well on the websites.

Text Ad style: Here you can create text Ad style units, means you can customize your ad styles, sizes, colors, borders and etc.

Newbies are not recommended to create any type of new text Ad style, because once you choose ad type, then automatically it will take care of the styles and font color of your ads.

Custom channels: Do not modify anything, let it be blank, basically these channels are used to attract target advertisers.

If no ads available: This option also doesn’t have any use, because if Google AdSense doesn’t have suitable ads to display on your websites then you need to choose what to display in the ad places.

Actually, it never happens so do not modify anything on the option and move on.

Newbies are recommended to fill only Name & Ad size and Ad type options, rest options may not use at the present.

Step-5) After choosing all the required information now click on “Save and get code” option (see the below screenshot).

create an ad unit in Google AdSense

That’s it, you have successfully created an ad unit in Google AdSense, now you need to copy the code and place on your website to display the ads.

These are the complete steps to create an ad unit in Google AdSense.

#What are the best ad placements to boost earnings?

AdSense ad placement significantly improves your earnings, so you need to be smart to choose perfect AdSense ad placement for your website.

I have been experiencing since couple years with AdSense placements, so I observe that having a maximum of 3 ads inside the article will improve your AdSense earnings.

Do not forget to display ads on Sidebar, and footer area, as well 1-3 ads inside the article.

Do you know? The top secrets to boost AdSense earnings, and you need to focus on adding high paying Google AdSense keywords to generate more revenue in no time.

Do you know? We can earn $50 per click from Google AdSense, and you can increase Google AdSense revenue by producing quality content on your websites.

Google AdSense payment method helps you to understand, how Google will pay you? And to get paid you need to add bank account details in Google AdSense.

If you have multiple websites, then you can add another website to Google AdSense, and it’s legit to display ads on multiple websites from a single account.

If anyone still struggling to get approval from Google AdSense, then these Google AdSense rejections reasons & fixes may help them to get an approval in less time.

Basically, no one can predict that, how much can one AdSense clicks pay the webmasters? Although we can increase AdSense CPC with few simple tactics.

All these information surely help you to boost your Google AdSense earnings and wish you good luck for your earnings.

FAQs about to Create an Ad Unit in Google AdSense?

Q) How many ad units I can create in Google AdSense account?

A) Great! It basically depends on your requirement, you can create as many as you want and moreover, Google removes AdSense ad limit policy, so you can create and place any number of ads on your website, but it must adhere to AdSense policy and user-friendly manner.

Q) Which ad unit perform well for my website?

A) Ouch, no can predict that which ad unit and which ad placement will work for your website, always experiment with your ad placements, Aad sizes, and colors and etc, although you can take the help of this tool, to analyze better ad placements.

These are the step by step guide to creating an ad unit in Google AdSense account, you are always welcome to comment your queries so that we will help you to resolve it.

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