Complete guide [with images] to get google plus dofollow links

Every blogger has a dream to get their articles in top 10 search engine results but to achieve this we need to do off page SEO and On page SEO to our blogs. Now I’m gonna explain about off page SEO activity, it helps us to get a dofollow backlink from Google+, Google+ is a PR9 website and with a little trick, you can easily get the dofollow backlink to your website from Google+. Once you get google plus dofollow links then you check your keyword rankings, I’m sure you will realize the power of google plus dofollow links.

google plus dofollow links

With google plus dofollow links you will drive huge traffic to your website as well you will get more authority to your website.

How to get dofollow backlink from google plus


As I explained you, google plus is an one of the popular social media and owning by google. So google will give more importance to google plus dofollow links than any other social media dofollow links. we can easily get dofollow links from google plus just follow my guide carefully.

The main benifits to get google plus dofollow links are

  • It will help us to get good SERP to our blogs or websites
  • If you have google plus dofollow links then your articles will be indexed more quickly
  • With google plus dofollow link, you can increase the authority of blog and you can drive traffic from various countries

Steps to get google plus dofollow links

It’s kinda simple to get dofollow link from google plus just follow the steps as I did.

Step 1: Sign-in to your google plus profile (if you don’t have an account then please make sure signup to start the process)
Step 2: Once you sign-in the google plus, left side you will see ” Profile ” option, just click the option(4th option in the image shown below)

Profile Option

Step 3: After clicking Profile you will get a new page, on the new page you need to click on “About” section.(Check in image).

about sectionStep 4: Once you click on about tab, you will get a new page with many boxes, now you have to edit on ” Story ” box (check the image)


google plus story section

Step 5: After clicking ” Story ” edit option you will get two rows once is “tagline” another is “Introduction“, now you have to write a brief introduction about your blog/website by pointing URL to your website(Check in the image, I used a hyperlink to pointing to my website).

google plus dofollow links

Step 6: Once you did the edition now you have to save the information by clicking OK option to take the changes.

OMG ! Yes It’s done, you have created google plus dofollow backlinks to your website, now enjoy the traffic and more benefits as I mentioned above to your website.

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